Who Fact Checks the ‘Fact Checkers’ On the Origin of the CCP Virus (Coronavirus)?

Who Fact Checks the ‘Fact Checkers’ On the Origin of the CCP Virus (Coronavirus)?


By Joshua Philipp


The Epoch Times published an investigative documentary looking into the origins of the new coronavirus, the CCP Virus, on April 7. The video rapidly went viral on multiple platforms, with more than 70 million views. Then Facebook flagged the video as “False,” and sent alerts to people who shared the video, alleging they had shared false information.


After reviewing the claims, The Epoch Times responded, and noted in an open letter that the Facebook fact check contained a factual error, a conflict of interest, and had other issues that call into question whether the “False” label was warranted.


And the World Health Organization (WHO) has been deeply involved in an information campaign against the so-called “infodemic” of information about the virus, and has worked closely with social networks to contest what it deems as “misinformation.” This comes as the WHO is being globally criticized for spreading the Chinese regime’s false information on the virus.

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