Sculpting Public Opinion from Birth to Death: “Schools and Media Are Completely Complicit In the Destruction of This Nation”

Sculpting Public Opinion from Birth to Death: “Schools and Media Are Completely Complicit In the Destruction of This Nation”


By Jeremiah Johnson


The biggest problem with the Mainstream Media (MSM) is not just one that is based in objectivity.  The powers that be actually “sculpt” the media’s position and craft it to their own making, to end up being their mouthpiece at a minimum.  With the majority of news reports (mislabeled as such), the slant is no longer a balance between to opposite spectrums.  The newscasters, televised news broadcasts, the radio, and news media (newspapers, magazines, and their ilk) are no longer even platforms for the dissemination of information.  They’re product, and their productivity is determined by the handlers and controllers of the media and whether it fits inside of their overall objectives.


There is a famous quote that is often overlooked:


“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  – Lord Acton


The interesting thing is this quote has many applications, varied in scope and encompassing a general truism that finds use with many things…reference to power, and also to corruptibility.  What Acton was referring to, however, was actually the media.  He was heaping subtle derision about the manner in which media and news found itself kowtowing to the powers in charge…allowing those powers – king, prime ministers, and presidents – to influence the media and squelch truth and objectivity.  The media (wanting to sell newspapers and still keep a front seat press box and all access passes) traded its objectivity for lucre and position.


The problem also lies within the school system.  The public schools (as well as private) are rapidly “losing” the truth in their curriculum, which is being redacted on a daily basis.  The founders of the U.S. are portrayed in a negative light: all of their personal problems within their lives are magnified and even exacerbated.  The purpose is to destroy the United States of America in terms of perception and education, to create a shift in paradigm and public perception.


We had eight years of a Democratic administration under Clinton in which the attack on the established school curriculum, begun in the 1960’s, took root, and completely metastasized during these Obama years.  By destroying the concept of America and how she was founded, the progressives strike at the root and have a completely different tree by the time those inculcated with such fallacies reach the age of voting and earning capacity for taxation purposes.  Meanwhile, the stultified parents in the PTA meetings protest the changes in the curriculum that have already been placed in motion by federal legislation.  This is not a new concept, as illustrated with the following:


“We must start with the children – the seed corn – in order to grow them into what we wish.”
-Adolf Hitler speaking in the Nuremburg Rallies


This concept is what we are facing now, as we have a generation that hold these untruths to be the norm and factual.  It is a forced paradigm shift to change the concept that the youth holds of America and destroy the potential for them to develop creative thought.  The curriculum (never truly being perfect, as there is no such thing) introduced children to generalities that could be expanded upon, for the desire of pure education is to introduce evidence and facts and enable someone to draw an opinion on their own regarding the matter.


The concept of creative thought (not in reference to artists and musicians, mind you) is to allow the student to ponder the “why’s” of a matter.  Little by little this is being destroyed, but they are replacing it with a canned, sterilized curriculum that only rewards rote memory and the absorption of concepts alien to those originally in the schools.


The media, then, is to feed controlled disinformation to the entire population.  This takes the form also of a plethora of useless information, such as who won on “Star Search,” or what some celebrity is wearing in attendance at the Oscars.  All useless information that keeps everyone consuming and prevents anyone from seeing the true state of the world as it is.  The news itself cannot be used to “dupe” everyone…that is why there are alternative media sites, and other sources of information not corrupted by “the thumb of the Duke” on the reports.  Still, take Fox News as an example.


The manner in which Fox News reports is markedly different from the way it was 10 years ago.  You can see the capitulation of the newscasters as they begin to echo the platform of the establishment media, and reject objectivity and conservative programming to follow in the overall paradigm shift begun by the administration.


We see it in the schools, as an entire generation is made to not feel any true identity except some “membership in the global community,” let alone the patriotism and pride in the U.S. as a place where dissenting views by the minority is allowed, and (prior to Obamacare) a free nation where you could go about on your own and do your own thing pretty much undisturbed.


They are waiting for the generations that were brought up in an era of conservative actions and critical thought…. waiting for them to either die off or become so hopelessly outnumbered – by the new, sculpted generation, by illegal aliens, and by influx of foreign thought and systems – that the demographics all change in their favor.


The seeds have been planted.  The schools and the media are completely complicit in the destruction of this nation, along with their handlers.  It is an amazing thing that the country was so free as to allow the very people who are destroying it to come out with and force their socialist and progressive platforms on the country as a whole.  This is what is happening, and it is doubtful whether or not we will reverse the tide.  It can be done, but until then The-Powers-That-Be sculpt and form the public through the media and schools to make people into their own images, and those images are not good.


Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.


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