By Kat Stansell


Recently Biden was propped up behind a podium to holler threats to “2020 election deniers”. It was laughable, pathetic even, as his own have been mewling and puking about stolen elections for the past six years.


My answer: FORGET 2020! The proof of our duly elected government being stolen in a successful Coup has been there for all to see since November 4 of that year. Only the most afflicted with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), that viral mental condition apparently more potent than Covid for some, still think Biden is really our President. They may never recover, but I frankly don’t care. Self-inflicted wounds draw little sympathy from me.


To the abject horror of the unelected government behind the walls in DC, a huge majority of Americans still love their country, and can see the damage being done. Yesterday, NBC broadcast poll results showing 81% of America, dissatisfied with the direction of the country. Not only are these disapproval numbers historic, but also is the fact that it’s their own lapdog media that is talking about it! How the heck did the lapdog suddenly grow a set ?? The people who were supposed to be in their pocket are speaking out.


A Muslim American in Dearborn Mi has gone public to announce that Muslims should NOT vote for democrats.


Skin color, ethnicity, gender (although they have tried to muddle that), city/town/state of residence is seemingly going to have nothing to do with how people intend to vote in these Midterms. See the Wall Street Journal Poll from Monday, Nov. 7.


All those whom the Left has been working 24/7 to divide, and mislead, are waking up. Damn! Millions of those they thought were “woke” are now really awakening.


AND THE LEFT IS TERRIFIED! Count on the bovine feces (aka, BS) to fly, and fists be shaken as their fear increases.


There may well be more they will try. Keep reading.


We are finding proof of already established fraud, all over the place, in action for 2022. Proof which cannot be denied. Forget the “deniers” thing; forget 2020. Take a look at what is going on, right now.




Florida is a good place to start, for two reasons.


First, it has the reputation of being a good red state. It’s governor is gaining national prominence for his “conservative” acts. If there were fraud in Florida, the governor’s new “Election Crimes” unit would surely get on top of it. Right? Hold that thought.


Next, there are large groups of non-partisan patriots who have been working since DeSantis’s narrow victory in 2018, to make sure their state is safe for legitimate voter preference to be reflected. Their discoveries are stunning, in a red state especially. I’ve told their story before.


My purpose here is to hit the high spots which shine light on the fraud in the state. All NEW PROOF for 2022, Joey.


Thousands of mailings to voters on the rolls in various Florida counties were returned to the supervisors of Election – and to the candidates who were sending campaign mail to the same lists – as “undeliverable”, by the USPS. These “bad addresses” were kept on the rolls – not removed or flagged and set aside – and were used to send mail-in ballots.


These ballots were returned VOTED AND SIGNED.


Friday, October 28, 2022, a volunteer using high power magnification on thousands of signatures that were 100% match (to their voter application signatures four or more years previously) determined that these signatures with made by ink jet, not real ink. The dots were the proof. This finding was made public the next day.


Hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots were also sent, in singles or pairs, to addresses where canvassers found they had not been requested. Nor received. These phantom ballots seemed to carpet the state, as more and more residents signed affidavits to this fact. This occurred over months.


Whole street names were found to have been changed before the primary, to create more bad addresses, then changed back once ballots were mailed.


This kind of fraud is identity theft. Using someone’s name to cast a vote is actionable malfeasance. That fact was denied by Florida officials.


The printers of these ballots were next in the spotlight, for good reason. People do not usually carry around little ink jet printers to sign legal documents.


One printer, Runbeck, provides ballots for two of the most populous counties, Pinellas and Hillsborough, where their “records” show 90% of all voters “requested” mail-in ballots. You may recognize the Runbeck name as having been flagged for suspicious activity in the 2020 elections. Oops, sorry, not allowed to talk about that.


The other printer, Fidlar Elections, prints ballots for 66% of the remaining Florida counties. In 2017, Fidlar, an Orlando company was sold to Cathedral Printers in Rome, NY. Hang on. This is important.


Cathedral is owned and run by Marianne Gaige, a strong supporter of far-left causes, including Soros’s ActBlue and Democrat Action, which works to bring a Blue governor to every state. She also contributed to both the Obama and Soros Campaigns, under several different auspices.


One of Cathedral’s employees, known as “Stacey Rodriguez” is married to a high election official in Florida, Mark Earley, the President of the Florida Supervisors of Election Assn.


Stacey Rodriguez Earley was awarded full access to Florida’s voter rolls through a course she took and passed, which course was designed by the FL Elections Supervisors, the organization of which hubby, Mark, is President. The plaque she earned is pictured online with the name “Stacey Rodriguez”. Why not “Stacey Earley”?


Ms. Stacey’s birth name was Pace, daughter of Raul Pace, owner of Fidlar Elections until his death. Rodriguez is from her first marriage to the man who controlled all fossil fuels for Florida Power and Light. Stacey knows printing and lots of important people.


I’ve spent this much time on Florida because few believe that this kind of fraud can occur in such a “good red state”. Take note, please. NEVER think this kind of criminal activity is impossible anywhere.


Everything I’ve touched on here has been made public, with proof. Governor DeSantis’s closest associates have been provided with it all. Crickets. Remember that Election Crimes unit? In that good red state? Yeah. So much for that.

* * *

Of course, we know that the news of fraud and “questionable occurrences” relating to the upcoming election has been coming from all over, not just Florida. The news is full of Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas – even Indiana! Just a quick run-through from this past week.


In MI, there has been so much, that it might take a whole book to tell it all. Suffice it to say that the crooked state officials under crooked Gov. Whitmer have been doing their best to shore up the steal. Here’s one quickie. In Detroit, training videos for Democrat poll challengers assured them that there would be thugs, like bouncers, in black shirts marked ICU (I see you) there to “back them up” and help to roust Republicans. During the primaries, these unidentified black-shirts tossed out a Republican challenger for asking a question about a machine that showed connection to the internet.


An Indiana poll worker named Zheng was removed from his duties after citizen complaints that he was showing anyone who asked how to use the machines – and vote straight Democrat. He was James Zheng. In China, the family name comes first, and that family name, Zheng, is involved in some interesting stuff over there. Just sayin’. Glad he was caught, but how many more are there, trying?


A Democrat public election employee in Wisconsin was fired for sending fake military ballots to a Republican state legislator who had been leading the fight against election fraud since 2020 “to show her how easy it was to do”!!


In Pennsylvania, the Department of State suddenly changed its voter registration application last summer to include a mail-in ballot application. Voters and state workers were confused and remain that way. Lots of mail-in ballots were sent, and are “out there”. Also, The PA Supreme Court has ruled that undated ballots cannot be accepted; still, what’s to stop those well-trained poll workers from “curing” that little mistake? Ballot curing is perfectly legal in Pennsylvania.


Again, a whole report could be written on Pennsylvania alone. Remember, that is where the BLM “greeters” outside the polls in 2008, wielded batons at conservatives trying to cast a ballot.



Rich history.


In Texas, Harris County (Houston), the most populous county in the state, experienced some “fumbles” by election administrators in the primary where wrong ballots were ordered for the machines, then 10,000 + votes were found and counted days after the election. Also, drive-thru voter registration sites were established where the crucial chain of custody requirements were violated repeatedly. It was even observed by an alert citizen that voter registrations were being done in the front yard of someone who isn’t even a US citizen!


Then, there is the state budget for election-related issues, which was raised by over 900% for 2023, without explanation Just, wow. Somebody needs to do some diggin’. Come clean, good red state legislators.!


Ok, one more. The New Mexico Secretary of State’s website has just come under the spotlight today (11/7), thanks to the sharp eye of Joe Hoft at the Gateway Pundit. Yesterday and for several previous days, the site showed over 17 million registered voters – in a state whose population is only 2.1million! Today, the site has been altered to show 1.36 million registered, which is more in line with reality. That would make the registration 86% of all citizens of voting age in the state, or 4% lower than it was in 2020. New Mexico just may be getting the message about the bloat of the ERIC member rolls. Or, maybe just the message that it looks bad to have them.

* * *

What I’ve been able to present to you here is just a tiny fragment of everything that is going in Fraud 2022. I chose not to even mention states like NY and California where voter fraud has been institutionalized for years.


Now, of course, The cyber security units of the National Guard have been “called” into 14 states to help “assure honest elections” and prevent things like that awful Russian interference in 2016! They will be linked up with CISA, a globalist federal agency who thinks they are responsible for the cyber security of our elections. Did you even know tht our National Guard HAD cyber security units? Yeah. Me either.


CISA is related to DHS. Smell something?


Each of those states which “requested” the Guard (AZ, CO, CT, DE, HI, IL, IA, LA, NM, NY, NC, PA, WA and WV) are now Blue or leaning blue, and all but LA are ERIC members. (NC is joining in 2023 for a “trial run”.) Despite training at the FEMA camp where the UN was trained in 2015 to put down an American rebellion, the National Guard is a threat presence.


The only possible assist they could make to the results in the states to which they were “called” is pockets full of thumb drives quietly inserted to change vote totals in the machines.


Look at the states involved. Lots of tight races in each.


Also, don’t forget that ol’ Joe invited Chinese Tik Tok in to our election party as well. Just for keeping things honest.


Sorry, I know this is getting long. Stick with me. It’s stuff about fraud, and I’m about done.

* * *

In 2020, before the election, I wrote about a professional fraudster in NJ, who had come forth for an interview with the NY Post, and bragged about how he had been working election fraud for 30+ years. He claimed to be a “master at fixing mail-in ballots”. The confessor was a “top Democrat operative” who stated that fraud was rather “more the rule than the exception.”. He explained, in detail, how “mail-in ballots had been used to steal elections for years.” He had personally schooled at least 20 others other operatives in NJ, NY, and PA. His words, not mine.


Hey, Joe! When you’ve got party operatives out there bragging on your fraud, you can’t shake your fist at those who believe him. Want even MORE people to question your creds?

* * *

From this vantage point, on the eve of Midterms 2022, I can see several different possibilities. By the time you read this, some things will already be history. I pray that one of them is not our republic.


First and best, the Red Tsunami materializes and washes all the filth and corruption away with it. Then we will have one more chance to right the ship of state. Should that be our blessing, we must treat it as such, and get to work immediately to prevent further rot in our political and societal structure. Big job? You bet, but I’d rather have the opportunity than not.


Another, middle-ground chance, is that the fraud we can see happens, but is not sufficient to overcome the 81+% of America which is desperate for change. We win, but not without a struggle in some states. This may be the most likely.


The worst of three scenarios is that the fraud is laid on blatantly and extensively, daring us to object – in any way. In this case, they would steal Congress and state offices. We would lose and be furious. Fighting mad. And that is just the way they want us. The enemy would love nothing more than to get us to fire the first literal shots, then they’d bring in the UN troops to disarm and take us down.


But we cannot blow, regardless of how justified it might feel. Remember that is their fondest dream. They want us controlled and disarmed. Don’t give it to them. Hold your powder.


So, whatever happens in the days following this most important election in our history, keep your cool. They do not appear to be a confident enemy, for they are acting very afraid.


They still fear us.


Please remember what Thomas Jefferson told us over 200 years ago: “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When people fear their government there is tyranny.”


They do still fear us. So we must stand strong. SMART and strong.


Kat Stansell
Kat Stansell is the Grassroots Outreach Director for the American Policy Center. A native of Cincinnati Ohio, and graduate of Denison University, Kat served the Village of Mettawa, IL, as treasurer and chair of the Planning Commission, where she got a good look at the process of civic vs. corporate interaction. She has been a local activist, working for several candidates and organizations. She has also written for newspapers and websites, and organized events highlighting issues of the day.


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