Will Republicans Ever Learn?

We do not need permission to investigate, to prosecute, to correct injustice. Power goes to those who will act, not to those who wait for it to be given them



Will Republicans Ever Learn?


By David Robb


Really!  Come on, ya’ll.  You’re not an elephant, you’re not a donkey, although some may be jackasses.  Here you are, wallowing in self-recrimination wondering why you can never seem to win.  You expect elections to be fair and accurately reflect the will of the people.  You complain about cheating, but then you act as though it never happens, even though your opponents use it regularly.


Democrats make up stories about others, and then act as though those stories were true.  One story about Republicans is that we cheat in elections.  Since they believe that to be true, they feel fully justified in their own cheating.  From their perspective, we are just whining because they are better cheaters than we are.  Elections are just a game, and may the best cheater win!


Elections have consequences


Some elections are used to decide issues or to determine policy.  Most elections, though, provide legitimacy to individuals and groups who will administer the functions of government.  In other words, who gets to collect the bennies, determine how taxes are spent, and generally tell everyone else what to do.


Republicans still hold old-fashioned views that elections should reflect the will of the electorate, and not the ideology of any particular group seeking power.  Never mind that we are supposed to be a representative democracy where the government exists to serve the people.  That idea went out the window years ago.  Now it’s all about power, baby.


Deja vu all over again


Pick a recent election, any election.  How did it turn out?  How did 2020 go for us?  Did we recall Governor Nuisance?  What about that Red Wave?  Going into the midterms we had nearly perfect conditions for a massive win.  We had an illegitimate president with a slate of appointees more suited to a circus than a serious administration.  Our military was in disarray and decline.


We were just recovering from Democrat induced lockdowns that nearly destroyed our economy.  We were in the worst inflation in forty years.  Crime was rampant in our streets, due largely to Democrat policies.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans were dying from drugs that had come in massive quantities across our borders, along with millions of criminal aliens.


The list goes on, yet we are expected to believe that the American people were so happy with these and other situations that we wanted more of the same?  Were the ideas of safe cities, of abundant energy, of a budget under control, of rebuilding our economy and removing barriers to recovery so distasteful that we had to ensure the Democrats stayed in control?  And yes, with the help of a few quisling RINOs they will continue to do whatever they want.


Why do we think it’s something we did?


All too many pundits want us to think that the fault is ours.  Perhaps our candidates were weak.  Maybe we didn’t communicate well.  Were the independent voters afraid that we wanted to turn the country into the Handmaiden’s Tale?


Actually, our candidates were no worse than usual, and often better.  Most were certainly better than their opponents.  What happened?  What went wrong?


What we did wrong


True, we failed in one important way.  We were too trusting, too much believers in the ideals of truth and justice to accept that our opponents did not share those beliefs, even as they shared the country built on the foundation of those beliefs.  We forgot the old Yankee saying “you can never cheat an honest man”.  An honest man will know when something is wrong, something is too good to be true, and will recognize when something is not fair or honest.


We need to point a finger where it belongs.  At present, almost three-quarters of the population recognizes that there has been and continues to be massive fraud affecting our elections.  Numerous investigations have found our voter rolls filled with “voters” who do not exist.  In most places, over twenty percent of the registrations are fictions.  Yet these same voter rolls will be used to determine who will be sent ballots, and will be used to check that returned ballots are valid.


When most elections are decided by only a few percentage points difference, these large numbers of fictional voters ensure that the outcome of almost any election can be determined by someone other than the legitimate voters.  No longer are we in the times when voter fraud meant someone stole grandma’s ballot and voted in her name.  Through the magic of electronic voter rolls, widespread vote by mail, among many other vulnerabilities, we can enjoy the certainty that our elections bear little relationship to the actual will of the people.


How we failed


Our failure was to ignore the evidence of the past, allow the situation to remain uncorrected, and trust that this next time would be different.  Maybe we thought that felony charges for confirmed election fraud would deter people when the chances of getting caught were near zero.


Possibly, we thought that all the Nation States like China, or Iran who had interest in who we elected would not try to influence outcomes.  Maybe all the wealthy individuals with agendas such as Soros or Gates would stay out of the game.  Could it be that we believed that after perfecting their methods for over two hundred years, Democrats would repent and quit their triflin’ ways?


True, there were a few half-hearted attempts at election reform, but they quickly wilted in the hot blasts of opposition.  As a consequence, we went into yet another election knowing our opposition would take advantage of every opportunity, fair or foul, to win.  Instead of fighting until we could put measures in place to ensure the elections were fair and honest, we left the doors open to thieves.


What about now?


Many will assert that once elections have been certified, the results are cast in concrete and cannot be changed.  Even if an election was stolen by fraud, we just have to accept the results and move on.  Better luck next time.  But fraud begets fraud, and makes the situation even harder to fix, if not impossible.


Some are afraid that if we challenge results and expose fraud, we will lose what small gains we were allowed.  We are left to pick through the crumbs we are thrown, fearful that if we complain, even those will be taken from us.


That there was massive and coordinated fraud in recent elections is no longer in question.  The Democrats even boasted of what they did in 2020 in an article in Time magazine.  They were so certain of their ability to secure the “correct” results that some of their candidates didn’t even bother to make even the appearance of a campaign.  We only have to look at Biden, and most recently in the Arizona election.


What do we do?


We are not helpless.  Elections can be overturned even after certification.  There are many groups working across the country to investigate fraud in recent elections.  The evidence they are accumulating is substantial and solid.  Some of it is already appearing in courts.


We know that most courts are reluctant to take on election issues, and that some are actively opposed to exposing fraud.  If some courts are unwilling to pursue justice, perhaps it is time for new courts.  Judges can be impeached and removed just like any other official.  We need to show we are serious about having elections that we can trust.


There are those in government who would have us believe that there are no problems in our elections.  They claim that fraud is rare and doesn’t affect the outcomes.  Any suggestions that we cannot trust our elections is, they say, just misinformation designed to erode trust in our government.


To them I say, prove it!  Open the machines and let us see what is inside.  Show us that the dirty voter rolls and mail in ballots did not facilitate massive numbers of manufactured ballots indistinguishable from legitimate ones. Show us those didn’t sway our elections.  Show us how unmonitored drop boxes, and late night delivery of ballots with no chain of custody did not affect our elections.  Prove to us that malfunctioning tabulators had no effect, and that all ballots were properly recorded and counted.


Until you can do that, and more, just shut up and do the job you are being paid to do.  Otherwise, get out and get someone competent and honest in the job.  If you want our trust, you have to earn it.


We do not need permission to investigate, to prosecute, to correct injustice.  Power goes to those who will act, not to those who wait for it to be given them.


David Robb — Bio and Archives
David Robb is a practicing scientist and CTO of a small firm developing new security technologies for detection of drugs and other contraband.  Dave has published extensively in TheBlueStateConservative, and occasionally in American Thinker.


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