Biden and the left are at war with American farmers. We must fight back.

Biden and the left are at war with American farmers. We must fight back.


By Tom DeWeese


When the food supply is gone and the store shelves are empty, it will be too late to speak up for the farmers and cattle, pork, and poultry producers.


But right now, the destruction is underway on several fronts.


Here are the programs to watch for:


30×30 – the Biden plan to lock away 30% of all the nation’s land and water, in the name of climate change.


National Heritage Areas – the drive to lock away vast amounts of land in the name of historic preservation.


Conservation Easements – the program that promises that farmland can be preserved forever.


Comprehensive Development Plans – the tactic used on the local level to restrict land use.


The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef – the stealth plan that has handed the beef industry over to the anti-beef World Wildlife Fund.


Destroy free markets, eliminate private property, and impose top-down dictator government.


And the Biden cabal is moving with great speed to enforce it all.


Here are just a few of the details.


Biden’s Build Back Better legislation would impose conservation restrictions that could lead to 100 million crop acres of land – 200,000 farms being put under control of the dictates of the Agriculture Department – a major part of the 30×30 plan.


National Heritage Areas (NHAs), which have always been selected by Members of Congress, will now be under the control of the Secretary of Interior. That means that private interest groups will be able to pressure the Secretary to ramming NHAs in place and we won’t have the influence to stop them as we’ve been able to do with individual congressmen.


Cities are now using Comprehensive Development Plans to extend their jurisdiction beyond the city limits. Combining the cites with the rural areas assures that the city voters outnumber the rural voters. With this comes strict zoning and tighter controls on land use.


In a desperate attempt to save the family farm, Conservation Easements are sold as a lifeline to desperate farmers. Yet, in reality, the easements are used as a major weapon to make rural landowners little more than serfs on their own property.


And finally, there is the attack on the beef, poultry, and pork industries. The Global Sustainable Beef Roundtable is controlled by the four main packing companies which control the entire world-wide beef industry. Worse, the roundtable is heavily influenced by the World Wildlife Fund which advocates ending beef consumption to save the planet!


As a result, now, you are already starting to experience food shortages at the grocery and witnessing the costs skyrocket.


If farmers and ranchers are not allowed to produce their products and sell them on the American market, where will our food come from? Not from government – I assure you.  Government destroys. It does not produce. 


All of these tactics are for one purpose – the Great Reset.


The fact is, I know we can stop them. And so, do they. That’s why they are rushing to put all of their plans in place as fast as they can – before you and I are prepared to stop them.


That’s why I have spent so much time working to build groups of well-organized local activists to effectively carry the ball and stop these assaults on our liberty.


I’m seeing it happen across the country as more and more are stepping up to the fight. In schoolboards, city councils, and state legislatures. That’s how we stop them.


All this year, I have traveled the nation, teaching, motivating, and organizing. As soon as I finish this letter to you, I am off again to more meetings.


I can’t do it alone. I need you with me. Will you help keep me on the road with your continued financial support? It’s the only way I can continue to fight. 


$50, $100, or even $250 will make a big difference in how much I can accomplish. I’m grateful for every dollar.


Stay with me and we can and will beat them.


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For Our Freedom!

Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center