AMA goes all-in with child mutilations, wants DOJ to prosecute those who try to save children from gender-mutilating surgeries

AMA goes all-in with child mutilations, wants DOJ to prosecute those who try to save children from gender-mutilating surgeries


By Ethan Huff

The American Medical Association (AMA) is calling on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate and prosecute any entity, either corporate or individual, that dares to expose the transgender mutilation practices of “woke” hospitals across America.


In a joint letter penned and signed by the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA), the AMA begged Attorney General Merrick Garland to take aim at anyone who says mean things about hospitals that perform LGBT surgical procedures, particularly against children.


Representing “over 270,000 physicians and 220 children’s hospitals across the country,” the AMA, AAP and CHA claim that those opposed to the transgender mutilation of children are engaged in an “intentional campaign of disinformation” that is causing some health care providers to be “targeted and threatened.”


“These coordinated attacks threaten federally protected rights to health care for patients and their families,” the letter states. (Related: Remember when the AMA was pushing for transgenders to be sent to the front lines of war?)


“The attacks are rooted in an intentional campaign of disinformation, where a few high-profile users on social media share false and misleading information targeting individual physicians and hospitals, resulting in a rapid escalation of threats, harassment, and disruption of care across multiple jurisdictions.”


Chopping up children’s body parts is a “big money maker,” according to Vanderbilt University Medical Center


The trio of medical organizations wants Big Tech especially (i.e., Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok) to go after people and organizations that blow the lid on “gender affirming care” and what it means for children’s bodies. The goal is to censor and de-platform, followed by investigate and prosecute.


“Our organizations have called on technology companies to do more to prevent this practice on digital platforms, and we now urge your office to take swift action to investigate and prosecute all organizations, individuals, and entities responsible,” the letter further reads.


Christopher F. Rufo, a Manhattan Institute fellow and City Journal writer, is one such person who is being targeted by the witch hunt. He told Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham that no matter what the AMA and the others throw at him, he will not back down in reporting the truth.


“I have a message for Attorney General Merrick Garland: you can threaten us; you can mobilize the FBI against us; you can drag us out of our homes in a pre-dawn raid. But we are not going to stop reporting on radical gender surgeries on minors,” Rufo said and tweeted.


The AMA says it has no plans to back down in pursuing people like Rufo who challenge its “dedicate[ion] to the health and well-being of children and adolescents,” which includes supporting and providing “gender affirming care.”


Neither the AMA nor any of the entities it is defending care one iota about the health and well-being of children and adolescents, it turns out. As revealed by a physician from Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, horrific gender surgeries on children such as hysterectomies, mastectomies and vaginoplasties are a “big money maker,” particularly because they require a “lot of follow-ups.”


Many transgenders with regret would argue against the “health and well-being” line as well. Their bodies are now permanently destroyed because they bought the lie that mutilating their genitals and destroying their endocrine systems is the way to embrace one’s “true self.”


“I’m just really concerned for younger girls and boys being led down this path, and being hurt by it,” stated Helena Kerschner, a transgender with regret who is now attempting to “de-transition,” to Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson during a recent segment.


Will the DOJ capitulate to the AMA’s demands?

There is a very real possibility that the AMA will get its way, if any of the DOJ’s recent actions under Joe Biden are any indication. The DOJ steamrolled the Constitution by persecuting the January 6 “insurrectionists,” for one. The federal agency is also now targeting parents who speak up against critical race theory (CRT).


Pro-life activists are also finding themselves in the crosshairs of the DOJ, which seems willing to go after anyone who defies the agenda of the current regime.


“Too bad they couldn’t censor the fact that Garland is a spineless wimp, hiding behind his bureau and getting rich ala Fauci,” wrote one commenter about the matter, blasting Garland as the loser he is.


“Congress needs to investigate the AMA with appropriate sanctions on the table,” wrote another. “Stop giving them the respect they no longer deserve.”


Another reiterated the fact that this is “all about the money” as transgender mutilation is a high-profit endeavor.


“Back in the day, they would all have been thrown in prison,” this person added about those trying to defend and push the transgender mutilation of children.


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