Will the Whole Hollywood Soon Be Either Dead like Ray Liotta, or Paralyzed Like Justin Bieber? Will They Still Trust Lies of Government and the CDC?

Will the Whole Hollywood Soon Be Either Dead like Ray Liotta, or Paralyzed Like Justin Bieber? Will They Still Trust Lies of Government and the CDC?


By Wayne Allyn Root


I’ll get to Justin Bieber and Ray Liotta in just a minute…


But first I want to explain why I know and understand liberal Democrats who worship “the vaccine god” better than any conservative in America.


It’s because I’ve known nothing but liberal Democrats all my life. I grew up on a dead-end street on the Bronx borderline, in a majority minority city. I attended an almost 100% black middle school, then a 90% black high school. Almost everyone I knew was a Democrat.


I grew up Jewish, attended synagogue and was Bar Mitzvah-ed.


Almost every Jew I knew was a Democrat- from my rabbi, to my own uncles and aunts.


I was accepted to Columbia University, one of the finest Ivy League colleges in America. Forget Democrats, most of my professors and classmates bragged they were socialists, Marxists, or communists.


I became host of five television shows on Financial News Network (now known as CNBC). Everyone I met in journalism, broadcasting and the media was an ultra- liberal Democrat.


I lived for 13 years in Malibu, California. Everyone I met in Malibu was an ultra-liberal Democrat.


One more unique tidbit- I’m a lifelong health food and vitamin enthusiast. For decades most of the people I met in vitamin stores were liberal Democrats.


So, I’ve been living and working around liberal Democrats, socialists, Marxists and communists my entire life. I may understand them better than any conservative or Republican in America.


And never did politics, or liberal Democrat politics in particular, ever have anything to do with medicine or vaccines. Actually, to the contrary, most of the liberal Democrats I met in my life were cynical, anti-establishment, never trusted anything politicians or government told them, hated and distrusted Big Pharma, and were almost always anti-vaccine.


Most of the Birkenstock crowd I met in vitamin stores and health food stores would not allow their kids to be vaccinated. Most of the liberal mothers I met over the years (and I lived in Manhattan, the Hollywood Hills and Malibu- so I know liberal mothers) did not trust vaccines and believed vaccines caused autism.


So, how did we get here?


Because right now, in this moment in time, liberal Democrats, and assorted socialists, Marxists and communists (who make up the Democrat Party)…and in particular everyone in Hollywood and entertainment…have spent the past 18 months in a spell…a mass psychosis…a Stepford Wife trance…a Jim Jones of Guyana-like, Kool-Aid drinking, mass brainwashing event.


The liberal Democrats I knew my whole life were mostly atheists. But suddenly, every Democrat I meet believes in a “god.” They’ve all found religion. Their god of choice is the Covid vaccine. Their religion is “Vaccineology.”


They love Vaccineology so much, many of them switched from Scientology.


The liberal Hollywood crowd is filled with addicts- drug addicts, alcohol addicts, sex addicts- but now their addiction of choice is the vaccine needle.


Instead of AA meetings, soon they’ll be attending VA meetings- “Vaccine Anonymous.”


Suddenly every liberal Democrat in Hollywood loves Covid vaccines like Christians love Jesus. They worship the needle. They are desperate for boosters for their boosters!


And suddenly Democrats ask no questions- they trust everything Big Pharma tells them. They hate capitalism, yet Big Pharma committing fraud and covering up vaccine injuries and deaths to make trillions of dollars and turn Big Pharma executives into billionaires, doesn’t bother them in the slightest.


If a brain-dead zombie puppet with diapers and dementia (ie Joe Biden) tells them the vaccine is safe, they just roll up their sleeves and say, “Your wish is my command.”


Hollywood limousine liberals want the Covid vaccine god on the back of our coins. “In Vaxx We Trust.”


Funny, but doesn’t this sound a lot like what happened under Stalin…and Hitler…and Castro…and Rev Jim Jones in Guyana?


All over the world athletes, politicians, actors, rock stars and celebrities have been “dying suddenly” or suffering cardiac arrest, heart issues, strokes, blood clots and massive increases in cancer- all since 2021 and the advent of the vaccine. Athlete deaths are up over 1700%. FIFA (pro soccer) deaths are up five fold- almost 100% are heart related. Millennial deaths are up by a staggering 84% since the vaccine.


And like clockwork, the data came out just today that since February in Canada, 4 out of 5 Covid-19 deaths have been vaccinated. Keep in mind those are just deaths from Covid-19 itself. That doesn’t include deaths among the vaccinated from heart attack, stroke, blood clots or cancer. So, the Covid vaccine doesn’t even prevent death from Covid, while destroying your immune system.


The numbers are shocking. Ask any life insurance executive, or funeral home owner. Ask any cardiac nurse. Study the VAERS report.


But now it’s hitting home in Hollywood. In recent weeks one of my favorite actors, Ray Liotta died in his sleep on the set of his latest movie. Was he vaccinated? Almost certainly. No actor can get on a movie set without proof of vaccination.


Then only days ago, 28-year old superstar singer Justin Bieber went public with his face paralysis- from a rare disease called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (from a virus in the shingles family). Bieber was forced to cancel his tour. Shockingly, his 26-year old wife had a mini-stroke “unexpectedly” only weeks ago.


These are medical conditions that mimic vaccine injuries happening all over the world. Were Bieber and his young wife vaccinated? Almost certainly- his fans are not even allowed to attend his concerts without proof of vaccination.


*NOTE: Obviously, I’m not a MD. I can’t state for certain that Justin Bieber or his young wife, or any number of other celebrities, actors, rock stars, athletes, and politicians died or suffered heart attacks or strokes directly from the Covid vaccine. But I am an opinion commentator. And it is my opinion that the vaccine is the likely suspect. And we all have a right to ask questions. We all have a responsibility to try to save future lives from this slow-motion train wreck. We all have every right and reason to ask for investigations.


All over the world vaccine injuries and deaths are piling up. Hundreds of studies from around the globe report the Covid vaccine damages the immune system and results in dramatic increases in heart attacks, heart inflammation, strokes, blood clots, cancer and terrible outbreaks of shingles and facial paralysis.


Liberal Hollywood has lapped up the lies, misinformation and world-class coverup by the government, media and CDC like no other group in the world. You can’t step on a set or stage in Hollywood, or anywhere the entertainment industry, without proof of vaccination.


Bieber and his wife are the tip of the iceberg. Soon we’ll be seeing and hearing about a tsunami of Justin Biebers and Ray Liottas. Which star is next?


The question is, in this celebrity obsessed world, what famous celebrity’s death will be the tipping point that wakes the world up to this unfolding tragedy?


*NOTE: This is an opinion column. These are my opinions. These are public figures. In a free speech society we have every right to ask questions and request investigations of an issue that could affect our future health and lives.
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