Charlie Kirk: Ask Yourself ‘Why Am I Going to College, Not Where’

Charlie Kirk: Ask Yourself ‘Why Am I Going to College, Not Where’


By Alana Mastrangelo


Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA told Breitbart News on Saturday that students should ask themselves, “Why am I going to college, not where am I going to college.” Kirk offered his remarks in an exclusive interview at the Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas.



“Ask yourself the question, ‘why am I going to college,’ not ‘where am I going to college,’” said Kirk of his advice to students seeking to enroll at a university.

“You have to be able to answer the question ‘why am I going to borrow money, why am I going to this school,’” said Kirk, “and the answer to that will determine where you want to go to college.” Kirk continued:

Be very careful when you’re borrowing money, it might sound fine, you might want to go to the school. Here are bad reasons to go to college. I like the campus, bad reason. My friends are going, bad reason. My parents are telling me, bad reason. It’s close to home, bad reason. Here’s why you should go to college. I know what I want to do, college will better prepare them for that. I believe that this college will make me more competitive in the direction I want to go — those are good reasons.

“The bad reasons [to go to college] are the superficial things,” said Kirk, “which I usually find are the big reasons why people end up going to college.”

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