New World Order?

New World Order?


 By Steve Dunham


Here we go again.  


Is this another planned war by the deep state to move us closer to world government?  Like covid are we being propagandized by the media and government to now hate Russia and support Ukraine much like what happened in the novel 1984.  Now we are told to be in mortal fear of nuclear war, again. The world government crowd has been playing that card since 1945.  


The U.S. will welcome 100,000 Ukrainian refugees and slap Russia with new sanctions, officials announced as President Joe Biden and world leaders hold urgent meetings in Europe today. Follow live updates.


A U.S. “Tiger Team” is making contingency plans in case Russia unleashes chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. Russia’s military leaders won’t take calls from the U.S., heightening the potential for misunderstandings that could send the world’s two biggest nuclear powers “sleepwalking into war.”


Tyrants and dictators have always used fear to control the people. As we subsidize both sides, and welcome more refugees is this war just another way to bring down the US economically so we will more willingly accept world government?