Chicken Little’s United Nations’ Imperatives

Photo from ‘Backyard Chickens’

Chicken Little’s United Nations’ Imperatives


  By Lynne Taylor


Anti Fed Ed Warriors, do you remember the classic children’s folktale called “Chicken Little“? (*Not to be confused with the 2005 movie of the same name.)


The basic plot is that one chicken felt something hit his head and then spread the news (out of fear) that the ‘sky was falling’. Soon, everyone was a nervous wreck. However, the story doesn’t end there. No, my followers. The fox lures the fearful and anxious lot of characters, one by one, into his lair.


Now, apply this story line to the United Nations and the COVID-19 reality, we are living out in 2020. Is the UN using the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to drive the crisis’s to neurotic levels, much like Chicken Little, OR, offering supposed relief in their controlling the crisis’s? Below, I’ve given you the adjective and noun definitions of ‘imperative’, as applied to the UN, Chicken Little, and, how the two can reveal some of the realities we are seeing.



Other questions arise from this scenario I’ve posed to you. How does the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Machine fit in? How is education being manipulated to fit what I’m calling the “Chicken Little Imperatives”?

SDGs In Education:


Warriors, if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know I’ve given you countless articles with researched proof and evidence about the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) being woven into American education for every age level AND every ‘choice’ of educating.



*Through the UNESCO/Gates agreement for ‘one world curriculum’, we knew that the UN would be firmly entrenched in our nation.


*We’ve known that due to the USA’s participation in several UN related groups, as well as other global groups like the G20, that globalism was ever increasing.


*Then, COVID-19 has turned our DC leaders into DC traitors on massive levels. If you missed how, the newly passed into public law, HR 748 (CARES Act) embedded billions in the name of virus protection and relief into EDUCATION. (*Note: ‘education’ is embedded almost 300 times. Some of the education will go toward how the public is ‘educated’ by the government about COVID-19, some will go toward educating workforce professions key to health care. However, it’s the ‘other types’ of education spending that are continued overreaches into how our students and teachers learn and teach. The entire Bill total is in the trillions.)

Issue is, Warriors, most of these taxpayer dollars have little to do with COVID-19. Below, is a screen shot from HR 748, now Public Law 116-136. Of the billions of dollars earmarked, I have the 10 most ‘fitting’ ‘Chicken Little UN COVID-19 Imperatives’. However, these 10 are just the beginning.



Warriors, of the $600 million that the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts and the U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities, how much will tie back to the ‘UN’s COVID-19 Imperatives’? Over at the Arts, at least 40 different entities are listed as Endowment resources for COVID-19. At the Humanities, their information only reveals that $75 million was received from CARES. However, the description of what is being done with the money is a bit clearer.


If you access, say, the very first Art organization listed, you get vague hints at exactly WHAT the $300 million Arts received will do. Shouldn’t we KNOW, already? Who pays for something without KNOWING WHAT IT IS?! Evidently, our federal government does and has US pay for it.


So, the question is: do we need $600 million to pay for on-line resources for COVID-19 from Arts/Humanities?
Can we also tie these to UNESCO? For the Arts, go here. For Humanities, go here.


Also consider that under current State to State restrictions, many of the arts and humanities programs, institutions, etc. have been deemed ‘non essential’ and therefore, off limits, so how will $600 million in supposed COVID-19 emergency funding help us?


My radio host on Sons of Liberty has investigated the JFK Center’s whopping COVID-19 funds from the CARES Act. You won’t believe how DeVos and many others from the CCSS Machine are tied to this.


UN’s ‘Creativity Imperative’ To End COVID-19:


Warriors, as seen on Fast Company, this bright picture will attract many.



However, follow the link to the UN ‘directive’ (aka: imperative) and you see this:



Warriors, the UN’s opened up a small window of time for artists from around the world to help them illustrate their key COVID-19 points. As seen on the direct link for art submissions: “Capture one of the UN key messages in your work: Personal Hygiene, Physical Distancing, Know the symptoms,, Kindness contagion, Myth busting, and, Do more, donate.” If you look closer at the inspirations the UN is giving these artists, found here ,find the ‘propagate global solidarity’ phrase.


In searching for some UN lesson plans for COVID-19, I found this website, Arts Education PartnershipWarriors, it’s not only got links for UNESCO, but several CCSS Machine group members. Each one, more than ready to supply your students and teachers with resources to muddle through the massive ‘time out’ our nation is experiencing.


What else has the UN done for American education in COVID-19 time?
Pulled in plenty of public private partnerships (P3s) to make sure there’s no reason Johnny and Suzy aren’t still learning.



If you want to see how the New York City UN/UNESCO headquarters is addressing the global education (aka: ‘Chicken Little COVID-19 Imperatives’) for all (remember, that was the goal behind Common Core and STEM), go here.


UNICEF (after all, it’s for the kids), isn’t missing out on the ‘Chicken Little COVID-19 Imperatives’, either. If ever we needed the ‘sky is falling’ rhetoric, it’s here.


Warriors, please let me say for the record, no matter how COVID-19 got started, the ramifications are real, scary, tremendous, and, yes, folks are dying. In NO WAY am I being disrespectful about the loss, pain, and, suffering going on.
My entire point has been to show how deceptive the United Nations has been in the US education land space during all this. The truth sets us free. It also arms us with ways to fight back. Make no mistake, my friends, this is out-and-out tyranny of epic proportions.
We’re either going to go down faster than Foxy Loxy could eat those animals one by one, OR we’re going to use Chicken Little’s concept of warning others.


We MUST stand firm and let NOTHING move us, Warriors!




Warriors, many of the CCSS Machine member groups here (including the UN) are also among the groups mentioned by NAME in the USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada Agreement).



If you recall, I gave you lots of information and proof how un-American, not only would education be, but how everything in our lives would be changed to fit a global government, not a constitutionally based government.


If there’s any lesson we should apply here, it’s that WE can be the sky that falls on all this treason, crimes against the people of America, AND, the abuse being carried out against our children!