‘Climate Change: A Convenient Truth’ – A Short and Simple Book for School Kids

‘Climate Change: A Convenient Truth’ – A Short and Simple Book for School Kids


By Jim Hollingworth


When I heard about the little girl who came home crying because she heard that the Earth was going to burn up and she could not do anything about it; when I heard that I thought I had to do something.


Our children are no longer ours any more.  They belong to the public schools where they are taught any number of things that are contrary to the family.  One major theme today is the issue of climate change.  They are admonished to take a day off to protest global warming.  “Leave it in the ground” they are told.  Just go with wind and solar and no more fossil fuels and no more nuclear.


Both wind and solar have serious problems; what do you do at night and what do you do when the wind is not blowing?  Right now they are backed up with a gas fired or coal fired power plant.  But what will they do when all these are closed?  Will they cover the entire real estate with solar panels and wind turbines?  Along with huge and expensive batteries?


These machines only last about 20 years and have serious problems.  Wind turbines are killing many birds, and solar panels cannot be reclaimed when they wear out.


I have written a short and simple book for school kids.  It is designed to cover all the major subjects like sea level rise and polar bears.  Every high school student needs to have a copy.


The book is Climate Change: A Convenient Truth.  It is available from Amazon.com for $17.95 or if you want a signed copy send a check to me for the same price and I will send you a copy of the book.  My price includes shipping and handling.  Send to: Jim Hollingsworth, 1203 W. Orchard Ave, Hayden, ID 83835.


Every child needs to know the truth and this little book is just part of that truth.


Jim Hollingsworth