It’s 2020: Welcome to the North American Union (NAU)

It’s 2020: Welcome to the North American Union (NAU)


By Dan Titus


President Trump signed the USMCA trade “Deal” on 1-29-2020. The United States abdicated its sovereignty to a multilateral globalist international trade agreement, which will be implemented through regional governance of unelected agencies, boards, bodies, commissions and Indian Tribes, not elected government. The agreement is a “living” document and can be changed at will, subordinating U.S. law to the agreement. The irony: Britain exited the European Union on Friday 1-31-2010 of the same week in order to regain its sovereignty.


Trump is opposed to Climate Change; however, he is for its solution: sustainable development (SD). He said “Americanism, not Globalism, will be our credo”, during the campaign – that has been short lived on trade and SD. He also stated that he was opposed to multilateral trade agreements. The USMCA is a multilateral “green” trade agreement between three countries: United States, Mexico and Canada. This sets up a North American Union (NAU) between the three countries. Both Democrats and Republicans overwhelming supported passage of globalist USMCA in late 2019.


Since Trump became president, I have argued stopping SD at the local level as it is voluntary and that the president would be getting the country out of the Paris Agreement: The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in November 2020, nixing international entanglements to SD; however, since the passage of USMCA, my argument is moot – local activism, debating an opposing position, will take a big hit on this issue.


  • June 1993 – President Clinton signed Executive Order 12852 creating The President’s Council on Sustainable Development (SD ) beginning implementation in all Federal Agencies. This provided the go ahead to implement SD at the local level through grants provided by US departments and agencies. This has been successful voluntary programas localities seek to prop up revenues at any cost, including money from the Feds, which includes strings attached. Trump could counter this; he has not.  President Trump supports SD in the USMCA.
  • USMCA – Will institute the Paris Agreement in the United States: “Chapter 24 – Environment” of the USMCA sets up agency governance – not sovereign government – through consensus – to implement SD between US, Canada and Mexico. Agencies will fill in the blanks with international rules to install SD through “promotion of sustainable development [and] other international agreements”. This will codify SD into law and would appear to supplant current voluntary programsto this “regional” supranational trade agreement.


The passage of the USMCA will send a signal to all departments and agencies that green SD programs are the future.


On 1-31-2020, Technocracy News reported an article titled, “House Sneaks Green New Deal Spending Into Infrastructure Framework“. President Trump supports an infrastructure bill; however, his tardiness and “ignorance” on SD will cost the Republic dearly.


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