I Tremble for My Country

I Tremble for My Country


By Jim Hollingsworth


I tremble for my country.  The Founders in their wisdom provided us with a Republic.  The liberals in this country are determined that this shall be a democracy.  Our children are taught in school that capitalism is wrong and socialism is better.


Under Roosevelt we had The New Deal. Under Lyndon Johnson we had the Great Society, and now in one stroke we have the coronavirus.  This has brought us far from our founding with our Governor taking action like a dictator.


I tremble for my country.  We are spending trillions that we do not have.  We place every healthy American under house arrest.  Our economy is ruined and only a miracle will save us.


There are plenty of medical people who understand the truth, but no one seems to be listening to them. This virus is no worse than the seasonal flu.  What we have done is a huge mistake.


Let us vow that this will never happen again.  Our Legislature must understand that they have a very important role to play to support the Constitution.  We as free Americans must stand for the truth.