Republicans must end their fixation with abiding by the Marquess of Queensberry rules while Democrats fight bare-knuckled, mixed-martial arts style




By Jeff Crouere


What is it going to take for the 25th Amendment to be utilized and for President Joe Biden to be removed from office? He is 79 years old and is suffering from significant mental incapacities. Biden needs rest, medical care, and treatment for his condition. The last thing an individual with his condition needs is to be serving in the most demanding position for the most important nation in the world.


Due to his mental incompetence, Biden has been controlled by members of his administration and pushed in a far-left direction that has been disastrous to our nation. The report card for the first 21 months of his administration is a catastrophe. His grade is an F-, as nothing he has attempted has succeeded.


After inheriting a county that was recovering nicely from the pandemic and moving toward prosperity, Biden decided to shift gears completely. As a result, he has destroyed our good economy and forced our country into a recession. Americans are also dealing with skyrocketing interest rates, record setting inflation, supply chain delays and shortages of vital consumer items such as baby formula.


On the issue of energy, Biden has moved our country from energy independence to complete dependence on foreign countries. The world witnessed the spectacle of Biden begging the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia for increased oil production in the infamous “fist bump” meeting.


While Biden denied that he made such a request, it is obvious that he pleaded for more production since he curtailed our oil industry so significantly. Eventually, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC+) decided to humiliate Biden and cut output by two million barrels of oil per day.


Under President Biden, crime in our urban areas is surging uncontrollably, drug overdose deaths have reached a record, the border is wide open, and our educational system is in shambles. We cannot afford to wait another 27 months until his term ends. By that time, the damage to our country may be irreversible.


Fortunately, Republicans are on the threshold of taking control of the United States Congress after the midterm elections. The first order of business for the new GOP majority in the U.S. House of Representatives should be to hold impeachment hearings on Biden.

Biden should be impeached


Remember, President Donald Trump was impeached twice for ridiculous reasons, such as making a “perfect” phone call to the Ukrainian President and giving a speech to a massive rally of supporters and exhorting them to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” In contrast, Biden has committed a multitude of serious offenses, which are clearly impeachable.


Here are only a few of the many reasons that Biden should be impeached:


  • He created an open southern border which has allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter our country, including criminals and terrorists. The massive influx of illegal fentanyl and other drugs has contributed to over 100,000 overdose deaths per year.
  • Biden’s botched withdrawal of our military from Afghanistan was the biggest foreign policy disaster in recent memory. It contributed to the deaths of 13 of our military heroes and left our enemy, the Taliban, in control of a multi-billion-dollar Bagram air base, as well as $85 billion in military equipment.
  • In the aftermath of the Afghanistan withdrawal, the Biden administration allowed 79,000 Afghan nationals to enter our country without appropriate vetting, exposing Americans to danger and possibly terrorist threats.
  • As Vice-President, Biden demanded the country of Ukraine fire a prosecutor, who was investigating his son, Hunter Biden, and the corrupt oil company, Burisma. Biden promised to withhold a $1 billion U.S. loan guarantee if the prosecutor was not fired.
  • Biden lied about his lack of involvement in his son’s business deals. It was confirmed by his former business associate, Tony Bobulinski, that 10% of the profits from a deal with a Chinese energy company were supposed to be held for “the big guy,” a nickname for Joe Biden.
  • To keep oil prices down before the midterm elections, Biden has repeatedly raided the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is now at its lowest level in forty years. These reserves are supposed to be used during national, not political, emergencies.


Along with this list, there are many other reasons why Biden should be impeached. Unfortunately, many Republicans lack the intestinal fortitude to proceed with such “controversial” hearings. In an interview on my Ringside Politics radio show on WGSO 990-AM &, U.S. Congressman Garret Graves (R-LA) claimed that he had not seen anything from President Biden that merited impeachment. Really, Congressman, where have you been?


Sadly, this desire for inaction was echoed by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). When asked by Punchbowl News whether Biden or his cabinet had engaged in impeachable offenses, McCarthy said “I don’t see it before me right now.”


Unfortunately, McCarthy is purposely ignoring Biden’s variety of impeachable offenses. This does not bode well for the incoming Republican Party majority in Congress. If they refuse to deliver for the GOP faithful on this critical issue, millions of Republicans will be furious.


The Biden impeachment needs to happen. If Republicans refuse to do the right thing and give Biden a pass, at the very least, they should demand that he submit to a mental competency test.


It is too dangerous for someone in Biden’s mental condition to have his finger on the nuclear button


Biden has not released the results of any mental competency test to the American people since he assumed the presidency. This test is crucial because almost every Biden speech is littered with gaffes and humiliating mistakes.


It is too dangerous for someone in Biden’s mental condition to have his finger on the nuclear button. Incredibly, Biden seems to be moving the country toward a nuclear war with Russia. In a recent speech to Democratic Party donors, Biden even mused about the possibility of nuclear Armageddon.


Republicans must end their fixation with abiding by the Marquess of Queensberry rules while Democrats fight bare-knuckled, mixed-martial arts style. For the benefit of the nation and the world, Biden must be removed from the presidency. Republicans must not flinch from this responsibility.


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