The Coming Civil War Part 3 – Neighbor Against Neighbor

The Coming Civil War Part 3 – Neighbor Against Neighbor



By George Rasley


Our much-admired fellow conservative Kurt Schlichter recently posted an article on Townhall asking a question we’ve been mulling for quite some time: Are We Looking At Another Civil War?


Mr. Schlichter observes that, “…while the chance of civil conflict is low, violence is not only possible but it has been used by the left as a means of making political change in America in the past. And the evidence is that the left remains ideologically open to using violence in the future to achieve its goals.”


We would like to agree with Kurt Schlichter that the “chance of civil conflict is low,” but as we review the reaction of the Democrats and their Far Left allies to the candidacy and election of Donald Trump we are more inclined to ask, how can we not have a civil war, than to accept that the chance of civil conflict is low.


In Part 1 we looked at some of the potential triggers to a civil war, in Part 2 we looked at how the Left is manipulating the composition of the potential combatants, today we will look at the most likely combat scenario.


While some of our friends occasionally float the idea of a “national divorce” of the conservative “red states” from the increasingly Far Left “blue states” that’s not in the cards. The issue of whether the Union can be dissolved was settled definitively in the first American Civil War – it can’t be, and it won’t be.


What’s more, the model of the first American Civil War, states passing resolutions of secession and mustering the state militia to defend their newly independent status is unlikely to succeed in correcting the abuses to which conservatives object. Conservatives want the Constitution followed and its restrictions on government enforced, leaving the embrace of the Constitution would be an abandonment of all of the fundamental principles of the modern limited government constitutional conservative movement.


So, how does this new civil war start and what does it look like if not the militia of free states like Florida and South Dakota forming up to repel an invasion of woke federal troops supplemented by the New York and California state militia?


It starts, as we have seen in our history and the history of other nations, with the Far Left finally acting upon their desire to punish conservatives for disagreeing with them and voting the wrong way.


In the aftermath of the battle to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court Democrats have exhibited, what Monica Showalter described in a must-read article for The American Thinker as, “Something creepy and horrible – a desire to use force and muscle to get their ways, a desire to be ‘more ruthless,’ a longing to attack Republicans physically, and a creepy inability to move on from defeats and get on with the business of winning voters over.”


This is much the same environment that existed in parts of the United States in the lead-up to the first American Civil War.


In the years leading up to the Civil War Bleeding Kansas was the epicenter of a violent Democrat-led guerilla campaign to intimidate settlers who were opposed to slavery, and to murder them if they refused to be intimidated.


One of the most infamous of these Democrat-led guerilla raids was the Sacking of Lawrence, Kansas on May 21, 1856. Pro-Slavery guerrillas, led by Douglas County’s Democrat Sheriff Samuel J. Jones, attacked and ransacked Lawrence, a town which had been founded by anti-slavery settlers from Massachusetts who were hoping to make Kansas a “free state.”


In an action that has stark parallels with today’s Democrat-led attacks to silence conservatives and drive them from the public square, the Democrat raiders halted production of the free-state newspapers the Kansas Free State and the Herald of Freedom (with the former ceasing publication altogether and the latter taking months to once again start up). The pro-slavery men also destroyed the Free State Hotel and Free-Soil leader Charles L. Robinson’s house.


In the aftermath of the raid by the pro-slavery Democrats against the Free-Soil settlers John Brown became disillusioned with the turn the other cheek pacifism of the Eastern leaders of the abolitionist movement: “These men are all talk. What we need is action—action!” said Brown.


Brown quickly organized a counterforce that responded to the sacking of Lawrence by killing five supporters of slavery in the so-called Pottawatomie massacre. Brown’s weapon of choice in that raid was the Model 1832 artillery sword, a close-up weapon for the execution of pro-slavery Democrats carried out in the spirit of Old Testament wrath Brown so perfectly engendered.


In early June 1856, only ten days after Pottawatomie, John Brown’s force defeated pro-slavery forces led by Captain Henry Clay Pate at the so-called Battle of Black Jack, where he also captured a number of weapons.


Later, in a daring 1858 guerilla raid Brown conducted into Vernon County, Missouri, he and a band of twenty men liberated slaves from several farms at gun point. The raid cemented Brown’s reputation as the bloodiest and most daring soldier in the war against the South’s “peculiar institution.”*


Brown’s Biblical level of outrage was fueled by both the violence of the pro-slavery Democrats and what he saw as a weak and cowardly response by the antislavery partisans and the Free State settlers, whom he described as “cowards, or worse”


All it took to launch the beginning battle of the first American Civil War was one outraged man to rise up and take the fight to the Democrats, who had hitherto been free to engage in extraconstitutional violence because they – like Democrats of today in Portland, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, and elsewhere – occupied the positions of power and refused to enforce the law and protect those with whom they disagreed politically.


When these initial battles of the first American Civil War took place in Bleeding Kansas the goal of the Democrats wasn’t secession – it was to achieve the illusion of choice, while intimidating their opponents before the elections that would determine whether Kansas would be a Republican free state or a Democrat slave state.


This is the same tactic used by totalitarian revolutionaries in other countries in other times. Nazi Party street thugs beating and assassinating opponents and firebombing their opponent’s party headquarters before the 1932 German elections are the tactical predecessors of Democrats and their Far Left allies firebombing crisis pregnancy centers and sending assassins after the Republican baseball team and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


In the coming civil war, it won’t be state militia against state militia, but the Democrats down the street moving from stealing yards signs, to firebombing crisis pregnancy centers, to assassinating anyone who stands against them who will fire the first shots.


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George Rasley is editor of Conservative