10 Gun Control Measures Democrats Have Hidden In The Government Funding Bill

10 Gun Control Measures Democrats Have Hidden In The Government Funding Bill



By CHQ staff


As part of the DC Uniparty’s “government by crisis” strategy Congress long ago stopped passing appropriations bills through what is called “regular order” through which bills got public committee hearings with pro and con testimony, a mark-up with votes on amendments, an up or down committee vote and then floor amendments and a floor vote.


Today, almost all appropriations bills (or at least the final versions) are combined in Continuing Resolutions (CRs) or Omnibus Appropriations bills written in secret by Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat leadership. These thousand-page bills released in the dark off the night and voted on before any Member of Congress, let alone the public, has an opportunity to read the bill and digest its contents, let alone comment on it.


These CRs or Omnibus Appropriations bills are put up for a vote at the last possible moment so that the vote is to “avoid a government shutdown” rather than to support or oppose the policy in the bill – and this technique is particularly favored by Democrats when they want to pass unpopular or anti-constitutional policies that could not pass on their own as stand-alone bills.


Like gun control.


So, we are very fortunate to have Gun Owners of America and their superb Capitol Hill intelligence network working on this issue, because they have managed to ferret-out what the Democrats are trying to sneak into the CR which will need to pass in the next eight days to keep the government running after the end of the fiscal year.


According to the GAO’s Capitol Hill intel the Democrats plan to have 10 gun control measures in the coming CR or a lame duck session Omnibus appropriations bill:


  1. Massive ATF Budget Increase to Facilitate Biden’s Pistol Ban
  2. Gun Registration Funding
  3. Gun Confiscation Law Funding
  4. Financial Benefits for Families of Deceased ATF Agents Killed or Injured on the Job while Enforcing Gun Control
  5. Ammunition Background Check Study
  6. Gun Control Research, Unbound by the Dickey Amendment
  7. Anti-gun Community Violence Interventions
  8. “Domestic Violence Firearms Lethality Reduction Initiative”
  9. “Violent Anti-Government Ideology” Research
  10. Gun Control Earmarks


All of these are bad ideas, but five, a massive ATF budget increase to facilitate Biden’s pistol ban, gun registration funding, gun confiscation law funding, funding for “Violent Anti-Government Ideology Research” and funding for an ammunition background check study are especially pernicious.


Up at the very top of the list, says GAO, is a MASSIVE budget increase for the ATF so that they can begin executing Biden’s ban on millions of pistols.


Per the Biden-Harris Administration’s new rule, pistol owners will now have to complete a form that takes 4 hours to register their pistol brace firearm.


You will be forced to give the ATF your name, Social Security number, address, phone number, email, payment information, FINGERPRINTS, as well as the make, model, and serial number of your firearm – and provide photographic evidence of your compliance.


Failure to comply could result in jail time and a $250,000 fine.


At its current pace, noted the GAO, the ATF would spend 78 years to process all the registration forms, so they’re requesting a MASSIVE budgetary increase to crack down on your rights as soon as humanly possible.


To ensure that NO ONE gets away with failing to comply with the ATF’s burdensome regulations (even if it’s just a paperwork error) the bill proposes $40 MILLION for gun confiscation orders.


The ammunition background check study is obviously a precursor to implementing California – New York-style ammo purchase background checks nationwide. Currently, only six states have laws regulating ammunition sales and require background checks: New York, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.


And finally, as the GAO pointed out, it’s not hard to imagine that gun owners who own so-called “assault weapons” and share our Founding Fathers’ hatred of tyranny could be considered violent anti-government extremists merely for voicing support for the Second Amendment as written in the Constitution.


Right now, it is unclear whether Democrats will try to sneak these provisions into the CR coming up for a vote in less than 10 days, or wait and try to put in an Omnibus appropriations bill they will try to pass after the midterm elections. Either way conservatives must demand their Representative and Senators vote NO on any bill that includes any of the above gun control provisions. The U.S. Capitol switchboard is (202) 224-3121 or you can use the GAO “Take Action” page linked here, contact Congress TODAY.


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