Open Letter to Kevin Miller from Ammon Bundy

Open Letter to Kevin Miller from Ammon Bundy


Yes, Kevin Miller is my friend, and Brad Little should not receive any cover for his actions.


Dear Kevin,

It has been brought to my attention that you questioned our friendship over the air on one of your recent shows.  This was prompted by an email from my campaign manager that she has since corrected. Please know that I have considered you a friend since the moment I met you, and still do. I am also grateful for your community participation, service, and allowing people to express their concerns and ideas on your show. You are a unique talk show host in the aspect of allowing people to speak and articulate their beliefs in detail over the air. For this reason and many others I greatly respect you and consider you a friend and confidant.


Over the past few months I have hesitated coming onto your show even though my desire has been to communicate with you and your audience. The free people of this nation are under attack and many of you with voices to explain and articulate the truth are, in my opinion, allowing the attackers of liberty to go publicly unscathed if they are part of a police force or if they are Republican officials. For this reason, I fear you are sympathetic to Brad Little. Yes, he is Republican. Yes, his family are ranchers. Yes, he says what people want to hear. Yes, he is the governor. But, he is an enemy to liberty and conservatives should not sympathize with those who act against freedom.


On March 19, 2020 Governor Little was the first governor of all 50 governors to outlaw the use of hydroxychloroquine. No one supposedly knew much about COVID at that time. Yet, Governor Brad Little outlawed the use of one of the most effective remedies for the coronavirus as early as March 2020.


Then, on March 25, 2020, Governor Little implemented a never before used martial law statute and put the State of Idaho under “Extreme Emergency Status”, issuing a “Stay Home Order” or as the media and everyone else liked to call it a “Lock Down Order”. This order directed “All individuals living in the state of Idaho to self-isolate at their place of residence.” It further directed “All businesses to cease nonessential operations”.  Additionally it prohibited “All nonessential gatherings of any number of individuals”. It also ordered the “Cessation of all nonessential travel”.  On page 9, section 9 of the “Stay Home Order”, it directs, “…that the sheriff and the chiefs of police in the state of Idaho, and Idaho State Police ensure compliance with and enforce this order.” Brad Little ordered ALL the people in Idaho to lock-down in their homes, ordered the shutdown of businesses and churches, restricted travel, and directed the police to enforce his orders by using the force of law.


In an official document from the office of the governor titled, “Statewide Stay at Home Order FAQs”, the question was asked, “Who will enforce the order?”  The answer from the governor’s office is, “State and local law-enforcement will enforce.” The first sentence of this document reads, Idaho Gov. Brad Little and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare issued a statewide stay home order on Wednesday, March 25, for all Idahoans.” Another official document coming from is titled “Guidance for Governor Brad Little‘s Statewide Stay Home Order”. The first section is titled “Self-Isolate”. It reads “All residents of Idaho must self-isolate…”


Because of Governor Little‘s orders, Idaho was the first state to arrest pastors for having church service outsideIdaho was the first state to arrest a mother for taking her children to the park. Idaho was one of the first states to raid businesses and prosecute the owners for not shutting down. Many people were arrested and prosecuted in Idaho for not wearing a mask. Others lost their jobs for not getting the vaccine.


Now, in a press release issued Tuesday, March 8, 2022 Governor Brad Little is claiming, “I kept Idaho open, banned vaccine passports, never issued mandates for vaccines or masks…” He further stated, “The emergency declaration never violated or restricted any rights of Idahoans, never put Idaho on lockdown, and never allowed for mandates for masks or vaccines.” 


It is this blatant lie and other acts that need to be exposed and no sympathy should be given to Brad Little. He is a liar, a tyrant, and a very dangerous man to every Idahoan. As mentioned before, we are in a battle for our liberty!  Idaho is in a battle for its conservative soul! Conservatives pandering around, trying to position themselves so that they don’t offend powerful people is putting our liberties at great risk in this conflict. I have hesitated coming onto your show because of our friendship. Because I do not want to be the one to have to point out that covering for Brad Little on a radio show that reaches a good part of Idaho is treason to freedom. There are only two sides to this struggle, those who are for liberty and those who are against it.  I believe every person will soon be compelled to choose a side if they have not already chosen on their own.


Yes, you are my friend! I love and appreciate you! At the same time I see that you do not fully understand how dangerous this battle is, or who your enemies are.  And yes, even you, lovable teddy bear Kevin Miller, has enemies. Enemies that will censor your speech, restrict your ability to publish your thoughts, Even arrest you for saying the “wrong things” on the airThey will do this at the first chance they get! Brad Little is one of these people and he has shown that he must not be trusted and should not be given sympathy from people who love to be free.


I look forward to visiting with you again – on and off the air.

Still your friend,

Ammon Bundy


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