Could county sheriffs be our last defense against OnmiParty corruption?

We must back our local sheriffs, encourage them to protect our Constitution, rule of law. In future elections Leftists will be pulling out all the stops to fund liberal sheriff candidates and smear their opponents, we need to support conservatives



Could county sheriffs be our last defense against OnmiParty corruption?


By Jack Gleason


Like a termite-infested house, our country appears to be working properly, but a strong wind could topple us to the ground.


All our sacred institutions have been undermined, and our government “of the people, by the people and for the people” is now run by an OmniParty of Democrats and RINOs that have subverted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for their own benefit.


Our criminal justice system and our courts are no longer able to administer our laws fairly. Instead they twist logic into a pretzel so that liberals are free to do whatever they want, commit any crime, violate any law, while conservatives are harassed and prosecuted for the tiniest of infractions.


Americans are not powerless, and there is a vast majority who think the country is on the wrong track and our laws are not equally enforced. We can demand action from our congressmen, stop funding the GOP, and work with our families, friends and neighbors to share what is happening to our country.


But if the OmiParty takes control in the House with anti-MAGA Kevin McCarthy, and McCompromised Mitch McConnell in the Senate continues to cave to the Democrats, we are in serious trouble. And if we can’t restore honesty to the election process our hands are tied – forever.


But there remains one institution in this country that is outside the control of Washington, DC and it holds a tremendous amount of power…


Some quick facts from Christin McMasters, the Liberty Belle, a Ph.D. in political science from the University of South Carolina…


• of the 3083 sheriff’s, approximately 98% are elected by the citizens in their county or parishes.
• the Office of the Sheriff is an elected position just like the office of the president or office of the governor, accountable first and foremost to the Constitution of their state, then to the Constitution of the United States and finally to the citizens of his or her county.
• It is an independent office, meaning that there is no government agency or position who hires or fires the sheriff, nor is there anyone who has the authority to tell the sheriff how he or she is to run their county or carry out his or her positional duties.
• the sheriff can use a good amount of discretion when carrying out his duties, as long as he stays within the confines of his oath of office to maintain and defend the Constitution and laws not contrary to the Constitution, both at the state and federal level.
• If the state and federal government go rogue, and the sheriff refuses to follow suit, the sheriff and his deputy sheriffs truly are the last line of defense standing between liberty and tyranny.


When you look at the country by county, you see that the majority of counties are conservative, and therefore the majority of sheriffs are conservative as well.


(Image from OUR MAPS SHOULDN’T LIE ABOUT OUR VOTES but there should be other images showing red vs. blue counties)


In 2020, despite election fraud, Trump won 2,497 counties and Biden won only 477.


A survey by the Marshall Project, shows that the majority of Sheriffs grew up in their counties…



77% of sheriffs worked in their county’s sheriff office prior to serving as sheriff, and 56% attended high school in the same county.…



Over 70% consider themselves as conservative or very conservative…



And over 73% approved or strongly approved of Trump, while 87% disapprove or strongly disapprove of Biden.


So sheriffs don’t work for the Federal government, their allegiance is to the Constitution of the United States, the constitution of their state and the voters in their county.


Liberals see the vulnerability of federal laws to county sheriffs and have spent years frantically trying to undermine “constitutional sheriffs,” as “radicalizing law enforcement,” “a dangerous trend toward vigilantism,” “playing a role in right-wing white supremacist movements” and “a crusade to forge ties between anti-government extremists and local law enforcement.” NPR did an interview decrying the power of sheriffs to act independently on behalf of their citizens. They are painted as racist and sexist because 92% are white, and 90% are men.


Local sheriffs have a long history of standing up for the U.S. Constitution regardless of sex or race. They have bravely stepped forward and opposed federal overreach in areas of the Second Amendment, lockdowns, vaccines and mask mandates, election fraud, border policies, unlawful executive orders, and IRS intimidation…


In 2013, more than 90 sheriffs opposed Obama’s initiatives to restrict gun ownership, explaining that guns don’t cause mass shootings, criminals do.
In March, 2020, at least 60 sheriffs opposed lockdown and mask mandate orders… 75% were in Democrat-controlled states.


In December, 2020, Barry County, Michigan sheriff Dar Leaf filed a lawsuit to impound voting machines to investigate election fraud.


On April 7, 2021, 275 sheriffs from both political parties and 39 states joined together in a letter to Biden opposing his policies causing the border crisis.
In September, 2021, sheriffs opposed Biden’s vaccine mandates. Bollinger County, Missouri, Sheriff Casey Graham said the order was an “unbelievable tyrannical executive action” and a form of “unconstitutional government overreach” that he would “NEVER enforce.”


In February, 2022, the sheriff of Bowman County, N.D., Frank Eberle, began fighting against a little-known White House executive order launched soon after Biden took office. It seeks to control the use of public and private lands and waters in the name of their green agenda. It’s called the “30 x 30 plan” and wants to conserve 30% of American land and water by 2030.


In July, 2022, left-leaning Reuters reported that “A coalition of rightwing “constitutional sheriffs,” who claim legal power in their jurisdictions that exceeds U.S. federal and state authorities, has a new calling: investigating conspiracy theories that the 2020 election was rigged against former President Donald Trump.


In September, 2022, Sheriff Calvin Hayden threatened to hire an army of deputies to repel any of the 87,000 new IRS agents coming to Johnson County, Kansas.


Anyone can be appointed as a deputy by a sheriff, and is instantly granted the same authority and powers. Sheriff Hayden is also leading a criminal investigation into 2020 election fraud.


In November, 2022, Oregon sheriffs said they would not enforce a new law restricting sales of gun magazines over 10 rounds. Union County sheriff Cody Bowen said “This is an infringement on our constitutional rights and will not be enforced by my office!”


At a time where our president issues executive orders he knows are unconstitutional and waits months or years for the courts to take action, county sheriffs can force the issue by refusing to comply.


As patriots we must back our local sheriffs and encourage them to protect our Constitution and the rule of law. In future elections Leftists will be pulling out all the stops to fund liberal sheriff candidates and smear their opponents, we need to support conservatives.


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