Yes, Planned Parenthood harvests body parts from LIVING human babies, meaning all abortion advocates really do support extreme cruelty and murder of conscious babies

Yes, Planned Parenthood harvests body parts from LIVING human babies, meaning all abortion advocates really do support extreme cruelty and murder of conscious babies


By JD Heyes



A couple of years ago during the Obama administration, an undercover media organization exposed Planned Parenthood for illegally harvesting baby body parts and then selling them at a profit.


As Natural News reported in July 2015:


A gut-wrenching new video (viewer discretion advised) reveals the sinister shadow industry and the evil intent that is hiding behind Planned Parenthood and their temple of abortion dogma. … Revealed for the first time, this shadow industry has a monetary incentive to encourage abortion so fetal body parts can be strategically removed, preserved, and sold.


The videos were made by undercover journalists on behalf of the Center for Medical Progress, though they didn’t lead anywhere. In fact, six months later, Planned Parenthood — in an ironic twist — actually filed suit against the organization for exposing its operations.


When President Trump came into office he pledged an investigation into Planned Parenthood, and true to his word, his Justice Department launched a probe into the organization’s alleged illegal trafficking of baby body parts.


The DoJ investigation is ongoing, as is the lawsuit against the Center for Medical Progress. And, as the Washington Examiner reported this week, officials with Planned Parenthood were forced to make a stunning admission: Yes, the organization has been trafficking in body parts.


“Sandra Merritt and David Daleiden are currently defending themselves against 15 felony charges after their series of undercover videos exposed the abortion provider’s unethical trade in baby body parts,” the news site reported.


“As Liberty Counsel has pointed out, Merritt and Daleiden are the first undercover journalists to be criminally prosecuted in California history, indicating that the charges may have been politically motivated.”


A clear conflict of interest

The Left-wing state filed felony charges against Merritt and Daleiden, and they have been pursued with vigor by Democrat politicians including Sen. Kamala Harris when she was California’s attorney general and her Democrat replacement, Xavier Becerra. As the Washington Examiner points out, Harris has received massive campaign contributions from the abortion industry including some $81,000 from Planned Parenthood and other groups advocating abortion.


When she was still attorney general, Harris elected not to investigate Planned Parenthood’s alleged illegal activities. But she did have her office search the home of Daleiden, where prosecutors took possession of his laptop and hard drives containing footage of his undercover investigation.


Daleiden’s legal counsel, the Thomas More Society, has filed a motion to void the warrant that led Harris’ office to search his home and seize his property. The motion contains evidence that Harris sought to protect Planned Parenthood from legal scrutiny. (Related: Planned Parenthood loses big in court, now ‘one step closer’ to getting defunded.)


“The timeline of the Attorney General’s investigation as reflected in internal email communication released between the Attorney General and Planned Parenthood shows an investigation conducted and overseen by Planned Parenthood and allied activist groups as the basis for a sham search warrant,” the motion states. (Related: Baby body parts trafficking company StemExpress admits to keeping babies ALIVE so that whole, beating hearts and heads can be harvested.)


“The special investigative team tasked with preparing and serving a search warrant on Mr. Daleiden’s home apparently did not believe that the search warrant was accurate or based on probable cause.”


Several abortion industry employees have provided some very revealing testimony including Melissa Fowler, vice president of the National Abortion Federation, meaning that the grotesque practices of harvesting and selling baby body parts is now going to be exposed.


It needs to be said that the abortion industry has not only been maintained but also spread by the Democratic Party.


Democrats are murderers of live babies — not Republicans, not conservatives, not most Trump supporters.

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