Interview: Mike Bauer, Independent Candidate for Sheriff of Kootenai County

Editor’s note:  This article ran originally on Aug. 31, 2020. Due to the pressing imminence of this election we felt it is important to re-run this interview.


Interview: Mike Bauer, Independent Candidate for Sheriff of Kootenai County


Interview by Casey Whalen


Independent candidate for Kootenai County Sheriff, Mike Bauer is a lifelong Republican for 50 years and started working in law enforcement at the age of 19 as an LA County Corrections officer working in the jail.  At 21 he became a Deputy Sheriff graduating first in his class and by age 25 was promoted to Sargent in Intelligence.


During 33 years with LA County he served as Captain of the Special Enforcement Bureau (SWAT) as well as the Joint Bureau which included the Aero Bureau out of Long Beach.  He then went on to working the Special Investigation Bureau which included Organized Crime, Asian Organized Crime and Vice as well as working the Metropolitan Bureau which is mainly escapes, but included gambling, stings and prostitution stings. Bauer adds “Those are kind of specialized areas that a lot of people don’t have the experience in.  And in an area like this it’s not a big issue and it shouldn’t be especially if the right person is in charge.”


He says his experience is different than the normal law enforcement person has.  In that 33 years he also worked the Risk Management Bureau he helped establish and which he states is how you avoid lawsuits and claims by getting out in the coummunity and helping settle claims pro activley before they become lawsuits.


Former Republican candidate Rick Whitehead endorses Mike Bauer.



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