Far-left NYT Admits Trump’s Massive Success With Truth Social Is Crushing Opponents: ‘Megaphone To The World’

Far-left NYT Admits Trump’s Massive Success With Truth Social Is Crushing Opponents: ‘Megaphone To The World’



By Reed Cooper

 Note: This article may contain commentary reflecting the author’s opinion.


The far-left New York Times, dubbed the “failing New York Times” by forty-fifth President Donald Trump, admitted in an article on Tuesday titled “Truth Social’s Influence Grows Despite Its Business Problems” that Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, has become “vibrant” and has “managed to outplace its rivals.”


The Times article begins by describing Trump’s platform as a “a vibrant right-wing ecosystem increasingly brimming with activity.”


“Experts say the app itself has only grown more influential in conservative circles ahead of the midterm election. Much of that is owed to former President Donald J. Trump, one of the app’s founders and its star, who now uses Truth Social as his primary megaphone to the world,” the article reads.


“His posts on the site reach more than four million followers and regularly reverberate across mainstream news and social media sites,” the article adds.


Google recently allowed Truth Social on their Play Store for Android users, which makes up for 44 percent of smartphone users in the United States, and it’s a hit.


Truth Social instantly skyrocketed to the very top of the charts and has remained at the top of the charts as the most downloaded app in the Google Play store for four whole days.


“A significant milestone in our mission to restore free speech online. It was a pleasure to work with Google, and we’re glad they helped us to finally bring Truth Social to all Americans, regardless of what device they use,” CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, Devin Nunes, told Just the News.


When Truth Social was first opened to the public on Apple’s app store in February, the app also boomed to the top of their charts, becoming their most popular social networking app.


“Did anyone happen to notice that Truth Social is Number One, ahead of TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, and all others? Just asking!” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post on Sunday.


What’s even more impressive is that thanks to Truth Social’s massive success, Forbes added Trump back onto their “Forbes 400” list of the 400 richest people in the United States.


According to Forbes, Trump Media and Technology Group is now Trump’s “single most valuable asset.”


Trump owns 80 percent of the company, which is 73 million shares at (then-price) $25 a share, worth over $1.8 billion-dollars.


“But make no mistake, Trump is extremely rich. In fact, the former president climbs back onto The Forbes 400 this year after dropping off 12 months ago, with his estimated net worth jumping from $2.5 billion to $3.2 billion, enough to qualify for No. 343 on the ranking of America’s richest people.” Forbes reported.


“It took us a while to get here. But we’re glad to be here. So we’re hopeful now that everyone who has an Android can either go to the Google Play Store or the Samsung Galaxy Store and download the app,” Nunes said.


“Our next feature to come out is direct messaging. So that you can be not only in a social network and get your news, but people that you follow, and people that follow you — you’ll be able to communicate with them. And it’s all part of us building out this separate ecosystem of giving the American people their voice,” Nunes revealed.


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