Biden’s Budget Is Full-Blown Great Reset

Biden’s Budget Is Full-Blown Great Reset


By M Dowling


Biden’s nearly $6 trillion budget calls for Marxist ‘equity offices’ throughout the nation. Equity requires Affirmative Action and other ‘legal’ racial discrimination. It is the opposite of the basis of our Constitution — equality. Martin Luther King Jr. preached the opposite of equity.


The budget gives billions to the Greens, hugely hikes up pay to TSA to make them into permanent Democrat voters, buys up non-existent electric vehicles, and so much more.


This is so much more than socialism. It is The Great Reset.


Daniel Greenfield summarized some of what’s in the budget as he combs through it. It’s an obscene and corrupt waste of our money.




The 2023 budget contains a paragraph titled, “Advancing Equity as a Core Part of Government Management and Decision Making Processes.”


The paragraph mentions that “the Budget provides resources to hire Federal agency talent and expertise needed to help embed equity in agency decision making and policy-making, such as civil rights legal expertise, human-centered design, public engagement, and participatory design, evaluation and evidence design, planning and analysis, and data science.  For example, the Budget includes resources to:  expand the Department of Labor’s Civil Rights Center in order to begin establishing regional offices across the Nation that can be more responsive to regional equity challenges.”


We need “regional equity centers” to deal with “regional equity challenges” as much as we need local chapters of the Communist Party or the Nation of Islam.




Increases Demand for American Made, Zero-Emission Vehicles through Federal Procurement.  The Budget invests $757 million for zero-emission fleet vehicles and supporting charging or fueling infrastructure in the individual budgets of 19 Federal agencies to provide an immediate, clear, and stable source of demand to help accelerate American industrial capacity to produce clean vehicles and components.  This includes $300 million for dedicated funds at the General Services Administration for other agencies and for charging infrastructure at the United States Postal Service (USPS).




The TSA gets paid off. There is a huge pay hike from $5.5 billion to $7.1 billion. The rest of us who will pay for this will be lucky to pay for gas to put in our car. The administration also plans to bring it into line with the rest of their toadies in the federal government workforce. They’re going to build up the union — their collective bargaining rights and other aggressive tools that unions use. It’s clear that Mayorkas also wants to make it impossible to fire them.




The budget is Build Back Better on steroids. It gives a fortune to their buddies in the green energy sector. There is $900 million for global warming propaganda through the National Science Foundation. That will, of course, politicize science even more.


This spending will destroy our economy along with everything else Biden’s cabal is doing.