Exposing How the Hoax of Climate Change Drives Delirious Political Policies

Exposing How the Hoax of Climate Change Drives Delirious Political Policies


By Suzanne Hamner


Once again, it’s Throwback Tuesday and time to wrap up the series on the hoax of man-made climate change by covering how undermining legitimate science affected government policies based upon fraudulent science.  Despite the scandal of Climategate in 2009 and Climategate 2.0 in 2011, the UN IPCC and associated scientists, whose wealth redistribution scheme was based upon the hoax of climate change, work doubly hard to discredit legitimate scientists, as we have found, through unsavory tactics and issue increasingly worsening fraudulent reports based on a political agenda instead of actual scientific data.  Through this measure, it uses fearmongering tactics to brainwash the people and those in government into buying the snake oil that stifling wealthy nations’ economies to give third world nations other people’s money will end/disrupt/quell/limit/slow climate change through decreasing the non-greenhouse gas of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).


Numerous former UN IPCC scientists with impressive credentials and legitimate work, who became disillusioned with the panel and its politically manufactured “scientific” conclusions, are willing to testify to the dishonesty of the process.  But, the UN IPCC chief Rajendra Pachauri, in conjunction with Al Gore, calls “climate change” his religion.  Pachauri is no longer with the UN IPCC because of a sexual harassment scandal.  Pachauri’s resignation letter read, “For me the protection of Planet Earth, the survival of all species and sustainability of our ecosystems is more than a mission. It is my religion and my dharma”.


Donna Laframboise, a journalist who has written numerous books critical of the UN IPCC, indicates the IPCC reports lack scientific integrity and individuals relying on those reports are basing decisions on information lacking scientific integrity.  According to Laframboise, “the IPCC goes back, after the fact, and changes the original scientific report so that it aligns with the politically negotiated summary”.


She also noted, “After the summaries are haggled over, the IPCC alters what the scientists wrote. That’s the reason the IPCC routinely releases its summaries before it releases the underlying scientific report. In this 2007 news clipping, the IPCC chairman explains: “we have to ensure that the underlying report conforms to the refinements.”


Greenpeace co-founder turned climate skeptic Dr. Patrick Moore commented on Laframboise’s report, noting this is the “perfect reason for the US to abandon the UN Paris climate ‘agreement.’”


According to Marc Morano:


Top United Nations officials apparently know years in advance that each UN climate report will be more alarming—an exercise in making the science fit their political agenda. In 2010, AFP reported that Robert Orr, UN undersecretary-general for planning, had declared that the “next Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on global warming will be much worse than the last one.”


In 2017, the IPCC, realizing how damaging these slips of the tongue from UN officials could be to public support, attempted to dismiss this Orr’s comments, saying that Orr “was UN Under Secretary-General, not working with IPCC.”


So according to the IPCC, if Orr was not an official IPCC executive, then his comments had no bearing on its work. But how do they explain the then-head of the IPCC, Pachauri, making very similar comments in 2009, a full four years ahead of the next report? “When the IPCC’s fifth assessment comes out in 2013 or 2014, there will be a major revival of interest in action that has to be taken. People are going to say, ‘My God, we are going to have to take action much faster than we had planned.’”


Pachauri told the BBC in 2013, “I hope that [the report] will reassure everyone that human influence is having a major impact on the Earth’s climate.”


It does not stop there. In 2012, a year before the report came out, former UN climate chief Yvo de Boer announced that the next IPCC report “is going to scare the wits out of everyone.” He added, “I’m confident those scientific findings will create new political momentum.”


Australia’s the Age newspaper reported that de Boer believes the scary IPCC report “should provide the impetus needed for the world to finally sign an agreement to tackle global warming.”


Regardless of the science, the UN IPCC fabricates the data to fit a political narrative, which is a wealth redistribution scheme to cripple wealthy nations, funnel money to third world nations, create a crisis in first world nations, and usurp sovereign authority of nations to establish a global government for the globalists with the UN as its puppet oligarchy.  It starts with small policies that many view as non-harmful, but those policies expand becoming more intrusive into every nation’s sovereignty.  The fabricated reports become more alarming with each edition to spur a flurry of more intrusive, radical policies and laws to produce a more rapid collapse.  All the while, credible scientists performing legitimate research and producing reports to indicate that man-made climate change is a hoax are under censorship by the UN IPCC, world government heads and agencies, and scientific publications supporting the hoax of climate change.


Each UN tactic with “treaties” for the world’s nations, such as the Small Arms Treaty, is made with the hoax of climate change in mind.  Citizens of the world’s nations cannot be armed or have the ability to obtain arms from outside their own nation so resistance to tyrannical policies cannot occur.  For the United States, citizens have to be disarmed for politicians to implement tyrannical policies to usher in global government.  Moreover, societal unrest will occur with the limiting of the use of fossil fuels affecting jobs, income, economy, manufacturing, food production, shipping of goods, health care, and lifestyle.  Moving to the reliance on “sustainable” forms of energy – wind, solar, and water, creates an unreliable power grid, all based on junk science for a political agenda.  When an entity can control jobs, income, economy, manufacturing, FOODhealth careand lifestyle in general by regressing society to the 1700s and before, the people can be controlled if they are unarmed by using force or threat of force.


The hoax of man-made climate change pushing radical policies and laws equals population control.


Creating multiple nation “unions” under the authority of an unelected political bureau removes individual nations’ sovereignty, the current forms of government, and creates “regional” unelected governments subservient to the main political bureau.  It has not occurred totally with the EU but is attempting to happen with the USMCA.  Most media outlets are praising the USMCA, as well as some constitutionalists.  However, this is worse than NAFTA, has elements of TPP contained in it without any revision, aka copy/paste, and every aspect of one’s life is under the “jurisdiction” of some unelected bureaucracy under another unelected bureaucracy.  Don’t worry about “rights” – you won’t have any, including property.


Universal health care, such as Medicare for All and Obamacare, places government in charge of people obtaining health care through forced insurance plans.  Despite the individual mandate being removed under Obamacare, Obamacare policies are still in effect, meaning the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) remains active in order to ration medical care to the populace based on ITS determinations, not a doctor and not the individual.  Insurance premiums continue to rise placing financial hardships on many, particularly those on fixed income retirement plans and pensions.   It affects everyone, including those on individual health insurance plans.  When individuals cannot afford the insurance in order to receive needed healthcare, individuals will not maintain their insurance and will not seek treatment until an illness or disease is almost life-threatening.  At that point, the IPAB can determine to deny treatment resulting in eugenics by default.  For those who are able to maintain their insurance, the IPAB rations care by denying care to those past a pre-determined age and other demographics through health care policies.  It is already being seen in the United States.  And, it will only get worse.  And, when one gets certain diseases or illnesses, no worries there – the government will be there to euthanize you like is being done in Canada, Montana, and some other US States that have absolutely lost their humanity.


Covering the murder of babies in the womb and “morning after” conception ensures a depopulation of first world countries in order to justify “migration” of third world individuals into these countries under the guise of repopulation of declining nationals for jobs and the ruse of escaping climate change.  The paradox is third world populations are not educated enough to perform certain professions, leaving gaps in all industries.  Common Core education implementation dumbs down the children, creates an atmosphere of indoctrination instead of education, and teaches servitude to government authority.  Moreover, murdering of babies in the womb based on genetic disorders or in utero detectable conditions, such as Down’s Syndrome, and current genetic research where an individual can have three or more genetic “parents” wreaks of developing “designer babies” with certain characteristics to fit in with the global agenda.


Even worse is the acceptance of infanticide based upon erroneous, evil intentions.  Less people mean less “man-made climate change”.  The hoax is the cover for democide/genocide/murder of vast numbers of people to quell opposition, decrease the population to more “controllable” numbers and individuals, and move the remaining individuals into “urban centers” in order to continually surveil the population.  It’s Agenda 2030 – the solution to the invention of the hoax of man-made climate change.  Greta Thunberg is right when she says that climate change is an extinction event, but not for the reasons she regurgitates.  She’s a puppet being used to sway the people to submit to global government and accept genocide/democide to “save the planet”.


Massive illegal alien invasion into Europe continues as society there is reaching a breaking point.  The talking points on this invasion change to support the climate change narrative.  But, if one looks at history, Islamists can be used to accelerate change and implement immoral, illegal, unethical, and unlawful agendas – think Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.  The murderous genocide of the Jewish population did not just occur in Nazi-occupied Europe.  But, Angela Merkel is calling for more Islamists to come to Germany.


Getting the picture yet?  Think The Hunger Games.  Smaller uneducated populations are easier to control than larger educated ones.  But, how do you shift the population?  Go back to the start of the article and read again.  Add to this list the normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism and it creates a gap in procreation.


To further fuel the agenda, the narrative is now directed toward third world nations – all their problems stem from first world nations causing climate change.  Therefore, these nations and their corrupt leaders demand “reparations” from first world nations as “guilt money” for causing their poverty, drought, starvation, etc.  Despite the fact there is no evidence supporting this narrative, and abundant evidence to the contrary, the unsubstantiated claims are believed before truth backed with facts.  For the Christian community, particularly the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis tows the “climate change” agenda, in direct violation of God’s laws, to uplift the third world poor as victims, manipulate first world nation citizens through guilt, and reinforces the lies perpetrated by the UN IPCC.


There are nations that will not comply because their commerce relies heavily on fossil fuels.  To become the leading economy and heads of global government, these nations will be exempt because there is no authority to enforce these policies by a global entity; enforcement relies on individual nations to control their populace and cooperation of the populace through intimidation by extremist climate change hoaxer activists.  China is certainly not going to participate because participation means losing the economic superiority it would attain with implementation of the hoax of climate change.  China already knows it’s a hoax and thumbs its nose at the UN.  The population of China is already controlled heavily through its communist government so will follow its lead.


If you look at North Korea, this is the example of how nations will become should policies, regulations and laws based upon the hoax of climate change are implemented.


Russia, under the leadership of Putin, certainly will not comply.  Say what you will about Putin, the man is no fool and what he does, he does for his country – right, wrong or indifferent.


This has been calculated into the agenda – the most controlling form of government is totalitarian, oppressive, government owns it all communist dictatorship.


Unfortunately, paradoxes exist with the hoax of climate change perpetrated by climate change activists/cultists.  They don’t explain how electric cars will be powered if the use of fossil fuels is severely restricted.  They don’t explain how communications are to be maintained for the same reason or how these hypocrites will travel, charge their electronics, print books, magazine, and newspapers, manufacture cloth for clothing, etc. through unreliable forms of energy.  And conveniently left out is how will the masses be fed when food production and access is limited due to the “Green New Deal”.


To be clear, it is the politicians in government, including President Trump, who are moving forward with the agenda despite withdrawing from the climate change hoax summits.  These individuals have no excuse or plausible deniability.  If someone with a computer, internet access, and interest in learning can find legitimate climate research debunking the climate change hoax, wouldn’t you think government agencies like NASA, NOAA, the Department of Energy, Department of Interior, etc. with billions of dollars at their fingertips could find the same information?  Well, some debunking the climate change scam are former NASA scientists.  The point is the hoax of climate change is the cover for governments to pass ever more tyrannical legislation, meaning the climate reports have to match the increasing tyranny.


A free people would not ever accept their government’s tyrannical policies/legislation to increase power to those who intend to subjugate the people just for the sake of government gaining power.  However, when government can create a problem, keep intensifying the effect, use puppets to help validate junk science, suppress the opposing data through censorship, and convince the people it has the solution, the people will beg for tyranny to be saved from the invented “boogeyman”.


Yes, it’s a complicated process attempted to be made simple for better understanding.  Think of it this way – the goal is global government with climate change hoax being used as the catalyst to attain the goal.  Keep all of this in mind when legislation is hidden behind dog and pony shows, treaties/agreements are created for “the overall good” and climate summits issue increasingly worsening warnings without producing one credible verifiable report.

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.


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