It was a Category 5 Tax Hurricane. Let’s assess the fall-out: the stuff that passed is awful but let’s celebrate all the stuff we stopped

It was a Category 5 Tax Hurricane. Let’s assess the fall-out: the stuff that passed is awful but let’s celebrate all the stuff we stopped


 By Tim Eyman


Let’s celebrate the biggest victory of all: we stopped the Democrats from imposing an income tax. This is huge. They’ve been salivating to impose an income tax forever – it’s their Holy Grail.

And with mega-majority control of the Legislature and a tax-happy Democrat Governor, this session was their big chance – and we stopped them.

And so … the big news today is we don’t have to move forward with a signature drive for our We Don’t Want An Income Tax Initiative:



If the Democrats had bulldozed ahead and imposed an income tax this weekend — especially on capital gains — I’m 100% certain that we would’ve gotten the signatures (we had 8 months). And there’s zero doubt that voters would’ve passed it by a huge margin.

But now we don’t have to do it. And that’s great news.

Also, after a tremendous amount of hard work and support from all of you, we stopped Steve Hobbs’ Taxapalooza tax bill. So that means we stopped his 19 tax hikes, including new carbon taxes, car tab taxes, gas taxes, low carbon fuel standard, red-light camera taxation-thru-citation expansion, and much, much more.

Oh ya, and guess what else we stopped? By hammering legislators with relentless emails and public testimony, tax advisory votes survived (the senate voted to repeal but it never got a floor vote in the house).

So we’re going to get to vote on all the tax increases passed this session. And the voters pamphlet will be a tax increase report card informing voters in November how much their taxes were increased, how each legislator voted on each one, and how much all those tax increases are going to cost us.

It’s gonna be several days before the state budget office totals them all up. Charlie Crabtree at the Fourth Corner shows the dead-of-night tax hikes at over $25 billion:

Let’s put that number in perspective: from 2013-2018, the Legislature imposed 19 tax hikes costing $24 billion (

So in this one session, Democrats increased taxes more than the last 6 sessions combined!

So it was a Category 5 Tax Hurricane – what they imposed was awful but I’m also very proud of what we stopped by fighting back together.

You gotta look for the silver linings whenever you can.

Is it any wonder that Fascist Fergie is trying so hard to stop us?

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Thank you for your friendship during this very difficult time.

I love you all.

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