Trevor Loudon Interviewed on Cultural Marxism

Videographer/Journalist Casey Whalen of North Idaho Exposed on YouTube Interviews Trevor Loudon at Red Lion Templin’s Hotel on the River


Trevor Loudon Interviewed on Cultural Marxism


Interview by Casey Whalen


After a very successful speech titled ‘COVID-19: Tool of Red China and the Socio-Globalist Left’ to an overflow turnout in Post Falls, Idaho Tuesday the 16th, North Idaho Exposed was granted an interview with nationally acclaimed researcher, writer, producer and captivating speaker Trevor Loudon.


Born and raised in Christ Church, New Zealand, Loudon experienced national gun confiscation right after the same happened in Australia which was then followed by a complete takeover of New Zealand by socialists.


He brought his family to America recognizing that America is the world’s last hope for stopping the spread of the globalist takeover of the world with socialism.


After watching this 28 min. video please see the enthralling video of his speech the night before: ‘COVID-19: Tool of Red China and the Socio-Globalist Left’



Buy Trevor’s documentary books and videos at

  • ‘The Enemies Within’
  • ‘The Enemies Within’ the Movie (DVD)
  • Burn This Book
  • Barack Obama and The Enemies Within
  • Newest book – WHITEHOUSE REDS: Communists, Socialist and Security Risks Running for President, 2020


Trevor Loudon is also the creator of the incredible website which unlocks the covert side of U.S. and Global politics from extensive research on over 100,000 dossiers of people that are behind the conspiracy to take down America.


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Trevor Loudon’s speaking tour sponsored by The John Birch Society Speakers Bureau.


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