The Deep State in America Exposed In-depth

The Deep State in America Exposed In-depth


By Rich Loudenback


Rarely is there such an incredibly well-documented cluster of factual information that can be consumed in relatively short time as the thorough expose’ on the ‘Deep State’ in America today compiled and reported on from one of The New American magazine’s star reporters, Alex Newman.


Newman developed five short videos exposing the depths of this dangerous secretive cabal that exploits, manipulates and controls much of where America is going. This cabal is intent on dissolving our sovereignty while transforming us into a member state of a new one world government run by those same all-powerful non-elected, un-accountable global elitists who know best about everything for everybody if we like it or not: Socialism run by elites!


Backing up the short videos is an assemblage of links to many articles that go much further in depth for those who want as many facts as can be found from the staff of proficient patriotic writers at The New American on the ‘Deep State.’


I think a ‘Truth in Journalism Award’ should be created and awarded The New American Magazine and for such dynamic, credible reporting of truth that all Americans should appreciate. You should be aware that all their news is vetted, original source information that must be read and signed off on by three editors before publishing. They are very proud that they have not been found to violate the trust of their readers in all their storied decades of publishing.




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In this video, part of a series exposing the Deep State, The New American magazine’s Alex Newman follows the money to show who is really behind the throne. From the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds to George Soros, these money men stash the billions and trillions they loot from humanity in tax-exempt foundations. Then, they use their ill-gotten, tax-free wealth to promote globalism, socialism, technocracy and evil in America and around the world. But as any good criminal investigator knows, to solve the crime, it helps to “follow the money.” And when the money is followed, the big picture becomes clear.


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