Great Reset Happening Now | Beyond the Cover

Great Reset Happening Now | Beyond the Cover


By Gary Benoit


In this episode of Beyond the Cover, host Gary Benoit interviews senior editor Alex Newman about his “Great Reset Happening Now” cover story in the November 14 issue of The New American, as well as TNA’s 100-page “The Great Reset and Transhumanism” bookazine, where Newman has two articles about the threat to humanity posed by the transhumanist agenda. In this interview, Newman cites examples showing that the Great Reset is not something that may occur someday in the future,  but is already moving forward now – and must be stopped – before the would-be masters of the world are able to advance their subversive schemes to the point where they are able to impose global tyranny. Newman also talks about the transhumanist agenda that threatens the very existence of humanity. And he recommends ordering one or more copies of “The Great Reset and Transhumanism” bookazine – bound like a book and in the format of a magazine – to become better informed and inform others, as well as to become involved in the growing movement to save and restore our endangered freedoms.


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