New UN Biodiversity Deal Showcases Growing Convergence of Beijing-Wall Street-Davos Oligarchy

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New UN Biodiversity Deal Showcases Growing Convergence of Beijing-Wall Street-Davos Oligarchy



By William F. Jasper


The recently concluded United Nations Biodiversity conference in Montreal (a two-week marathon that ran December 7-19) ended with the signing of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework. The new UN agreement carries the Kunming-Montreal label because Communist China held the presidency of the conference and the event originally was to have taken place in the Chinese city of Kunming. However, the venue was changed to Montreal due to China’s renewed COVID outbreak. Huang Runqiu, China’s environment minister served as the president of conference, which is known as COP15, referring to the 15th Conference of Parties. As expected, Huang reliably advanced the global designs of his masters, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).


The framework agreement ostensibly was crafted to save one million species from mass extinction. Of course, that is simply the cover story, playing upon vastly exaggerated fears to justify the full implementation of the UN’s draconian Agenda 2030, which is aimed at subjecting the entire planet — and all of us who dwell upon it — to the same kind of totalitarian controls that the CCP now exercises over its population in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).


Eco-Criminal China In Charge


What is especially disturbing about the Huang Runqiu/CCP helmsmanship of COP15 is that it caused virtually zero concern among the UN delegates, the Biden administration, the academic “experts,” media commentators, or the climate cult corporatists of the World Economic Forum. After all, quite separately from the issue of China’s monstrous human rights abuses, if we simply consider the plight of “Mother Earth” (who is reverentially invoked eight times in the Kunming-Montreal document) we must acknowledge that communist-run China is the most rapacious and destructive polluter of our dear mother. On air pollution and greenhouse gases alone, China spews more emissions than the entire developed world nations of the United States, European Union, Canada, Australia, and Japan combined, thus jeopardizing the combined international effort to save the planet from the alleged “existential threat” of global warming. While “green” politicians in the United States and Europe are driving up energy prices, putting energy grids at risk, driving their economies to ruin, and causing their citizens to freeze in the dark by shutting down coal, oil, and natural gas production, these same “greens” are simultaneously giving China a big thumbs-up as it continues to go gangbusters on fossil fuel use. China is currently running more than 1,000 coal plants – more than half the world’s capacity – and is responsible for more than half of the new coal power station capacity being built around the world. Not only is China infamous for the world’s worst air pollution, it is also the worst and biggest water polluter.


Particularly germane to the COP15 agenda is the fact that China is the planet’s biggest villain when it comes to species extinction and habitat destruction, not only in China itself, but around the world. China’s massive fishing fleets roam the world’s oceans like ravenous vacuum cleaners sucking up fish, krill, and other sea creatures. (See herehere, and here.) These monster fleets (which are also floating processing plants) are not only ravaging local fishing industries worldwide, but also are decimating the food supplies of seals, dolphins, whales, penguins and all the other sea critters that global greenies love to showcase for their fundraising appeals.


With its horrible environmental record, one might suppose that China would be a pariah at COP15, with mobs of Greenpeace and Earth First protesters demanding its expulsion from the conference and the eco-fanatics of the media-industrial complex fulminating over the CCP’s “mass extinction” agenda. But, of course, that didn’t happen. Instead, China was given the honor of presiding over the affair. As usual, the activist armies of Big Green gave China a pass and stuck to their script of demanding more global controls to save the planet. Ditto for the New York Times/CNN/CBS/PBS/etc. Fake News cabal. It was pretty much a replay of the punish-the-West/reward-China/empower-the-UN outcome that we witnessed in November at the giant UN COP27 Climate Summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, which we covered extensively here, at The New American.


The Kunming-Montreal framework is a follow-up to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) that was launched 30 years ago at the 1992 UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. The new agreement was signed by all 196 parties in attendance at the Montreal event. Because the United States is not a party to the convention, our official representatives only participated from the sidelines. We are the lone holdout nation. At the Rio Earth Summit, President George H. W. Bush signed the UN climate agreement and the massive UN Agenda for the 21st Century (aka Agenda 21) but refused to sign onto the CBD. He most likely balked because he knew he would not have support in the Senate to ratify it. President Clinton did sign the CBD in 1993 but he did not have the support he needed to secure ratification in the United States Senate, as is required by the United States Constitution. Nor has there been sufficient Senate support for it in the intervening three decades. President Biden knows he still does not have enough Senate votes, so he has been implementing it piecemeal via legislation and executive orders, as we have previously reported.


Chinese Communist Party Takes Charge


The Kunming-Montreal confab is the latest display of the growing convergence of the communist and globalist ruling elites and the tyrannical global regime they are planning for the world. Xi Jinping and his CCP minions are warmly welcomed and fulsomely praised by Klaus Schwab and the other luminaries of the World Economic Forum, a spectacle we will witness again later this month when the Learjet billionaires fly into Davos, Switzerland, for the annual WEF extravaganza. The Great Reset of the WEF globalists (to “reset” the entire planet economically, politically, socially, biologically, morally, and spiritually) would, if we allow it to be fully implemented, transform the world into a global regime modeled after Communist China. They call it the New World Order, a term they’ve used cagily for decades but now proclaim openly. The COVID “pandemic” has already moved us down the road toward that Orwellian future in the past two years further and faster than anyone could have imagined. China’s deadly, totalitarian lockdowns provided “the model” we must follow to deal with the COVID “crisis”, insisted the globalists of the WEF, UN, CDC, and WHO. And now, with the COP27 “climate change” crisis and the COP15 “mass extinction” crisis, we are facing the likelihood of “climate lockdowns” in the near future.


We can observe the scope of this alarming communist-globalist convergence at the Kunming-Montreal conference by looking at the “3Ps”: Personnel, Process, and Product. Concerning personnel, we’ve already mentioned that CCP hack Huang Runqiu served as president of the event. However, that barely begins to tell the story. China also had its own delegation at the conference and, even more importantly, China has placed its own CCP-controlled nationals in many of the United Nations agencies that have a hand in the biodiversity agenda: UNESCO, UNEP, UNDP. The mass-murdering regime, which holds millions of people in slave labor camps and harvests the organs of its religious and political prisoners, even boasts that its nationals serving as UN officials slavishly follow the Communist Party line. We have been reporting for years in these pages on Beijing’s concerted drive to place hundreds of its nationals in important posts within the UN system. We are not alone anymore, as even “mainstream” media – including some that are regularly China cheerleaders — have (finally) noted with alarm the PRC’s aggressive penetration of the UN and its agencies. (See hereherehere, and here.)


However, a numerical tabulation of CCP-controlled Chinese nationals inside the UN and its agencies only scratches the surface of China’s influence among UN personnel and its sway at UN conferences. For instance, there has been zero media coverage of the enormous stealth role played in the entire CBD process over the past 30 years – and particularly regarding COP15 — by the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED). Founded in 1992, following the UN Earth Summit’s launching of the Convention on Biological Diversity, the CCICED has been the CCP’s principal arm in exerting “soft power” through environmental asymmetric warfare against America and the West. The CCICED essentially ran Phase One of COP15, which took place in Kunming in October of 2020. However, when the venue shifted to Montreal, the CCICED continued to hold sway by virtue of the fact that it has coopted essentially all of the key personnel in the Canadian, UN and international COP15 contingents. Consider that, first of all, the above-mentioned COP15 President Huang Runqiu is executive vice chairperson of the CCICED. Canada’s Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change and head of the host country delegation, is also an Executive Vice Chairperson of CCICED. Guilbeault sat next to Comrade Runqui throughout COP15 and ramrodded much of the conference proceedings.


Of course, Mr. Guilbeault’s boss, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is not only a notorious sell-out to Communist China but also is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. Trudeau famously exposed himself at a Liberal Party fundraiser by openly expressing his “admiration” for China’s “basic dictatorship” and his infatuation with the CCP’s absolute power. “There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say we need to go green, we need to start, you know, investing in solar,” Trudeau said, noting that “having a dictatorship where you can do whatever you wanted, that I find quite interesting.” (A video recording of his comments can be seen here.) “Nature is under threat,” Trudeau declared at the opening ceremonies of the Kunming-Montreal summit. “In fact, it’s under attack.” He announced Canada’s commitment to the UN’s “30 by 30” program to “protect” (i.e., make increasingly off-limits to humans) 30 percent of land, coastal, and inland waters by 2030. He also pledged to add another $350 million to Canada’s global financing for international biodiversity protections.


Then there is UN Danish bureaucrat Inger Anderson, a former vice president of the World Bank and now Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the UN agency most directly involved in handling the CBD Secretariat. She was a key UN operative and spokesperson at the Montreal confab. Turns out Ms. Anderson is vice chair of CCICED.


Another primary operative at COP15 was United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Administrator Achim Steiner, who, like Anderson is a Vice Chair of CCICED. Still another key COP15 player is Elizabeth Maruma Mrema of Tanzania who is Executive Secretary of the UN Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, which is headquartered in Montreal. Mrema is a council member of CCICED. There is also radical environmental lawyer James Thornton, founder and president of Client Earth, an organization that specializes in lawsuits that attack and stop fossil fuel production in the United States and Europe but, curiously, seems more interested in acting as a cheerleader for the CCP when it comes to China, the planet’s biggest eco-villain. Client Earth’s top attorney in China, Dimitri De Boer, a former advisor to UNIDO in China for many years, has a close relationship with the CCP’s Supreme People’s Court nand is a CCICED Special Advisor. He also writes favorably about China’s supposedly model efforts to preserve biodiversity. Then there’s Sir Daniel “Danny” Alexander of Scotland, a former member of Parliament and former Chief Secretary to the Treasury of the United Kingdom. He is now a vice president of Beijing’s huge new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AAIB) — and a CCICED Council Member.


It goes on and on. Dozens of the “thought leaders” on climate change, biodiversity, sustainable development and other “environmental” concerns from the UN and other globalist institutions and NGOs are either Executive Committee Members, Council Members, Special Advisors of the CCICED. (We will be following up with a more detailed examination of the CCICED in future articles.) So, who is in charge of this mammoth operation? That would be CCICED Chairperson Han Zheng, who just stepped down last year from the Standing Committee of the CCP’s Central Committee Politburo, China’s seven-man ruling junta that includes Xi Jinping. Han Zheng is now First Vice Premier of the State Council of the People’s Central Government. For those not familiar with the Chinese political pecking order, that means Comrade Han is a member of the elite handful of thugs who run Beijing’s murderous dictatorship.


The Great Reset: Globalist-Communist Convergence


It probably will not surprise regular readers of The New American to learn that Xi Jinping and many of the CCICED elites, from Han Zheng on down, are also boon companions of Klaus Schwab and the billionaire jet-setters of World Economic Forum. In fact, Xi, Han, and all the CCICED personnel mentioned above — and many more besides — have been prominent participants in the WEF’s glittering confabs at Davos. CCICED Vice Chair Inger Anderson is also a co-chair of the WEF’s Champions for Nature. What’s more, in 2017 the WEF and CCICED announced the two organizations had signed a “new partnership.” According to the CCICED website, the WEF is also a financial donor to CCICED.


Also listed as CCICED donors are Client Earth, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Environmental Defense Fund, World Wildlife Fund, UNEP, UNDP, UNIDO, World Bank, Shell Oil, and the governments of Sweden, Norway, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, and the European Union. The usual suspects, all of which are very active in pushing the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. Odd, is it not, that China, with the largest foreign exchange reserves in the world ($3.45 trillion) is the object of such “philanthropy” from the big tax-exempt foundations, UN agencies, and western governments? It amounts to western taxpayers subsidizing communist China’s supposed efforts to clean up its environmental messes and institute its own Chinese version of the Green New Deal — except that it won’t restrain its own extraction and consumption of natural resources, as the green globalists require of the rest of us.


So, we see that when it comes to personnel, the globalists and the communists are thoroughly interconnected and intertwined politically, financially, and socially. And the “American” billionaire globalists — Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Ray Dalio, Larry Fink, David Rubenstein, Stephen Schwarzman, et al — are completely committed to a Great Reset that would produce a New World Order modeled after the Chinese communist total state. In other words, these “American” globalists are completely anti-American and anti-freedom. Need more proof? See the articles linked below in which we have been chronicling and exposing this development for many years. With this thorough intertwining of elite communist-globalist personnel, it is hardly surprising that the process followed at their communist-globalist UN gatherings faithfully mimics the fake “dialogue” and “consensus” for which communist regimes are infamous. Likewise, it should be no surprise that the products (i.e., treaties, conventions, agreements) manufactured at these scripted, CCP-style events always turn out to be colossal assaults on national sovereignty and individual freedom, and concomitantly turn out to be transfers of massive authority to globalist-communist master planners.


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William F. Jasper
Senior editor William F. Jasper is an author/journalist/commentator/documentary producer with a well-earned reputation as one of America’s top investigative reporters, most renowned for his in-depth, years-long investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing and its aftermath. For more than three decades he served as an accredited correspondent at the United Nations in New York and UN summits around the world.


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