Proposed WHO amendments can’t be honored by the United States

Americans will not and, frankly, cannot submit to a foreign authority. The Constitution is clear as to who (not WHO) is in charge… We the People.


Proposed WHO amendments can’t be honored by the United States


By A. Dru Kristenev


Caterwauling about the egregious nature of the amendments to the World Health Organization being submitted by the Biden administration are justifiable in that they must be denied approval.


Member states are being asked to sign over their sovereignty to an unelected administrative agency that has not been held accountable for any of its excessive decisions affecting human health issues. (The engineered Covid-19 pandemic makes the case for WHO’s incompetence and ignored culpability for multitudes of unnecessary injuries and deaths.)


Most all, if the governing bodies of the signatories agree to the addition of the Biden proposals, they would be subjecting themselves to the high and heavy-handed authority of an ideological and criminal agency that adheres to no scientific or beneficent, for that matter, bases for its policies.


No treaty is granted the authority to nullify the Constitution of the United States of America


The one nation that cannot be subjugated, even if its own highest ranking executive offers the amendments, is the United States of America because of this plainly stated reasoning from our legal researcher, Toddy Littman, “Treaties, as everything else, must be consistent with the Constitution. That’s what Article VI says.”


There is, however, a real misunderstanding that is making citizens scramble to have the amendments opposed which, don’t get it wrong, should be done with force and vigor. That is the twisted interpretation of Article VI of our Constitution. Evidently, law schools have had trouble with the punctuation and seem to believe – or want to believe – that a treaty, which only needs the ratification of one chamber of Congress, the Senate, and the signature of the United States President, can supersede the Constitution.


Consider that tidbit. If it is that easy – yes, easy – for a political, partisan body comprising only half the legislative branch to make a treaty assigning foreign entities the power to override the Constitution, then why does amending the Constitution require a far more rigorous process? The answer is that treaties do not and cannot work that way.


No treaty is granted the authority to nullify the Constitution of the United States of America. Any such agreement hasn’t legal recognition by the States to what would essentially alter or subsume the Constitution. Even the Senate appears to have misconstrued the power of a treaty in regard to the supreme Law of the Land, which is the Constitution.


Particularly at this juncture, where evidence of election fraud has placed an occupant in the White House without the proper authority of the People, could a Senate that’s evenly split down the middle approve nation-crushing amendments offered by a disputed administration? Here’s the situation – the administration isn’t even bothering to send these amendments to the Senate for discussion and consent.


Biden and his handlers have decided all by themselves to attempt the overthrow of the Constitution by ignoring the People, their States and the Congress.


Current White House believes it can give away American sovereignty on a whim, which is flatly untrue


Which brings us to this next point. The Biden amendments aren’t really amendments at all in that they would change the nature of the authority of the WHO and its relationship to member nations by transforming them into subject nations. As a few others have noted1, because of the drastic reconfiguration of the WHO’s authoritative structure, the amendments effectively establish a new agreement that would require they undergo the same Senate ratification procedure as any other treaty.


It’s noteworthy that this is not the first time a president has foisted upon us an international agreement without following the correct process. The Iran Nuclear Deal under Obama is a prime example of a president signing an officious accord that should have been handled as a treaty.


The difference with these so-called amendments crafted by the Department of Health and Human Services – another batch of unelected administrators – is that the current White House believes it can give away American sovereignty on a whim, which is flatly untrue.


The U.S. Constitution cannot be set aside by an executive action whether done domestically or in conjunction with a foreign agent, nation or power, and that includes any of the United Nations’ created or sanctioned organizations.


Not only must the People raise cain about this treasonous act, but the self-important Senate should be completely up-in-arms that the White House is ignoring their official role in offering advice and consent to what is, by any stretch of the imagination, a new treaty.


DHHS Secretary Xavier Becerra is presenting this unholy concession of sovereignty at the World Health Assembly, May 22 through 28, 2022. This is no time to be passive and allow this White House to instigate constitutional havoc where Americans will not and, frankly, cannot submit to a foreign authority. The Constitution is clear as to who (not WHO) is in charge… We the People.

Apparently, the article referenced here from the Independent Sentinel has been removed by some overreaching censor.


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