By Publius Huldah


Friday night, Illinois—possibly the most partisan state in the country— rescinded all their previously-passed applications asking Congress to call a constitutional convention under Article V!!! The Rescission resolution was introduced on Wednesday and passed both houses by Friday!


Illinois is the 7th Democrat state since 2016, to rescind all their outstanding applications. It joins DE (2016), MD (2017), NM (2017), NV (2017), CO (2021) & NJ (2021). It’s sad, and indeed ironic, that grassroots conservatives have had to depend upon the Democrats to save our Constitution!


Illinois mercifully rescinded 15 applications on assorted subjects, that passed between 1861 and 2014. Because the 1861 application failed to mention that its purpose was limited to averting the Civil War, the con lobby has been trying to convince Congress to aggregate it with other “unlimited” applications and single-subject applications ostensibly for the purpose of balancing the federal budget—to get to the requisite 34 states needed to trigger an Article V convention (A5C).


Also among Illinois’ applications that are now history, is a 2014 application sponsored by the radical Leftist group Wolf-PAC which purports to ask Congress for a convention to overturn the Citizens United decision and take money out of politics. During the past year, WolfPAC has been cohosting seminars on Article V at ALEC events and openly working with ALEC of the phony, globalist Right, to push A5C applications and oppose rescissions. In the last 4 months, two of WolfPAC’s five applications (40%) have been rescinded.
And although the Illinois rescission resolution passed in an abbreviated timeframe, it was legal and honest, especially when compared to the vote-trading, dirty tricks, propaganda, smear tactics, arm-twisting, false arguments, and attempts to circumvent State Constitutions that proponents regularly practice in order to pass their applications. And their success has been largely limited, despite spending tens of millions of dollars battling citizens with no resources but truth, logic, and passion for their Constitution.


Thank-you Note


Please thank the 41 Illinois Senators and 66 Representatives who defended our Constitution by voting FOR SJR0054 (Rescission):


[Copy the addresses below as a block into “BCC,” & copy your own address into the “To” box; and place the bill # and description (Rescission) on the subject line, perhaps with something catchy]


Senate Democrats (41)—Dear Senator: [Senate Vote 41-15],,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


House Democrats (65) plus 1 lone Republican (Rep. Steven Reick)—Dear Representative: [House Vote 66-42],,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Thank you for defending our Constitution!