The Long March In Idaho -Why The Left Celebrates Success

The Long March In Idaho – Why The Left Celebrates Success


By Bob Shillingstad


Os Guinness is a treasure among Christian apologists today and yes he is related to the Irish brewing family.  His parents were missionaries in China and were held captive under the Japanese and had to flee back to the UK after Mao and the communists took control   Os spent time with Francis Schaeffer at L’Abri in Switzerland but in 1968 decided to take a year long tour of the United States.  If you compare 1968 to 2020 there are some remarkable similarities.


1968 had the Hong Kong Flu epidemic that killed nearly 200,000 in the west.  It was an Olympic year held in Mexico City with some of the first protests at an Olympic event. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy are both assassinated and race riots break out in 100 cities. It is an election year with the Democratic convention in Chicago in chaos with protestors and Lyndon Johnson not running for re-election.  It is the “summer of love” in San Francisco and elsewhere with “drugs, sex and rock and roll” as their mantra. The news media and streets were filled with radical political groups like the Black Panthers or Students for a Democratic Society to name a few.  Any of this sound familiar?


Os returned to L’Abri after nearly a year immersing himself in this counter culture movement and trying to understand their purposes.  The aimlessness of that generation was striking.  Their failure to bring about a revolution led to the realization among their leaders that America was not ready for dramatic change.  This would have to come about with “the long march” through the institutions to link themselves to the struggle of Mao in China.  The “long march” would include taking over the culture in every aspect.  They needed to control education, main stream media, colleges, law, politics, entertainment and the popular culture.  This is where we are today according to Guinness. Francis Schaeffer warned us about this in the 1970’s and Os sounded the alarm with the publication of his book The Dust of Death in 1973.


We look at local school districts, library districts, state universities, local governments and the bureaucracy, everyone from the EPA to prosecutors. We have lost the battle of our history and culture. We have a Governor of Idaho who seemed to relish closing churches and schools and worse than that we seemed to have pastors and priest ready to roll over to the will of the state. The newspapers in Idaho repeat the lies and misinformation designed to stoke fear and separation among the people. The media uses surrogates like former justice Jim Jones to attack conservative candidates and anyone seeking the truth.   Jones likened the Nobel Prize winning drug Ivermectin as “horse paste” and by implication only fools would take this drug.  Since the only way we could have emergency authorization of “vaccines” was if there were no alternative treatments.  By banning drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxy-chloroquine we killed hundreds of thousands and allowed “big pharma” to make billions.


Our Attorney General apparently cuts a deal with Planned Parenthood to delay the abortion law passed by the legislature until they can argue the case in court.  The legislature passes “education reform” which gives huge amounts of cash to a system that is deep in failure. The education establishment is still peddling CRT, Common Core and promotion of grooming of children into all of the LGBTQR+ agenda.  To make matters worse they also passed legislation to give children more hours of pre-school and kindergarten in the failing system.  Studies have shown that early childhood education has no long term effects and is a waste of money.


The question we have is this: Do we have the will and stamina to start our own “long march” to regain the institutions?  Will the voters of Idaho unite to depose the current governor, Attorney General and Supt. of Education?  It will take a united effort to start the process of electing McGeachin as Governor, Giddings as Lt. Governor and Durst as Supt. of Public Instruction.  We have two strong candidates for Attorney General in Art McComber and Raul Labrador.  Our mistake will be to split the vote and be left with our current Attorney General.


Every vote counts.  Talk to your neighbors and friends and encourage them to begin the “long march” back to sanity.  If you think the left hasn’t taken over, watch the short video “A Day At The Library” about parents confronting the Coeur d’Alene library board that is attached. That is a wakeup call.  As Os Guinness said at the end of his book, “Often, the logic of modern man’s premises is hellish. But then, ultimately hell is nothing less than the truth known too late.”