Wind turbine waste

Wind turbine waste


By Craig Rucker


The answer to our energy challenges is not blowing in the wind.

CFACT senior policy advisor Paul Driessen explains in detail at

Wind “farms”? Like some cute, rustic Old McDonald family farm? Are you kidding me? These would be massive offshore electricity factories, with thousands, even millions, of turbines and blades towering 500-700 feet above the waves. Only a certifiable lunatic, congenital liar, complete true believer, would-be global overseer or campaign-cash-hungry politician could possibly repeat this IEA hype – or call these wind energy factories renewable, sustainable or eco-friendly.

Take a look at Driessen’s full account.  The case against wind turbines is overwhelming, as countries such as Spain and Germany have already found out to their detriment.  Their citizens are revolting and subsidies have been slashed.

Wind energy is expensive, intermittent, inefficient, highly subsidized, born from the dirtiest strip mines on Earth and kills birds.  When they wear out they can’t be recycled.

Every wind turbine that goes up means higher prices for everyone.  They are not up to the task of powering the future.

Meanwhile, the Green-Left, blithe to the inefficiencies of so-called “renewable” energy, now wants to also kill our ever-popular and affordable gas cooking and heating.

Steve Goreham posted details on plans to ban gas appliances at

Some cooks love their electric cooktops.  Many, including serious chefs, prefer the precise control and instant on and off they get cooking with gas.  Pretty much everyone heating with gas loves it.

Green ideologues want to simultaneously mandate electricity, while at the same time making electricity more expensive and less reliable.

We should take ideology out of energy, and replace it with smarter thinking and consumer choice.


Craig Rucker

Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.