Morano’s and Moore’s facts dominate congressional hearing

Morano’s and Moore’s facts dominate congressional hearing


By Craig Rucker


Congressman Jared Huffman thought when he scheduled three authors of the UN’s frightening new species extinction report to testify before the committee he chairs, his colleagues would accept their platitudes without critical inquiry.

He did not expect CFACT’s Marc Morano and Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore to join the panel and lay out the cold hard facts that call the UN’s latest power play into serious question.

The Left is not happy.

The GuardianMedia Matters and the rest of the usual suspects are throwing a hissy fit.

The Washington Times reports:

A widely touted United Nations report predicting mass species extinction took a beating Wednesday at a House subcommittee hearing, with Republican-called witnesses blasting the claims as “highly exaggerated” and “authoritative propaganda…”

“You cannot call yourself a scientist if you pretend that there are 6.2 million species that have no names and have never been identified,” said Mr. Moore. “That is not science. That is fiction. Fairy tale stories. And that’s what we’re being told here.”

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano described the report as a politically driven document, “the latest U.N. appeal to give it more power, more scientific authority, more money and more regulatory control.”

“At best, the U.N. science panels represent nothing more than ‘authoritative bureaucracy,’ … they hype the problem and then come up with the solution that puts them in charge of ‘solving’ the issue in perpetuity,” Mr. Morano said in his prepared remarks. “A more accurate term for the U.N. than ‘authoritative science’ may be ‘authoritative propaganda.’”

When it became clear that neither committee Democrats, nor the three representatives of the UN panel, could marshal meaningful facts to counter Moore’s and Morano’s onslaught, Chairman Huffman did what the losing side always does:  He attacked Moore and Morano personally.

He attacked Morano for working for CFACT, a mere think tank rather than the all-knowing UN, and presented a document Greenpeace recently cobbled together to try and erase Patrick Moore from its history.

Really Greenpeace, now you’re Patrick Moore deniers?

Do Greenpeace and Huffman truly believe that “he who controls the present controls the past?”

Marc Morano and Dr. Patrick Moore did a fantastic job speaking facts to Green power in Congress.

Facts are the perfect antidote to the Orwellian dystopia the UN, Chairman Huffman, and Greenpeace would inflict on the world.

Craig Rucker

Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.