By Tom DeWeese


This alert is directed specifically to local, county, and state elected representatives. As for local residents and activists, I ask that you share this with your elected representatives and demand that they take action to protect you from the jaws of power hungry corporations that are working through appointed boards, run by hired bureaucrats, to impose an agenda to control and destroy American food, energy supplies, property rights, and liberty.


To those elected representatives I ask, DO YOU ENJOY BEING THE DOORMATS OF HIRED BUREAUCRATS WITH AN AGENDA? The belief of elected representatives that they are powerless to oppose the dictates of appointed boards – that is the root of the problem. Such an attitude is leading to the destruction of representative government. And it must be confronted immediately. Appointed boards represent nobody!


Originally, appointed boards were created by elected officials as a means to carry out certain bureaucratic and administrative tasks and oversee specific policies that the elected representatives have voted to deal with. But today they have become all-powerful forces within themselves as they have morphed into semi-autonomous overlords who no longer answer to anybody, including the very legislature who created them. If liberty is to be saved, that must be changed.


It must be made clear to these boards that they do not have the power to create regulations or laws on their own. They work for the elected county board, city council, or state legislature. They certainly do not have the power or the official position to dictate policy to elected lawmakers.


Yet too many lawmakers fail to understand that fact. Instead, when faced with an issue they either don’t understand or would rather not get involved, these elected representatives of the people prefer to cower in the corner like helpless children and exclaim “there’s nothing we can do, it’s up to the board!”


Hogwash! It’s time for them to grow up and face reality. These elected bodies are allowing non-elected appointed bureaucrats to usurp their power and authority to represent the people and, in doing so, steal the voice of the people. That is tyranny! Shane on you!


Elected representatives, including mayors, governors, city councils, county supervisors, state legislators, and county sheriffs, are elected by the people to represent them and protect their rights. They are the forces we count on to stand up to the overreach of government agencies at any level. In addition, elected representatives are also cowering to the power and influence of private, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) such as those in the radical environmental movement. Plus, there are now private corporations which use those appointed boards to help them grab private land to build their private enterprises.


These private corporations include the infamous Blackrock, which is using the force of Eminent Domain to become the largest landlord in the nation. They are using threats and intimidation to force farmers to sacrifice their private property. If the property owners don’t comply voluntarily, then the corporations plan to take it though the power granted to them by appointed utilities boards. That’s the tyranny which those who supply our food are living under.


Such private corporations are NOT public utilities. Yet this is how elected representatives take the coward’s way out. Instead of courageously defending constituents and their rights against powerful forces, they meekly succumb to their agenda. “There’s nothing we can do. The board has decided.” THIS IS HOW YOU REPRESENT YOUR PEOPLE? That’s not representation – it’s a sell out! It’s a shameful outrage!


Of course, the main scare tactic employed to intimidate and force elected representatives to comply is Climate Change. That so-called threat is behind nearly every policy you are facing. The fear of Environmental Armageddon is being used to get us to voluntarily surrender our liberties. Massive amounts of money are being deployed from the federal government, rich and powerful NGOs, and the corporations themselves. As a result, governments take more control over our lives, NGOs get more powerful to enforce their agenda, and corporations get richer. That is why the forces behind it, from the global and federal levels, are freely disregarding Constitutional law – because we have a global crisis! Do we? Let’s see.


Here are the true facts of the SCIENCE concerning Climate Change:


A. There is no evidence whatsoever to back up the claims of man-made climate change. Or that CO2 carbon from man-made emissions is a danger. There are more scientific studies to back up the claim that carbon is good, than there are legitimate studies supporting man-made climate change and these studies are honestly peer reviewed.


B. There is no consensus of scientists. Those who oppose the theory are simply unfunded and silenced. The only consensus on the dangers of climate change come from bought scientists. The money determines the science.


C. Nearly every program promoted as environmental protection is in reality a much bigger threat to the environment than anything man is doing. Here are some examples.


  • Forest Service refuses to remove dead trees from the floor of forests, creating 8 feet or more of kindling – causing the worst fires in history.
  • Mining of lithium for battery powered electric cars destroys huge areas of land- never to recover. Imagine when all gas powered cars are banned and millions of electric cars replace them. We will see lithium mines deeper than the Grand Canyon. And there is a lot more oil and gas than lithium in the world.


D. Wind and Solar produce next to nothing for the power grid. If all fossil fuels were banned and all power was to come from wind and solar, it would provide 4% of the power we need to run the country.


  • 17 million acres of solar farms are planned for the mid-west states to replace coal and gas power plants – which take up only a few acres.
  • To build those solar farms will take a massive amount of copper- yet mining is being restricted.
  • The solar panels are made of plastic – which takes oil to produce.
  • Underneath those solar panels that run end to end, row by row for thousands of acres is cement for infrastructure of wires. Nothing grows under them – no plants grow, no animals can build their homes. Valuable farm land is virtually destroyed.
  • Sun light is necessary to produce energy through solar panels. Nothing is provided after dark. When it snows the panels are covered – no electricity is produced in such storms.
  • WIND Power – 250 million acres are targeted in the Midwest states for wind power.
  • Wind power needs huge amounts of oil for the turbines to turn. And those blades are not degradable when they no longer work. Most of the turbines work only for a few years.
  • Again, there is massive infrastructure needed under the planned forests of turbines.
  • Picture 250 million acres of these turbines – the death of scenic views, of peaceful land, and in the air – nothing will be flying. Millions of birds, raptors, and endangered species are destroyed – in the name of environmental protection. There is already evidence that fish are being endangered under the turbines placed off shore.


E. Sustainable ESG – the global plan to control energy


  • ESG stands for Environmental Social Governance. Social. It has nothing to do with environmental protection – but rather economic tyranny.
  • Net Zero means no carbon emissions. Much of Europe has marched toward this over the last 30 years. Today they are facing a massive energy crisis and are giving up on wind and solar power. Now they are reopening coal minds and returning to oil. So is India – and China! But the United States, ignoring all of this recent history, is marching in the wrong direction.
  • SUSTAINABLE – that is the term of the policy to impose it all. It’s a trigger word designed to get us all to give up our liberties voluntarily. The late Rosa Kori, founder of Democrats Against Agenda 21, produced this definition of Sustainable: “Sustainable Development is the action plan to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all information, all energy, and all human beings in the word. INVENTORY AND CONTROL!
  • Dr. Lee Merritt, environmental scientist, points out that the destruction of topsoil from solar and wind may be creating a new “dust bowl” phenomenon. She says plants are starving for CO2, and they are not growing as well because they don’t have the ground cover. AGAIN, ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY HELPING TO DESTROY THE ENVIRONMENT.
  • Finally, this detail concerning co2 capture pipelines: In a small town in Mississippi, a carbon capture pipeline ruptured. A green cloud descended over the town, blocking oxygen and creating a foul smell. Dozens of people became disoriented, nauseated, and dazed. Many collapsed in their homes. Even car engines shut off because they too need oxygen. And there has never been emergency training for first responders to deal with it. Months later some people are still reporting metal fogginess. That makes carbon capture pipelines a major health risk!


But today, all these lies, designed to lead to the destruction of our free society, economic system, and property rights, are being empowered because of the lack of understanding and outright cowardice of elected representatives who will not stand up for their own constituents.


Elected Representatives – that’s the garbage YOU are allowing to be imposed because you will not stand up to appointed boards and corporate greed. YOU SHAMEFUL DOORMATS!




Do you want to do the right thing? Do you care to actually represent your constituents? Do you want to protect their rights to own and control their own property? Then lead the fight to protect your constituents. Just say no!


YOU must take direct action right there in your own jurisdiction.


You must fully understand that you are not pawns to appointed boards and the corrupt bureaucrats behind them. You have the power and the obligation to stand up and lead – protect your people. You have the power and the duty to take legislative action to stop this assault on private property.


Here is a step-by-step plan to guide you:


First, in your counties, form a Liberty Coalition consisting of those elected representatives who support the return to freedom — even if you are a minority on your county board or city council. Pledge to each other that you will stand together to protect property rights of your residents, support local free enterprise, and protect the individual rights of your county constituents. These are the three pillars of freedom.


Next, prepare a legislative plan to protect the local land that has been targeted for wind and solar farms or carbon capture pipelines. Give the owners the right to say no to the corporations. Property rights protection is the number one weapon to use against Sustainable policy because if property is protected then sustainable policy cannot be enforced.


You will need a definition of property rights: “Property in a thing consists not merely in its ownership and possession, but in the unrestricted right of use, enjoyment, and disposal. Anything which destroys any of the elements of property to that extent, destroys the property itself. The substantial value of property lies in its use. If the right of use be denied, the value of the property is annihilated and ownership becomes a barren right” Justice Richard B. Sanders 1997. Washington State Supreme Court.


Resolution of Property Rights


My American Policy Center (APC) has sample legislation, written by a state legislator, designed to protect private property and stop the tyranny of eminent domain use for such projects. APC also has sample resolutions which can help to clearly establish the county’s position on property rights protection. We are ready to help. Are you ready to fight?


As you are pulling together your Liberty Coalition, once the legislation is in place, extend your hands to all your neighboring counties to work together in united Liberty Coalitions. Introduce the exact same legislation in each county – and do it all on the same day if possible for greater effect.


This will put you back in charge of the debate. You will have drawn a line in the sand and a warning to the appointed boards and to the corporations that you will tolerate neither intimidation nor land grabs.


Finally, with all of it in place, hold news conferences on the same day, at the same time in each county to announce your actions. Then boldly declare your counties protected! You will have defended the uniqueness in every county and each county’s right to decide for themselves. It’s called self government.


Even if you only get a few counties to join this effort, you have created a road block that will send a message for the appointed boards and corporations to back off. Your territory is off limits to them. Stand up – join hands and say no and do not back down.


And here is one other piece of advice for you to protect yourself. If anyone comes up to you to apply pressure or a bribe to make you stop this effort – head immediately to the nearest camera and expose them.


Above all — Do not plead with appointed boards – Stand up with your legislative powers and take control.


Understand this – those behind these land and power grabs are terrified that you will finally wake up and understand your true power to act. Do it. Stop hesitating. Stop hiding behind the excuse of appointed boards. And stop allowing their tyranny. That’s why you were elected by the people. Do this and they will come out strong for you.


Tom DeWeese
Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.


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