Dems in control? It ain’t pretty. – 2019 CAPR Lobbyist Legislative Wrap

Dems in control? It ain’t pretty. – 2019 CAPR Lobbyist Legislative Wrap


Voice of CAPR” — Lobbyist Cindy Alia Comments on Legislative Session just ended


By Cindy Alia


“This legislative session was often described as nightmarish, partly because there was little consideration of the bills proposed by the minority Republicans, and partly because an unrelenting Democrat majority had planned to flood the process with bills, in total there were 2,666 bills introduced this session. This included the Initiatives in the house and senate I-1000 reinstating affirmative action, oddly enough introduced as an initiative sponsored by the people of the state of Washington, even though the people had voted in the past to end affirmative action. Both chambers passed the initiative. You can view the listing of all bills introduced this session at this link:¶ms=25,1000,9999,11/14/2018&desc=SQkn3vo7oXn7D0kuxVi7Yi3CJnh3U4qQyI0TiZFmY1w%3d&bienString=2019-20


When so many bills are introduced it brings about stress for all involved in the session, legislators, staff, and lobbyists alike……


CAPR is in the unique position of lobbying from a position of standing up for the ideal of protecting property rights, we do not go to Olympia with money in our hands, nor do we go to Olympia in anticipation of receiving funds or grants for our organization. I believe this helps to open doors for CAPR and makes our positions less complicated. We simply stand for our rights and for the protection of those rights as mandated by our constitution. There were many, many bills paid attention to, below is discussion about some of the highlights accomplished.”


See the rest of her report here:




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