A binary choice: Fight or die

A binary choice: Fight or die


By Charles Martel


Absolute evil has subsumed the American Left. Anyone who is happy with how the FBI is functioning would happily put a foot on your throat. By the way, what have the Democrats done to rein in ANTIFA? and remember for your safety: smile in your enemies face but know who they are.


10 Points to ponder and build on


1. Finish the Wall and Secure the Border

2. Renew the Keystone pipeline and the granting of all possible leases for oil and gas on Federal Lands.

3. Substantially cut the budgets for the IRS and EPA and move their headquarters to Oklahoma and Wyoming respectively.

4. Let States have education money and Grant Money and get rid of the NEA.

5. Break up Google Facebook, Twitter and Apple. They are a monopoly stranglehold on free opinions.

6. Remove CRT and LGBTQ material from classrooms and allow civics to be taught.  Fire all teacher who refuse.

7. No Woke in the Military

8. A full investigation into the FBI and the DOJ for the roles they played in the Fake Russiagate, Jan. 6th demonstration, and Hunter Biden’s laptop

9. No Biological men in women’s sports

10. Promote the American workforce and Tax University endowments.



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