What Happens Now?

What Happens Now?


By Robert Ringer


Well, here we are, pretty much where everyone with half a brain expected us to be —Nancy Pelosi with only two choices:  death by hanging or death by firing squad.  If she backs down on impeaching President Trump, her radical-left base will go crazy.  If she moves forward with impeachment in the face of zero evidence and overwhelming voter disapproval, it’s all but assured that Republicans will retake the House in 2020.


Either way, the impeachment scam is over, and both sides fully understand that Donald Trump is going to remain in office.  The question now is whether Republicans can win back the House in 2020, and I give them a 95 percent chance of doing that if Democrats are dumb enough to actually move forward with an impeachment trial.  Even if the Dirty Dems chicken out on impeaching Trump, the odds of Republicans taking back the House are still in the 75 percent range.


A second question is, after the Democrats get pummeled in the 2020 election, will they have learned their lesson and be willing to move toward the center?  It’s possible that some red-state Dems might dare to defy the Radical Left, but a majority of them will not.  Their diseased, anger-filled brains are not going to let go of their hatred for Donald Trump after another humiliating defeat next November.


Keep in mind that an investigation of the president of the United States was begun with zero evidence of a crime at a time when not only did Republicans have the majority in both houses of Congress, but the attorney general and assistant attorney general were both Republicans!  In other words, through sheer gall and nastiness, Democrats are quite capable of causing turmoil even when Republicans are in the majority, so why should they ever back off?


The one bright spot for the Dirty Dems is that some of their worst internal rot will likely be cleaned out by voters, because AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib are on course to be primaried or lose their House seats in the general election.  Which would be good news for Nancy Pelosi were it not for the fact that she won’t be around long enough after the 2020 election to enjoy their absence.


Republicans, however, should not prematurely celebrate, because the Squad is not about to go quietly into the night and subject themselves to nine-to-five jobs in the private sector.  Two years of marinating in the swamp has made them quite comfortable with the cushy lifestyle it affords those who know how to play the game.  The aroma of power will still be in their nostrils after November 3, and living the good life at taxpayers’ expense is not something they will be willing to forego without a fight.


Their only option will be to work against the system from the outside.  Thus, once they are booted out of Congress, they are likely to either start a new revolutionary organization (Weather Underground redux?) or join an existing one (Antifa?) to carry on their fight against their enemies, e.g., conservatives, mainstream Democrats, Jews, Israel, the Second Amendment, Wall Street, the fossil-fuel industry, Christianity, borders, and America.  And cows, of course.


But even after the Democratic Party is finally purged of its moronic, naughty girls, it will be irrevocably split between the Liz-Bernie faction that wants to force socialism on Americans and party pragmatists who are willing to feign civility and sanity in an effort to regain power.  Splitting into two parties would seem inevitable for the Democrats were it not for the fact that such a split would virtually guarantee Republicans permanent control of all three branches of government.


The challenge for those newly minted, pragmatic Democrats I mentioned earlier will be to try to convince MAGA people, not to mention the nearly 50 percent of African-Americans and Hispanics whom I believe will vote for Trump in 2020, that they really do love them after all.  I don’t think it will work, but because Trump haters are devoid of both shame and embarrassment, try they will.


But in the end, when all else fails, I believe the Radical Left will declare open warfare on the bible-thumping deplorables whom they see as morally inferior and incapable of making sound judgments.  This will give them the justification for mounting an unconstitutional attempt to find a way to disenfranchise voters whom they consider to be so crass, so ill-informed, so unsophisticated, and so irrational that they pose — you guessed it — “an existential threat to America.”


In pursuing their goals, look to the Dirty Dems to continue to employ vicious intimidation tactics, vile smears, and ruthless boycotts, all while accelerating their efforts to criminalize political and policy differences.  Worst of all, look for them to ramp up their use of violence.


Of course, the lesson Democrats should take away from four years of being thwarted at every turn by Donald Trump and MAGA people is that lies don’t work.  They’ve tried the lie about border agents telling illegal immigrants to drink out of toilets; they’ve tried the lie about living conditions at the border being on a par with Nazi concentration camps; they’ve tried the lie about Trump colluding with the Russians; they’ve tried the lie about Trump withholding aid from Ukraine unless President Zelensky investigates the Bidens; they’ve tried the lie about Brett Kavanaugh being a gang rapist.  Etc., etc., etc. to infinity.


In my April 1 article titled “Are Democrats Forfeiting the 2020 Election?” I opined that Democrats are on the verge of forfeiting the 2020 election if Michael Bloomberg does not enter the race.  Well, now that Bloomberg is officially in and we’ve had a few opportunities to see him perform, I think it’s safe to say that Democrats are still without a legitimate presidential candidate for 2020.


Of course, the party elites might still be able to flatter Michelle Obama into being anointed the Democratic nominee, but that would be a dream come true for Donald Trump.  Once the curtain lifted on the first debate, the adoring media would longer be able to protect her fraudulent image and low IQ, and the ferocious NFL linebacker within her would come bursting into the open for all to see.


Simply put, Michelle Obama knows nothing about anything, which would take about two minutes of debate time to clearly demonstrate to voters.  Yes, she’s dumb as a lamp post, but I doubt she’s dumb enough to allow Donald Trump to rip her mask off and expose her embarrassing true self to millions of horrified viewers.  Living the life of part of a Hollywood power couple is so much cozier — and safer.


All this being said, there are three things we know for certain about what will happen after the 2020 election.


First, Democrats will continue to make no attempt to understand what voters want, because the truth is they don’t care.  In their minds, it’s much easier to try to change the rules of the game in such a way as to gain power without having to win elections.  After their 2020 wipeout, they will continue to try to find ways to get rid of the Electoral College, protect illegal immigrants and make it possible for them to vote, and create more hoaxes in an effort to bring down their political rivals.


Second, the “legal” coup against Donald Trump will continue throughout his second term.  Remember, Chuckie warned us that the intelligence community has “six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”  For once in his life he was right.  You can rest assured that the Intel people have no intention of letting Donald Trump’s threats to their crooked existence go unchallenged.


Third, it’s going to be a hell of a ride, so buckle up.