Destroying the moral imperative of fossil fuels by weaponizing weather to support Green fraud and American Marxism

Destroying the moral imperative of fossil fuels by weaponizing weather to support Green fraud and American Marxism


By Joe Bastardi


There are many great books out there outlining reasons for skepticism on the man-made cause of any “climate change”. So I apologize to the legion of great authors and great books. But for me, there are 4 books out there now that dovetail into the real agenda behind all this, which just happens to the be the title of the Great One, Mark Levin’s book. It comes down to an agenda that is a vital leg meant to push American Marxism.


And I apologize to the authors mentioned here in case they might think this is a way for me to piggyback off their excellent work.


The Moral Case for Fossil fuels, by Alex Epstein should end the argument. Its message is simple, adapt and move on. Fossil fuels are directly linked to the advancement of life on the planet, which has never been better than it is now, despite what the left is indoctrinating people with. The natural evolution of a free and competitive society will keep up with change, and fossil fuels are needed. And by the way so are the other ideas out there. But like the other books here, we are addressing a problem that is created to cause a sense of desperation, needed to “transform” the system in place.


The fact is we are living in the best time to be alive for humans, and this is the best country for it. Why else would people be trying to get into the country? But as I have touched on before, what is going on here thru indoctrination, is leading to a sense of false urgency. Urgency demands action. If one is helpless, then one turns to the government.


The next book is mine, The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War. They are obviously weaponizing every event they can get their hands on, and since the weather is always up to something somewhere, it’s easy to do. When it hits the US, even better, so people feel they are put upon and helpless.


Recently I have blogged on how there is an easy way to get rid of the problem. In fact if Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis wants to take control of the problem as a campaign issue, when combined with the great agricultural ideas proposed by Glenn Thompson (R, Pa) and nuclear power, which has supporters on both side of the issue, a visit to a company in Jupiter, Fla. that is developing point of generation carbon capture, is well advised. I can tell this is rattling some people because both the left and the right are hitting me on it. To my side, what do you care if we can take away their bully pulpit and derail the green new deal, which is plainly Morano’s Green Fraud and a leg of Levin’s American Marxism?


What are you afraid of? I have no doubt it will make no difference as to the weather because co2 has little to do with it. And if you can take the issue for pennies on a dollar and expose China with some kind carbon footprint scorecard, all the better! The lefts attack is simply because they have another endless problem to try to drive down the throats of the American people, so why would they actually want it solved?


Think about it, it’s the absolute missive of the left on everything. Endless problems, and they help to create them. What is the party that stood in the way of civil rights (and the history before that)? What is the party that with Covid is constantly banging a drum of fear and control? In fact never mind Covid, look at any illness, real or imagined, social or physical. So why would they want climate to be a non-issue? Simply set an impossible goal and then demand money that will leave future generations as indentured servants of government trying to pay it back. And now they admit it won’t do much. Actually, it will. It will destroy our way of life.


So it is as Morano says, “Green Fraud”. That goes right into Levin’s idea. It’s one of their big legs on completing the turn to American Marxism. And if you are like me, the driver beyond the Marxism is touched on in the book “The Spiritual Combat. Think about it. If the goal of God is fellowship with man, naturally God would give man free will for choice to reach toward him. Now what better way to destroy free will than control, and control based on false missives?


What is Marxism? What is ironic is at least those people had a lot of hardship, Russian in the early 1900s. Germany and Italy in the early 1930s. Things were bad. Here there is a lie that has been created that this country is evil and you are complicit in it. So we have to get rid of what caused all this. I won’t go any further here, but Paul Harvey’s “If I were the Devil” in 1965 certainly is coming full circle.


For those of you wanting to venture there, here you are:


It takes a vigilant and virtuous society to maintain freedom. Creation of a false missive is neither of those.


So here I come with another weaponization of weather example that is being used, the heat and drought in the west. The media is putting on people saying it has the mark of man-made climate change. That they use drought and heat takes chutzpah, but no one calls them on it. Right off the bat in my book, the first Weaponization chapter dealing with specific weather events deals with the panic and amazingly horrible forecasts for a new dust bowl after that 2010-2012 heat and drought over the heartland of the nation.


Chapter 2: The Weaponization of Drought


That a willing click bait meteorology media did not call them on it amazed me. How the heck did the old dustbowl occur and what makes you think that it could not occur again? Never mind it was like the same kind of heat and drought in the early 50s (which was worse). It reversed and has done so with a vengeance. No one calls them on that. So why would they not say what they are saying, or write pieces like I blogged on in the NYT:


(I didn’t even touch on the implications of eco terrorism to stop climate change).


Never mind there are 3x the amount of people living in the west as the 1950s and even more than the 1930s, and the Drought Index takes into account DEMAND. Which means you can have the same event now and a much worse drought index shows up because of the increase in population and infrastructure. Instead, its climate change.


But you want to weaponize the western drought? Then explain how we went from this in February of 1936



To this in July of 1936



Now I want you to look at that swing. Let’s take a place like Nebraska. A February that wound up close to 15 below normal, then a July in the same year that was 10-15 above normal. How did that occur in the 1930s? Why is no one saying, wait a minute how is this natural but what you see below:



To this July



Is somehow man made? It’s not even as bad this year, but shows what the weather can do ( I have often opined on how bad the weather was in the 30s, 40s and 50s. Quite frankly if I did not look at all these maps, I would not believe something like this could happen. In fact, its how my company picked out the Texas freeze over a week away, we had maps back to 1899 we knew about


Speaking of 1899, the cold this year was not as extreme overall:



But do you ever hear any reference to these events and how bad they were? So the people pushing this either do not know, or they do and choose to hide it. And since the media simply nods and follows with no questioning, what gets out there?


One more before I go. Again, I marvel at how no one calls these people on this. Maybe I am jealous because lord knows they call me on it all the time and if I am wrong enough, clients fire me. Such is life in competition. So those scars never go away. But remember last year when all the hullabaloo was being made about two Gulf hurricanes in one week hitting? Big problem, the front runner, Marco, fell apart so the forecast BUSTED. No one called them on it. Just go on your merry way and talk about how bad Laura was. Well, the gulf gets hit by cat 4 hurricanes. But what was being pushed was two hurricanes in one week. And what was never referenced, but if you research the past you know, was on Sept 4, 1933, 2 major hurricanes hit in a 24 hour period, one in Texas and one in Florida. Now how did that happen without so called man made climate change?



I cannot believe the 1930s happened weather-wise. I listened to my dad’s stories of the 30s, 40s and 50s, and when I went and researched it, I realized he was spot on right. Even today he says the weather is not nearly as bad as it was. Father knows best, right? (he got his degree in meteorology in 1965) But think about what that generation faced. Truly wild weather, believe me I can bore you for hours with this stuff, though for me it’s anything but boring. But a depression. A looming threat of the rise of the Axis powers and war.


So here is the question for people that are pushing a missive that whether they admit it or not, is sending us on a path so perfectly described by the term American Marxism. Have you no shame? Do you not stop to think for a second how good you have it? Or how this nation had to overcome all it did and despite its faults, did so because of the system you seek to destroy. And that you use weather and climate shows you truly have no appreciation for what has happened before. If you did, you would spend hours digging into map after map and it would sober you up as to the nonsense of trying to push the idea this is the worst ever. You wouldn’t last a day in the kind of heat and cold they put up with in the 1930s given that kind of “toughness”. Its real easy to be tough against an imaginary foe, isn’t it? All those maps there, back to the 1800s. )


And at the very least, you would stop and have some appreciation for what gave you the chance to do what you are doing now, but will eliminate the chance for future generations. And that weather and climate have become part of all this I guess speaks volumes as to how far we have sunk as a free and open society. Its not that you bring up your ideas, but that you wish to shut down the ideas that counter yours. That’s despotic and is a mark of Marxism.


But one would expect that if you have no moral case for fossil fuels, you weaponize the weather in an effort to promote Green Fraud for a path to American Marxism. If there is a “war” that is where it is. Not with the weather or climate. That’s phony.

Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here.