WEF Appointed Kevin McCarthy as Speaker

WEF Appointed Kevin McCarthy as Speaker



By M Dowling

World Economic Forum


Yeah, so that’s odd. I don’t like it, do you?


Here are the lawmakers who voted against McCarthy on the third ballot:


  1. Rep. Andy Biggs
  2. Rep. Dan Bishop
  3. Rep. Lauren Boebert
  4. Rep. Josh Brecheen
  5. Rep. Michael Cloud
  6. Rep. Andrew Clyde
  7. Rep. Eli Crane
  8. Rep. Matt Gaetz
  9. Rep. Bob Good
  10. Rep. Paul Gosar
  11. Rep. Andy Harris
  12. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna
  13. Rep. Mary Miller
  14. Rep. Ralph Norman
  15. Rep. Andy Ogles
  16. Rep. Scott Perry
  17. Rep. Matt Rosendale
  18. Rep. Chip Roy
  19. Rep. Keith Self
  20. Rep. Byron Donalds


GOP leader Kevin McCarthy failed to secure enough votes from his political party to win the gavel. Republican so-called hard-liners defeated his candidacy in three separate ballots. It was the first time in a century that a speaker was not elected in the first round. That shows you how apathetic these people have become.


The five ‘hard-liners’ who want an honest Speaker doing more than toting the Uniparty line are now up to 20 as of the third ballot for good reason.


McCarthy lies a lot and he instinctively runs scared. The first two paragraphs below are repeats from another article, but they’re worth repeating.


As Daniel Horowitz wrote in: McCarthy passed budget bills with Dem support during the Trump years. “Every single major budget bill that passed under McCarthy’s leadership as floor leader of the last GOP House, which was when the GOP controlled the trifecta and commanded full stewardship over the policies, was passed with more Democrat support than Republican support.”


“McCarthy not only failed on every single budget bill as floor leader during the era of trifecta control, but he literally passed bills that were so palatable to the Left that nearly every radical Democrat supported them, while any semi-conservative Republican opposed them.”


Let’s not forget the millions he spent to defeat Dr. Oz, Joe Kent, and other conservatives who might not have voted for him.


To recap, the vote went from 5 to 19 when Mike Rogers opened his big mouth and threatened to take their committee assignments away.  It went to 20, snatching up Byron Donalds after they lied to the press about what was going on during negotiations.


It is a clown show but only because too many Republicans can’t think out of the box. They’re not all RINOs. It’s ridiculous to call this conservative against RINO. It’s about saving America.


Donald Trump still supports Kevin McCarthy.



The anti-McCarthy-ites want an end to Big Government rule, and unnecessary wars.



McCarthy will likely be a traditionaly mediocre Speaker and nothing will change, but who else? The majority won’t vote for anyone with the guts to change things, and independents don’t want them to. They might vote for Democrats first.


What McConnell did in the Senate with that $1.7T leftist inflationary bill and now his regaling of Biden’s successes, didn’t help.


Alas, we could be doomed.


The only clowns are Democrats and media who don’t get it.



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