America’s answer to world crises? States take control of energy

America’s answer to world crises? States take control of energy


The Constitution holds the solutions if only the states have enough chutzpah to put them into action


By A. Dru Kristenev


Vladimir Putin moved his troops on Joe Biden’s clear signal, giving him a free hand to fulfill his yen to reconstitute Russian control of Ukraine, and that was the demolition of America’s energy independence that’s forced US to purchase fuel from, who else but… Russia.


As difficult as it is to believe that the administration is braindead and/or corrupt enough to pay our enemy for the essence of economic stability, natural gas and petroleum, that is exactly what Biden is doing after gutting domestic production. Tanking our economy by halting our access to our resources was the invitation to Putin to gear-up for invasion of Ukraine. Putin didn’t lollygag. He’s been preparing from Biden’s first day in office when the new White House occupant cancelled domestic gas and oil supply.


On top of setting the table for Putin, Biden egged him on by prognosticating a Russian incursion of Ukraine. Could that have been Biden and his Davos handlers’ overt consent to breach the border?


There is an answer to the administration’s heavy-handed and loathed policy – and it is only policy, not law – to destroy domestic energy production. (Be assured that any fool who pretends the Biden administration is promoting renewable energy is waving a white flag on a cloudy day in the unpredictable wind. Solar and wind are more expensive and less eco-friendly than so-called fossil fuels and nuclear.)


First, these questions must be posed…


1) How is it that states have rolled over and are playing dead when it comes to administrative agencies setting themselves up to regulate and relegate what states are “allowed” to generate and, as a consequence, consume energy? Consider Energy Department Acting Director Huizenga prohibiting ERCOT (Texas’ energy commission) from firing up coal plants to provide crucial power during the 2021 deep-freeze disaster that destroyed billions of dollars of property because wind generators froze.


2) Why is it that states have no problem telling Biden to pound sand when it comes to mask and vaccine mandates but will not take the same stand about their collapsing economy that is predicated on energy production and distribution?


The Constitution provides a solution to this kind of debacle where the federal government oversteps its authority by degrading and enfeebling citizens for whom it was written to protect and bless. When the government deliberately cripples the economy by eliminating its lifeblood, the energy that enables production, supply and mobility, then it has abrogated the noble duty for which it was formed.


There should be no reticence from governors like Kristi Noem (SD), Doug Burgum (ND), Mark Gordon (WY), Mike Dunleavy (AK) and Greg Abbott (TX) to drill, frack, mine and ship oil, natural gas and coal within the United States


As the Constitution was created to limit government, the Ninth and Tenth Amendments are an essential inclusion as an instrument for states to institute their higher authority when the federal government infringes the rights of the states and their citizens:


“The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.


“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”


The situation now confronting the people is that the president, by executive order, and federal agencies, by regulation, are denying and disparaging certain rights – the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – that they retain.


The answer lies in governors’ bold action to take energy production into their own hands. They must re-establish state control of resources the federal government has usurped under regulations instituted by fiat, interpreted from legislation that was purposely vaguely worded. (Note that all the environmental acts incorporated ambiguous language in an effort to empower the federal behemoth.)


There should be no reticence from governors like Kristi Noem (SD), Doug Burgum (ND), Mark Gordon (WY), Mike Dunleavy (AK) and Greg Abbott (TX) to drill, frack, mine and ship oil, natural gas and coal within the United States. And there should be an equal willingness to receive the oil and utilize refineries in other states from which the finished products can be distributed domestically.


If the federal umbrella is closed, refusing to serve the states in its designated capacity to protect and enable commerce – that is the main purpose of federal government as clearly stated in the Constitution – then the states must undertake enabling free commerce on their own. There is, in fact, no other reason for the federal network to exist except to promote and protect commerce within the USA and among nations. This is why the Navy and Marines were formed, to protect ships from piracy on the high seas.


In this time, there is piracy initiated by the federal government both via taxation and regulation that bypasses lawful means by misrepresenting the purpose of a confederation of states and burdening the people with illegal mandates. This includes medical and environmental measures that are based on ideology and not scientific evidence. Even if they were, there is nothing within the Law of the Land (the Constitution of the United States of America) that empowers the federal government to infringe upon individual freedoms clearly protected in the Bill of Rights or an attempt to enforce abrogation of those rights. Must it be reiterated how the Constitution limits federal power?


It cannot send the armed forces against the states because they are specifically prevented from domestic deployment. They are available, however, to defend the national borders from foreign invasion such as is occurring on the southern border.


The National Guard is under the command of each governor and is at their beck and call to protect the interests of the states and their citizens. Governors may release National Guard units to the authority of the federal military command but they cannot be used against the individual state.


Governors and state legislatures must work to protect the interests of their citizens and if the federal government is blatantly operating against those interests then it is within the Constitutional rights of the states to bar federal regulation that imposes unnecessary hardship and burden on citizens.


Let it be noted that when Obama’s administration overstepped its authority and the courts ruled that to be so, in more than one instance he ignored the findings and bludgeoned on with his destructive agenda. Governors must be aware that whether or not the administration manages to get injunctive rulings against re-opening energy production to serve the people of their states, they have the authority to stand by the Constitution and press forward to ensure citizens’ livelihoods that the feds are willfully working to endanger and abolish.


If governors sit on their hands waiting for Congress to act responsibly or Biden to acknowledge his utter failure as president, actively depressing our economy and assisting enemies to take advantage of the United States, then this nation is lost.


The Constitution holds the solutions if only the states have enough chutzpah to put them into action.


(By the way, President of the Arizona Senate Karen Fann, it is imperative that the state is not coerced by attorneys improperly schooled in the Constitution to relinquish its rightful authority over election integrity. Decertify the 2020 election results according to the overwhelming evidence of fraud. It IS the right of the state to do so.)


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