Democrats talk up Russia to mask election sabotage schemes

Democrats talk up Russia to mask election sabotage schemes


By Jeffrey A. Rendall

Persistent Democrat calls of “Russia! Russia! Russia!” deflect from scrutiny of their own Russia-worship


With all the crazy conspiracy theories circulating of late, perhaps it’s time to concoct one of our own, not with the purpose of further dirtying the proverbial political waters, but to (hopefully) explain what’s happening with roughly one-half of the folks in the ideological spectrum.


As Americans march steadily towards what many consider the most consequential election of our times (and who knows, maybe 2024 will be even greater in importance), Democrats are sparing no crackpot hypothesis to lay the groundwork for contesting the election results (only if they disagree with them, of course). Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok might label such ploys as “insurance policies,” but liberals are clearly up to something — and it isn’t just plain old-fashioned political puffery and mudslinging.


So, here goes. Are the Democrats really the Russian tools? Listen to their words for clues.


Ryan Lovelace reported at The Washington Times, “Ms. [Democrat VP nominee Kamala] Harris told CNN that Russia will be at the ‘front of the line’ to interfere in the 2020 election… Ms. Harris, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said she and Mr. Biden are ‘realists’ that refuse to ignore Russian aggression. She did not say what information she explicitly relied on to make her assessment.


“’We have classic voter suppression, we have what happened in 2016, which is foreign interference, we have a president who is trying to convince the American people not to believe in the integrity of our election system and compromise their belief that their vote might actually count,’ Ms. Harris told CNN. ‘These things are all at play and I am very realistic, Joe is very realistic, that until we can win…that there will be many obstacles that people are intentionally placing in front of Americans’ ability to vote.’”


Ah, the imagery — “obstacles that people are intentionally placing in front of Americans’ ability to vote”. It doesn’t take much imagination to ascertain what “obstacles” Harris had in mind when making the claim. Chief among them are large and muddy pickup trucks with “Trump 2020” bumper stickers and a confederate flag affixed to the wheel well flying proudly for all to see. On the other side of the truck there’s a Blue Lives Matter banner flapping in the breeze as an afront to the liberal party-supported Black Lives Matter movement.


Backing history and law enforcement is so backwards, isn’t it?


But why stop there? You can tow a pickup truck and leftist vandals and miscreants have already burned enough trash trucks and other assorted vehicles in their rampages. An “obstacle” can be psychological as well. Perhaps Harris thinks draconian measures such as Voter ID requirements will suffice in scaring away a host of Democrat followers. Or it could be that asking voters for their home address and a valid signature on a regular absentee ballot is too much and discriminates against non-English speaking refugees whom the party depends upon for its electoral margins.


Or that scrubbing voter rolls of dead people and eliminating duplicates is somehow illegitimate.


Desperate Democrats probably even envision Republicans stationing people infected with COVID-19 at Democrat-heavy precincts with instructions to cough noticeably and forcibly on anyone who won’t pledge allegiance to Donald Trump before entering a voting booth. CNN and MSNBC, in coordination with the Washington Post and New York Times, will run repeated anonymous eyewitness accounts of Republicans — at Trump’s direction — purposely spraying coronavirus tainted liquid on boxes of mailed-in ballots.


Disgraced former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams will appear alongside Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton at a pre-fabricated news conference to vouch for the anti-suppress-the-vote coalition. They’ll relay anecdotal tales of people too afraid to appear in person on Election Day who would’ve mailed in their ballots for Biden/Harris but for the absence of a post office box within a hundred feet of their front door. Forget the fact that mail carriers receive outbound letters in addition to delivering them, but who cares about facts?


And yes, the Russians are coming — again! Democrats don’t seem the least bit bothered by proven Chinese communist infiltration of various Democrat political offices (Dianne Feinstein’s) and institutions (Confucius institutes), but they’re still really, really worried about Vladimir Putin! Heck, if the guy can rig poison for his own political enemies, he certainly has enough smarts and reach to upset the entirety of the American electoral system, right? Doesn’t President Trump chat with the guy after hours every day too?


Meanwhile, over at MSNBC, Speaker Nancy Pelosi was advancing her own pet Russia premises. From Lovelace’s story above, Pelosi, “thought President Trump was complicit in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attempt to undermine American democracy via his rhetoric. ‘I don’t know what Putin has on the president politically, personally, or financially; we’ll find out when we see the president’s tax returns,’ Mrs. Pelosi told MSNBC on Sunday. ‘But I do know that he has engaged in these kinds of activities in other countries in order to discredit democracy, in order to discredit our democracy, and that our own president should be an accomplice to that just raises so many questions.’”


Here’s a question: Huh? For decades it’s been evident that Democrat minds dwell in a parallel universe, but this is absurd. What kinds of “activities” does Pelosi “know” Trump engaged in to discredit “our democracy”? Granted, high school civics class was a long, long time ago, but I seem to recall the Constitution established a representative republic, not a “democracy” as liberals keep insisting we have.


States run their own elections to send representatives and senators to the Congress and the individual states, through the Electoral College, elect a president. The president appoints judges and officers in the executive branch as well as executes the laws Congress passes. He also conducts relations with foreign nations and regulates trade, etc. The power to declare war rests with the House of Representatives, since theoretically it’s the branch closest to the voters and most accountable to the true sovereign, the People of the United States.


Nowhere is the word “democracy” mentioned in either the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, yet Democrats rely on the thickness, apathy and civic illiteracy of low-information voters to convince them that their votes are being “suppressed” or that Russians somehow have a tight control on the suffrage machinery. There are many foreign influences in this election and every other — and it’s been that way since the beginning of time. Enemies don’t stop being enemies because we ask them nicely to cease their activities. The key is to recognize the schemes and combat them, not blame Trump for the intentions of bad actors.


Forget Vladimir Putin, Democrats are the real promoters of leftist chaos


Planting the seeds of election illegitimacy is only one motivation for the Democrats’ obsession with Russia. It could be they’re just envious of the old Soviet Union’s totalitarian dominance over its people and long for the day when they’ll have the same or similar powers here in the (former) land of the free.


Think about it; Democrats have demonstrably moved towards socialism — meaning, redistribution of income through taxation and forced equality through government funded programs providing womb to the tomb healthcare, generous living subsidies, enforced affirmative action in hiring and college admissions, disability benefits, amnesty and blurring or abolishing of borders to foster a permanent liberal electoral coalition. They’ve also approved of a Marxist mindset where free speech is suppressed and violators of acceptable thought are severely punished or branded as social deviants.


Further, they defend movements that undermine and attack traditional American institutions such as the church, marriage and the family. Beginning with the Great Society, liberals have practically destroyed the concept of the nuclear family in this country. They’ve done it through no-fault divorce, abortion on demand, welfare benefits based on number of dependents in the home, downplayed the role of fathers in children’s lives, and last but not least, same-sex marriage which shattered the religious component that’s existed since the beginning of time.


The results have been disastrous. Studies have shown that the absence of a positive male role model has a particularly deleterious effect on young men. How many of the youths on the streets these days wouldn’t have been there if dad was home telling them not to ruin their lives through a life of crime?


Liberals also champion an education system that turns impressionable minds into conforming robots. College and university faculty are dominated by liberals. Instead of emphasizing building marketable skills, students are encouraged to follow specialties such as ethnic and gender studies. They’re given “safe spaces” where they’re shielded from alternative viewpoints and fact-based debate. They’re graduated with degrees that aren’t worth anything. Most tragically, they aren’t taught to think or reason, much less perform and compete.


Indoctrination is a gentle way to put it.


For purely political reasons, Democrats have inflated the potential danger from the COVID-19 pandemic. Students are denied in-person instruction even though the possibility of dying from the virus is about the same or even less than the common flu for younger people. Those who deviate from mask mandates are shamed and derided as though they’ve committed a crime. Liberals rely on misinformation and half-truths to fuel fear.


It’s almost like Democrats such as Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi — and of course, Joe Biden — are envious of Russians. They advance the notion that Trump is controlled by Putin to “mask” their own aims to turn America into a Soviet-style top-down society where the people are afraid to deviate from the dictates of the elites. As the Speaker revealed last week in her nose-thumbing hair appointment, the rules don’t apply equally to the decision-makers.


To our foreign rivals and enemies, Democrats are the gift that just keeps giving. If it’s the goal of every overseas power to weaken the strength of the United States, what better way to do it then sow discord within the people and states themselves? Who are the ones beholden to the Russians? It’s a question worth asking. Three-plus years of investigations hasn’t turned up any Trump cooperation with Putin. Maybe it’s the Democrats who are doing the behind-the-scenes maneuvering.


If anything but a Biden landslide is already deemed illegitimate by the left, why even bother with the election?


By boldly advancing strange “Russian collusion” conspiracy theories, Democrats are laying the groundwork for civil war. Their “war games” elections scenarios have already gotten nearly three in ten Biden supporters convinced that Trump can’t legitimately win. David Harsanyi wrote at the New York Post, “A recent USA Today poll found that 28 percent of Biden’s supporters say they aren’t prepared to accept a Trump victory as ‘fairly won,’ and 19 percent of Trump’s supporters say the same about a potential Biden victory. So a significant minority of American voters don’t believe the next election will be legitimate before it has even been conducted.


“What happens when every long line at the polls and every Facebook meme and every delayed mail-in ballot is turned into a nefarious plot by the enemy to snatch democracy from the rightful winner? It’s going to be ugly, indeed. If their ‘war games’ are to be believed, then that’s what Democrats are counting on.”


Rather than prepare themselves for a repeat of Election Night 2016 where many a liberal pundit appeared on the verge of tears as they announced state after state going for Donald Trump, Democrats are in the midst of putting on their “This time I’m not accepting it” game face. Republican commentator Karl Rove drew derision for failing to concede that Barack Obama had beaten Mitt Romney in 2012 — and now liberals are the ones who won’t acknowledge reality.


It’s almost like they’ve convinced themselves that Americans wouldn’t ever reject a Joe Biden presidency. Perhaps they should ask Iowa’s and Nevada’s Democrat caucus participants and New Hampshire’s primary voters for advice on how to say, “Joe Biden lost badly.”


Or maybe they can just look for more clues that the Russians did it. Either way, it’s going to be fascinating and scary to see what happens after the election. Will Joe Biden and Kamala Harris bring up the Russians in their remarks to the nation?


It’s just a couple days past Labor Day and already Democrats are going over the top in predicting Russia will help President Trump steal the election. There’s no evidence that Russian intelligence has infiltrated the American political machinery, yet it’s fun to spread preposterous notions of double-dealing and underhanded influence. They’ll stop at nothing to win.


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