The Great Reset Is Local

The Great Reset Is Local


By Karen Schumacher


The World Economic Forum Great Reset Initiative is a global tyrannical plan being forced upon the world to enact its 4th Industrial Revolution (4thIR), primarily change the way the economy works, and change how we all live.  As usual, this obscenity is being paid for by taxpayers that will only add to the ongoing debt for our children.


5G broadband is the foundation for the Great Reset 4thIR.  It is needed not only because of its faster speed but also for its capability of gathering and sharing data.  This provides connectivity between different devices known as Internet of Things (IoT).  As information is collected on infrastructure services such as  water and sewage, it can then be monitored, analyzed, shared with other entities, and controlled.


Congress passed the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) in March , 2021 to allegedly provide governments with economic relief for the economic devastation they created from shutting businesses down and forcing people into unemployment.  “This bill provides additional relief to address the continued impact of COVID-19 (i.e., coronavirus disease 2019) on the economy, public health, state and local governments, individuals, and businesses.”


That statement is nothing but a bunch of crap.  This bill is intended to fund and advance the implementation of the Great Reset at a local level, expand government intrusion into our lives, and support the continued Covid-19 narrative.


Section 603 in ARPA outlines how cities and counties can apply for this federal grant money.  There are four categories of eligible uses.  It may be used for assistance to small businesses and nonprofits, tourism, and travel.  “Premium pay” may be given to eligible “essential workers” which the government defined.  Money can also be used for revenue losses that occurred from the reduction of government services.  But is the fourth category that outlines one connection to the Great Reset, “to make necessary investments in water, sewer, or broadband infrastructure”.  What does that have to do with Covid-19?  Nothing.


This National Association of Counties (NACo) map lists Idaho counties that have taken ARPA money.  The site also expands on other areas where money can be used such as education, transportation, childcare, food, shelter, air pollution, National Endowments for the Arts, and internet connectivity that keeps children in remote learning.


The Federal Register on this corrupt bill is too exhaustive to read but does outline more specifics.  Under the Table of Contents, II Eligible Uses A. Public Health and Economic Impacts, a link is provided to 603(c)(1)(A).  Under the guise of Covid-19 mitigation tactics, money can include “capital investments” to public facilities and hospitals for improvements.  Other choice areas are a continuation of the vaccination campaign and eventual vaccination of children.  Looking into its crystal ball, money is available for “the long-term health impacts of COVID-19…for individuals with “long COVID…”.  Yes indeed, this scam is going to continue.  For other “health issues” money is available for mental health, low income folks, and other public health outcomes.


Under the II Eligible Uses D. Investments in Infrastructure link, funds can be used in projects for “safe” water and sewer upgrades for “resilience to climate change”.  But the water and sewer issues are from existing costly federal government requirements to repair, improve, and construct wastewater treatment plants, and create a green infrastructure among other offensive demands.  The register goes on to define other projects that address climate change by reducing energy to treat water, conserving and reusing water, collecting stormwater runoff for rain gardens and filtering, and interconnecting water systems.  It just so happens that the WEF has the same agendas for clean water, reusing wastewater, and using storm water.  My, my, is this coincidental or deliberate?


Included in Investments in Infrastructure is broadband, providing “award recipients with flexibility to identify the specific locations within their communities to be served and to otherwise design the project.”  Isn’t it generous of the government to give jurisdictions authority over something?  Well, not totally, the government dictates internet speed that “meets or exceeds 100 Mbps download and between at least 20 Mbps and 100 Mbps upload speeds”.  Dictating speeds forecasts the intention to keep everyone at home with work and school, and IoT.


There are references to specific Executive Orders (EO) under X Regulatory Analysis.  EO 12866, from 1993, EO 13563, and EO 13132 from 1999 that addresses Federalism.  It includes “a provision allowing states to obtain waivers from certain federal regulations if state-level actions achieve the desired policy outcomes.”  That is, if a state adopts the federal policy a waiver is granted.  Enough to make one choke is how Federalism principles are defined in the EO.  A few include “All powers not delegated to the federal government by the American people are reserved for the states.”  “The Tenth Amendment protects the relationship between the federal government and state governments.”  “Citizens are free to live their lives in an individual manner, subject only to constitutional restrictions.”  “States are laboratories of democracy.” States are encouraged to experiment with a variety of public policies…”.  “Actions by the national government that exceed its authority violate federalism. (Link is from article)”.  There are some others but the general idea is that all of them are a distortion of our Constitution and Republic.


Back to the Table of Contents, Part 35 Pandemic Relief Programs goes to Subpart A—Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds.  35.6 defines eligible uses for vaccinations, Covid related expenses including construction of new facilities for quarantining, telemedicine, and public health data systems.  These are all Great Reset objectives.


Other goodies include contributions to an unemployment trust fund, money for businesses, nonprofits, households, tourism, travel, and hospitality, housing, education, childcare, and one last section for government services, all linked to the Great Reset.


This is an example of an agreement from one county in Idaho with requirements for following other federal legislation and EOs.  Out of the millions of dollars Idaho counties have taken, how much of it will be used to transform Idaho into the WEF vision?



The newest bill Congress is fighting over is just as bad,  It continues the march in destroying small businesses so global corporations can swallow them up or bring them into the agenda, advancing a welfare state, and forcing us to live in a “green” world while destroying our culture.


If your county has accepted any of this money ask your Commissioners how the money is being spent, and how much of the Great Reset is being implemented locally, in your community.