Want to understand the US Constitution, but don’t have Hours and Hours?

Want to understand the US Constitution, but don’t have Hours and Hours?


The US Constitution … a daunting task.  Maybe you only have five minutes a day, the time it takes to read an email. That may be all you need.


Marti Marshall (California) writes: “I am enjoying your posts so much. It is a joy to get them every day and YES, I do read them ALL.


John Chambers (Mr. Constitution) is promoting his writings and lessons on the US Constitution by sending out short fun DAILY emails on things he notices and how they relate to the Constitution. You learn the document and its importance by absorbing it in easy-to-read daily doses.


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“Just wanted to say I love and appreciate your emails. Great humor, great insight. Thank you,” Chris Palmer (Maine)


“Thanks John for this link/instruction.  I watched this video and it has helped me solidify an issue with [City Hall].  Keep up the good work.”  Tami Blauser (Oregon)


“Good email!!  Damn you know your stuff!”  Art Stein (Los Angeles)


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The Constitution of the People



We started as a local Study Group lead by John Chambers, who has been teaching the founding documents to neighborhood groups since 1991.


Our meetings are rough-hewn.  Our members have callouses on their hands. Truck drivers, cops, machinists, grandmothers.  Even a few teachers and an occasional lawyer. We treat each other with respect.


We study the US Constitution.  We do not study about it.


We read the document itself, word-by-word, section-by-section, defining the words, relating them to our own lives.  And then we ask, “What problem were they trying to solve with this section?”


When we cover a section, it is covered!


The US Constitution and Who We Are


Thomas Paine noted in Common Sense that “it is wholly owing to the constitution of the people, and not to the constitution of the government” whether or not, and how much, a government oppresses the People.  (Emphasis in the original).


“Constitution of the People” … Today, we call it “who we are.”


Politicians like to shake their fingers at us and tell us that what we want is not “who we are.”  They try to guilt us into doing what they want done.


But in 1776, we declared “who we are.”  It has not changed.  In the pages of this website, we’ll go through what we said in that Declaration.


The cycle that occurs, probably since people started talking:


  • First there are People.  Somewhere along the line, they realize they have to work together to get things done.
  • They agree to a method of working together.  The Greeks and Romans called it a “constitution” of government.
  • The Government comes into being.
  • The People become Citizens.


(You’ll notice these four points in the navigation on this site.)


If the government fails to live up to “who we are,” Citizens revert to The People, and the cycle begins again.


This site is designed to give you the straight information on the US Constitution so you will not be controlled by the Government.


It does not own you.  You own it.


We figure it this way … if enough of us understand the principles of good governance, if enough of us know the US Constitution and what the government is supposed to be doing, we can turn it around.


Lord knows it needs turning.


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