Rep. Dorothy Moon Wins Republican Party Chair

Rep. Dorothy Moon Wins Republican Party Chair


By Bob “Nugie” Neugebauer


What’s Next for Idaho? Bundy?


What a breath of fresh air that has just blown into the Republican Party hierarchy with the election of Dorothy Moon as the new Chairperson. No longer will we have to endure that Saturday morning diatribes of Loony Luna and Moaning Miller on that RINO propaganda show “Red Wave Radio”. This is a score one for the good guys but I doubt that it is the medicine necessary to rid ourselves of the IACI run RINO party that has had such a tight grip on this state for the past 20 years but it is a start. You can bet that there will not be any more of those hefty donations to the party by the corporate slugs who have corrupted our government but it will be nice to have leadership that we can count on to be honest with the people in the party.


Dorothy has been a rising star in the political arena for the past 10 years and continues to show the Idahoan’s that she is here to serve them and not herself. With a 95% conservative voting record in the legislature according to the Idaho Freedom Foundation, you can bet that we now have a truly conservative leader for the Republican Party. We have not had a leader like this since the days of Barry Peterson. Barry served as chairman of the party from 2012 to 2014 and sued to remain chairman in 2014 due to a tumultuous state party convention that ended in complete disarray without any votes on leaders, resolutions, or a party platform. Congressman Raul Labrador closed the convention believing that the current officers would remain in office for the next two years as there was no vote. This was a mistake on the part of both Labrador and parliamentarian Cornel Rasor who had misread the rules. Fifth District Judge Randy Stoker ruled Under Robert’s Rules of Order, Stoker said, the chair’s reply to an inquiry is not binding – it is merely an opinion. “It was not part of the motion – it was not voted upon by the delegates, that couldn’t have constituted an election of officers because that was required by secret ballot of the delegates in the convention.” This was a big loss for the conservatives as Barry decided not to run again.


You can be sure that there will be new attacks in earnest by the corporatists who run this state to take down the conservatives but for now, let’s revel in the fact that they lost and we actually have a person at the helm that really cares about Idaho. I consider Dorothy and her husband Darr good friends who have been working tirelessly to bring conservatism back to our state. It was Dorothy along with several other conservative leaders who lead the charge to rid our state of the LUNA Disease known as Common Core so you can imagine the smile on my face and that of many others when she won this election. While this victory is definitely a move in the “right” direction it by no means is the end of the serious division in the Republican Party. I have been writing about how this state has been moving more and more to the left because of the IACI influence in our elections for years. I do believe that it is beginning to sink in that if we don’t change Idaho will be a blue state in the not too distant future.


We have seen that each year more republicans have moved to independents because of how much the Republican Party has moved to the left. I do believe that the Covid Emergency called by Governor Little has had a part to play in Moon’s election as many of his decisions were against our constitution and people are just beginning to realize how much impact this emergency has had. Many of our small businesses have closed because of the Governor’s Non Essential Businesses edict during the emergency all for the sake of making a grab for a huge amount of federal dollars that became available. He sacrificed the people of our state and their businesses for the sake of collecting billons of federal dollars which all came with strings attached.


Below is a link to a chart on how Federal Monies were distributed. We have come up with a total of $464 million in Coved monies distributed to the various hospitals and health clinics throughout Idaho. Click on the link below to see where the money went.


There is an important election coming up in November where Idahoans are going to pick a new governor and I hope you choose wisely as the last time you did not and wound up with a crony Governor who just loves lobbyists and federal money. Governor Little has shown his disdain for the average Idahoan as he considers himself one of the elite of our state. He has “little” time for those of us who work for minimum wage and are still burdened by the regressive grocery tax which if you remember he promised to eliminate. There will be one challenger to Governor Little in November that you might want to consider and that person is Ammon Bundy who is running as an Independent.


I have written articles about this gentleman talking about many of the trials and tribulations he has been through. From the standoff with the BLM at his father’s ranch to the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Preserve and his final redemption at his trial in a federal court where all federal charges were dropped against him with prejudice and he was finally released. This is a man of courage who does not cower in the face of adversity but a man who believes in God and that just outcomes are obtained through faith and persistence.


Ammon Bundy had originally registered as a Republican for the primary but saw that there was no chance of winning with 3 candidates running against Governor Little. He smartly shifted gears and dropped out of the primary and registered for the General as an Independent. I believe he is the only candidate left for Idahoans in November. Please think about how Governor Little treated Idahoans during his 2-year Covid emergency with the closing of non-essential businesses, restrictions on church participation, ordering his henchman to impose mask mandates on you and your children. Ask yourself the question. “Do you really want King Little to reign over Idaho for another four years?” Or are you ready to take a chance on a man who stands up for the constitution and is ready willing and able to defend it as he has in the past with his freedom. The liberal media will tell you you’re crazy if you vote for Bundy but when was the last time the liberal media was right about anything and do you really trust their judgement?


Idaho’s liberal media has been having a field day publishing articles about Take Back Idaho and how they want to make Idaho a better place. Let me tell you folks the only thing this group is going to do is to drive Idaho further to the left and bring a much larger tax burden on all Idahoans. People like Jim Jones have no business beating the conservative drum because they don’t want to take back Idaho they want to take over Idaho.


Here is a recent statement from this leftist organization attacking Dorothy Moon election as Chairman of the Republican Party. These are the real villains of Idaho these are the people who will Lie, Cheat and Steal to take over our state. This statement is just an example of how these corporate anarchists try to prove guilt by association when there is no real link between them and the media will print just about anything they throw at them. Below is Take Back Idaho’s comments on Moon’s election.


Republican opposition group responds to Moon’s election


Members of Take Back Idaho, a group of Republicans from across Idaho who are opposed to extremism within the party, issued a statement saying the election represents a dangerous lurch to the fringes of the party.


“Dorothy Moon’s election to Idaho GOP leadership is absolutely disturbing. Moon’s dangerous gallery of associations— including militant Ammon Bundy, militia leader Eric Parker, convicted rapist Aaron von Ehlinger, and white nationalists like Wendy Rogers — should be disqualifying for state party leadership,” the statement said. “But, fresh from their rightful rejection by Idaho voters just eight weeks ago, Moon and her powerful cronies are doing what they do best: changing the rules, courting extremists, and demanding allegiance to their dark vision for Idaho. With Dorothy Moon’s election to leadership, the Idaho Republican Party has firmly lost all touch with the average Idahoan


Take Back Idaho Board Members


All I can say is Bundy is the only real option in November because he is a fighter and would be willing to say no to the feds and all of the free money they give us with strings attached to it. They keep Idahoans in poverty by restricting access to our natural resources on the 62% of our land that they control. It’s time to say enough is enough and elect someone who will actually fight for the people of Idaho not throw them to the federal wolves for 30 pieces of silver like Little has.


As I always say, “We Get the Government We Deserve”.


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