Inside the Battle for the GOP, With RNC’s Tamara Scott

Inside the Battle for the GOP, With RNC’s Tamara Scott


By Alex Newman


The ongoing battles in the Republican Party and America are really between good and evil, explained RNC National Committeewoman and prominent TV show host Tamara Scott in this interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman at Mike Lindell’s Moment of Truth Summit.


Key issues for Republicans to focus on include stopping Biden’s war on energy, shutting down the unprecedented invasion coming across the Southern border, building respect for the concept of God-given rights, reining in Biden’s destruction of the U.S. military, stopping the “woke” madness taking over society, exposing the agenda for a constitutional convention known as “Convention of States,” and much more.


Scott also talked about the ongoing battles within the Republican Party, warning that it was a battle between good and evil, merely an extension of the spiritual battle that is always raging. Finally, Scott warned about the dangers of a constitutional convention coming under the moniker of a “Convention of States,” saying the Constitution was not the problem and that enforcing it would solve most of the problems Con-Con promoters claim to be against.



Alex Newman
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