Rep. Paul Gosar to Investigate Pelosi-Milley Coup

Rep. Paul Gosar to Investigate Pelosi-Milley Coup



By M Dowling


Rep. Paul Gosar plans to investigate a potential coup planned between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and General Mark Milley. He sees Milley as a “traitor.”


Gosar, among others of the 20 rebels, had been lobbying for establishing a “Church Commission-style” investigation into the weaponization of the FBI against Americans, as well as potential federal government coordination with January 6 instigators. The trials of Jan. 6 rioters and paraders have exposed confidential informants instigating the riot. We also don’t know enough about Ray Epps and some of the other instigators who were never arrested.


Speaker McCarthy promised to allow the investigations.



Liz Cheney made a point of making a hero out of Milley, although he was quite the opposite. That seemed planned or staged. It wasn’t truthful, and it was so very odd.




Never-Never-Trump Liz Cheney spent time at the Afghanistan hearing praising General Mark Milley for “standing in the breach” on January 6th.


How did Milley ‘stand in the breach,’ you ask? Well, we know he called China to say we wouldn’t attack them. He spoke to journalists on the sly so they could write nasty things about Donald Trump. Then he conversed secretly with Nancy Pelosi to tell her he wouldn’t let Donald Trump set off nuclear bombs.


Cheney fabricated Milley’s heroism for making secret inappropriate phone calls and not following the chain of command.


Liz Cheney apologized:


“General Milley, you found yourself in your constitutionally prescribed role standing in the breach. And for any member of this committee, for any American to question your loyalty to our nation, to question your understanding of our constitution, your loyalty to our constitution, your recognition, and understanding of the civilian chain of command, is despicable. I want to apologize for those members of this committee who have done so. And I want to thank you for standing in the breach when so many, including many in this room, failed to do so.”




On January 8, 2021, after the J6 riot that Democrats called an insurrection, The New York Times reported crucial information ignored by the media.


Speaker Pelosi spoke with General Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, about making certain President Trump couldn’t launch a nuke. She also suggested they remove the President with a military coup.


In a letter to House Democrats on Friday, Ms. Pelosi invoked the resignation of Richard M. Nixon amid the Watergate scandal, when Republicans prevailed upon the president to resign and avoid the ignominy of impeachment, calling Mr. Trump’s actions a “horrific assault on our democracy.”


Ms. Pelosi also said she had spoken with Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, about “preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes.”


A spokesman for General Milley, Col. Dave Butler, confirmed that the two had spoken and said the general had “answered her questions regarding the process of nuclear command authority.”


But some Defense Department officials have privately expressed anger that political leaders seemed to be trying to get the Pentagon to do the work of Congress and Cabinet secretaries, who have legal options to remove a president.


Mr. Trump, they noted, is still the commander-in-chief, and unless he is removed, the military is bound to follow his lawful orders. While military officials can refuse to carry out orders they view as illegal, they cannot proactively remove the president from the chain of command. That would be a military coup, these officials said. [Emphasis mine]


Speaker Pelosi wanted to launch a military coup.


Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi knew violence was coming and did nothing. Schumer was told three weeks before.