3 Ways to Hold Elected Officials Accountable

3 Ways to Hold Elected Officials Accountable


By Kristin Kenowski


Even though all congressmen swear an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, most do not even remotely follow it. It is our responsibility as We the People to highlight their dishonesty and hold them accountable to the promises they’ve made. Knowing that the Constitution has a list of specific enumerated powers that the federal government may exercise, and all other powers, not listed in the Constitution “are reserved to the states, respectively, or to the people,” we can clearly see that the federal government has grown way out of its constitutional limitations.

The time to change this is now! We have come a long way since the founding document was established and each step of the way, more government, not less, has been our reality. Cultivating civic responsibility is not an easy task, but it is absolutely necessary in saving our Constitutional Republic. We recommend three ways to hold your elected officials accountable.


Know the Constitution.  How can we hold our elected officials accountable, if we don’t even know the rules to begin with? Our Bill of Rights secures many rights such as the right to bear arms, freedom of speech and religion, property rights, and more. Knowing the scope of these rights is crucial. Learn the 11 parts of the Constitution that are regularly ignored and fraudulently given a new meaning in our “When Will We Hold Them to Their Oath?” reprint. Then, share it with others. Another great way to be an expert on the Constitution is going through our “Constitution is the Solution” workshop series. Ask a local coordinator for more information.


Know how to contact your legislators.  Creating a relationship with your state and federal representatives is critical in influencing what they do, but a strong relationship isn’t made overnight. Getting involved in community events that they attend and setting up visits and phone calls are great ways to start a relationship initially. It’s never too late to get started, use our VoterVOICE service to find your state and federal politicians. Then, start contacting them regularly. An easy first step is sending an email their way in regards to how they have been voting.


Put your efforts into a John Birch Society chapter.  If you’re not in a chapter yet, we suggest getting in contact with your local field coordinator to find one in your area. They’ll get you in contact with like-minded individuals. All members receive the JBS monthly bulletin for a step-by-step action guide for each month and The New American Magazine, published twice a month. Your group together can utilize the “Freedom Index,”  a scorecard based on the U.S. Constitution, to track how well elected officials are voting in accordance with the Constitution.


The John Birch Society is committed to educating America and providing the tools you need in order to preserve our God-given rights. Each day that the Constitution is purposefully ignored gets us one step closer to a totalitarian, global government. By supporting enforcement of the U.S. Constitution, we can bring about the restoration of sound government. Elected officials can be fired if they are not doing their jobs, so make sure that they use the Constitution as their guide. With your help we can rein in big government, demand our officials follow the Constitution, and bring about a better world! Join us! 

Image from pixabay by Goumbik.


Published with Permission of JBS.org