Victor Davis Hanson Explains the Midterms and Where We’re Headed

Victor Davis Hanson Explains the Midterms and Where We’re Headed


By M Dowling


Victor Davis Hanson said Democrats killed the Red Wave by outspending Republicans 3 to 1 and scaring the population. Victor Davis Hanson said if Republicans take the House, Biden won’t pass any legislation, and he’ll have to rule by executive order. Republicans will barely be able to stop legislation [which to us means some RINOS will pass some of his bills.]


There will also be a lot of investigations.


He believes Republicans weren’t prepared for the midterms and last-minute surprises (and don’t have the media).


In the case of the House, the Republicans had a lot more exposure than the Democrats. They had to protect a lot of seats, and Democrats didn’t.


The House Republicans will probably be up 10 to 20 seats. They were down seven seats. They will be lucky to take the Senate or even keep even.




Biden did something two weeks before the election to change the outcome as the polls showed a red wave. He ran on insurrection and democracy. One Democrat historian said the GOP are nihilists and will kill your children.


Democrats convinced the public that the Pelosi attacker acted out of right-wing rhetoric. Then they went full-steam from Republicans killing people to them banning abortions and killing women. Then he offered debt amnesty for college tuition. According to polls, the youth turned out because they were angry over democracy and abortions. Younger people cared about those issues.


The youth cared about crime and inflation less. There was the added problem that Republicans didn’t give specifics on what they would do to handle both.


Trump unwisely started attacking Gov. DeSantis a week before the election. He mocked DeSantis’s wife and said he was bringing out dirt on DeSantis. He also suggested he would run. VDH thinks that discouraged DeSantis voters.


VDH also went into things Trump could have exposed to defeat Biden.


VDH is a MAGA, and a Trump supporter, so don’t take offense. He’s simply analyzing from an empirical perspective, and he is brilliant.




He also went into the damaging changes to how we vote and how the Left demonizes democracy while purporting to protect it. A significant portion of the Democrat Party is radical progressive, and some states – California, New York, and Illinois – are unrecognizable socialist. The residents of these states are fleeing and turning states like Texas and Florida into free states. It makes the nation more divided and more tribal. It becomes impossible for a Lee Zeldin, a Tiffany Smiley, or a Tudor Dixon to win in their respective states. They’re supporters are moving out.


Progressives are singularly undemocratic, and that was clear during the midterms. They will never stop. They’ll say you haven’t gone far enough with Roe v. Wade, open borders; there can be 50 cultures in the US and you can kill babies to the moment of birth. Most states are in the middle on abortion, and it was very democratic to allow states to decide instead of nine justices, but Democrats have successfully turned it around.


We are all dealing with progressive nihilist neo-socialist ideologues, he says. If you’re not voting for their agenda, you’re voting against democracy when the opposite is true.




One party is saying we haven’t gotten our agenda through with $8 gas, and it’s not green enough. We haven’t destroyed the border and haven’t decriminalized enough.


“We don’t like the rules we play by, so we want to do the following. We want to get rid of the Electoral College that’s in the Constitution. We want to get rid of the Second Amendment that’s in the Constitution. We want to restrict the First Amendment with something we call hate speech and suppress free expression. We want to get rid of the nine-person Supreme Court that’s been here for 160 years. We want to get rid of the idea of 50 states that’s been here for 60 years. We want to get rid of the Constitutional idea that the state sets balloting laws and has a national voting law that says you have to…you cannot ask a person to have an ID. And so we want to get rid of the 180-year filibuster. So this party has attacked every element of the democratic experience. They felt that it wasn’t viable or useful for their own agenda, so this is a kind of projection they’re in.”


He also went into the 2024 Republican dilemma, and it, too, was brilliant.


Watch, it’s an interesting analysis: