Greta correct! UN climate conference a “scam” full of “greenwashing” and “lies”

Greta correct! UN climate conference a “scam” full of “greenwashing” and “lies”


By Craig Rucker


Can you believe it?  Greta Thunberg got it right!


Greta said the COP27 climate conference is just an opportunity for those in power to use “greenwashing, lying, and cheating” and has called such gatherings a “scam.”


COP 27, the UN’s big climate conference in Egypt, will sadly be filled with the rich and powerful “greenwashing” their efforts to cash in on global warming while doing nothing meaningful to alter the temperature of the Earth.


CFACT is sending our crack delegation of climate and energy policy experts to debunk climate propaganda and expose the true agenda of those who push it.


Greta is so outraged that she’s boycotting the conference.


Greenwasher-in-chief Joe Biden, however, will be there to stage a vain attempt to justify his failed energy policy that is foolishly ending America’s short-lived energy independence.


CFACT’s Marc Morano offered “kudos to Greta!” saying:


“She started out willing to travel great distances to attend these UN climate summits, but she now correctly realizes they are a ‘scam.’ Those of us opposed to the entire ‘Net Zero’ & Green New Deal agenda applaud Greta’s moment of clarity when it comes to the undeniable scam that is the UN climate process. We welcome Greta now understanding that these summits have nothing to do with the climate.”


“Given the full exposure of the green energy mandate scam, this UN climate summit should be dubbed the ‘The Cover Your A$$ Summit’ as the climate activists will be furiously spinning the failure of green energy and the coming deadly blackouts as somehow Russia’s fault or the fault of the free market and a great ‘opportunity’ to double down (on green energy failure).”


Kudos to Greta indeed for seeing through the hypocrisy on display at the UN COPs.  No Kudos, whatsoever, for her ridiculous conclusion that what the world needs is to abandon individual freedom and prosperity and go all in on Socialism and control.


“We are never going back to normal again” Greta said at the launch of her upcoming book, “because ‘normal’ was already a crisis. What we refer to as normal is an extreme system built on the exploitation of people and the planet. It is a system defined by colonialism, imperialism, oppression and genocide by the so-called global North to accumulate wealth that still shapes our current world order.”


The entire radical-woke-Left is joining Greta in exploiting climate to justify total control over our lives.  They want to dictate everything from the space you live in, to the energy you use, to the vehicles we drive (or no longer can afford) to what we may put on our plates (meat is off the menu).


CFACT’s crack delegation to COP 27 will expose all this and more.  Watch for our updates at and Climate Depot.


Never forget that the UN climate process is laden with profiteers more than happy to sell the Socialists the “rope they hang us with.”


Craig Rucker
Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.