Oppose Renewables at All Costs

Oppose Renewables at All Costs


By David Boleneus, MBA, MS

I am opposed to renewables of any sort. They are a stain on our system of private property, freedom and self-reliance. I lecture on these topics as a wheat grower. Need for renewables is a costly venture and climate change is a lie. There are several reasons.


Approval of a renewable fuel standard gives tacit approval of actions by uneducated governors in states (WA, CA, NY….) who wish to expand the use of high cost, inefficient and money-losing renewable fuels that require subsidies to survive and you to pay more tax to provide. Washington’s governor Inslee, believing he is so smart he wrote a book, ‘The Apollo Project’ intended to justify widening the use of renewables, unaware that in the key chapter, one where he lays out reasoning to promote renewables, he does the opposite, blackening his own eye.


He opposes carbon dioxide (CO2) release from fossil fuels by pretending it’s a pollutant and believes he can heal the climate by promoting renewables and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, his 29 reasons to promote renewables over fossil fuels are all mistaken, as irrelevant as Al Gore’s film, with the factual evidence showing his beliefs are the opposite of his statements and untrue.


Further, Inslee’s Executive Order 14-04 in Washington, like Gov. Gregoire before him, goes further to promote their ill-informed, unwitting beliefs, to create a carbon pollution reduction program by statute and is wholly misguided. I found it necessary to correct every one of Inslee’s misbeliefs on page 1, for example:

  • There is no long-term warming, as well-displayed at rural stations in this state–those unaffected by urban growth
  • Cooling has been underway since the 1940s,
  • Greenhouse gases are not unprecedented
  • Carbon dioxide from human emissions are but a tiny part of the CO2 reservoir, the bulk of whose origins are natural, unlinked with human activities
  •  Water availability does not risk forest mortality
  •  Storms and drought are on the down-trend
  •  Deserts are not becoming more arid but greening
  •  Coastal areas are not at risk of rising tides


Governor Inslee also believes all actions he wishes to install will enhance energy independence when their effect is completely unproven, the opposite of his claim according to two sources, a US Senate minority report on the Waxman Markey cap-and-trade bill that never became law and in other countries undertaking these measures.  Ontario in Canada, Germany, UK, and Australia have proved to be disasters caused by requiring renewable buildouts and subsidies.


Many tidal stations, in Neah Bay WA, Astoria OR, Crescent City CA, and Juneau AK all show sea levels falling over periods of 80 to 90 years, consistently, so sea levels are not rising as he claims and ocean pH is becoming more basic according to the ship-borne pH readings taken since 1910 by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, not acidifying as he claims.


The governor is not governing but self-serving.  His statements are at odds with the actual evidence, and so nullify all risks he imagines.  Australia tried a carbon tax about half the rate in 2012 that Inslee imagines for two years and quickly canceled it, after experiencing immediate economic hardships and rise in unemployment.


Can you imagine Inslee’s plan to duplicate the plan that failed in Australia? Inslee intends to install a full-scale, state-wide program of taxation of CO2 that failed in Australia and cap-and-trade to reduce greenhouse gases when no evidence for success of like programs exist, no pilot testing or proof-of-concept exists, and no engineering evidence exists, so obviously he not a scientist or engineer to be wiser.


The US Senate report estimated that cap-and-trade would add $20,000 per year to the energy bill of each household. He just thinks it’s the way it should be. Does he know that taxation of inputs to production violates best economic theory, that such taxation defeats good judgment and efficiency?


He fails the economist test too. Despite this, Inslee has ordered his Department of Ecology to find the best cap-and-trade program to duplicate in Washington. That was in 2017 but on what basis? He’s shooting from the hip. Such are his aspirations to become a Democratic candidate for President.


President Trump announced in June 2017 to exit the Paris Climate Agreement and 22 countries  (Russia, China, Poland, Czech Rep., Ukraine, Romania, Canada, UK, Japan, Turkey, Australia, Arab countries and more) followed his lead within 6 weeks. Trump’s EPA is moving forward to nullify the Clean Power Plan. Global action on climate is dead as the entire plan was a farce reports a former Obama State Dept. advisor, with intent a payoff to Developing Countries for over-indulging Developed Countries.


Following either plan represents an economic disaster for the US and other countries reports Dr Roger Bezdek of MISI that rely heavily on fossil fuels for economic stability and maintaining highest standards of living in the world, high paying jobs, not to mention longer lifetimes, advanced technologies, and superior health care.


The current rise in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been a boon. It has created an immense monetary benefit to agricultural producers worldwide valued at $3.5 trillion since 1961 reports CO2 science and will add another $9.8 trillion to agriproduct producers to 2050. Higher levels of carbon dioxide, a fertilizer for plants, required for plant photosynthesis will obviously boost production of all agricultural products worldwide. Higher levels of CO2 will also have a second benefit to reduce the use of water as plants become more efficient, and so save precious water resources, as the levels of CO2 increase.


These governors need to understand that the greenhouse effect is imagined. It does not exist in real life. More than 19 scientific papers have addressed and proved the effect a fantasy. Astrophysicist Richard Lindzen’s research on climate feedbacks in 2009-2010 proved that heat generated from the earth’s surface is not held in the upper atmosphere but escapes as it is created. There is no greenhouse effect.


The bombtest curve from studies of carbon-14 proves that CO2 does not accumulate in the atmosphere, another fantasy belief, but dissipates very rapidly. CO2 is rapidly dispersed in the biosphere to plants, microfauna at sea or taken up by cold sea water. Warmer conditions with higher levels of CO2 are good. Higher levels of CO2 in sea water circulating from polar water tends to precipitate in the tropics and so permanently stores CO2 away into limestone and dolomite. Cooling conditions threaten life, a more serious and a well-known fact.


In the 1970s Canada was concerned for their agriculture due to the possibility that cooling was underway.  The fear was that a one degree centigrade (1.8 degrees F.) cooling would halve the area currently producing agriculture products in Canada, with the same effects also impacting agriproducts in areas of northern states of the US. We should prepare for the cooling because, since time of 2nd Kingdom of Egypt, of Rameses II, Tutankahamun, 3,500 years ago global temperature has fallen nearly 6 degrees F.


Attempting to reduce CO2 and holding to the false belief that human actions can single-handedly quell nature is a freakishly preposterous and a dangerous mindset.


And finally, the increased use of renewables and adopting renewable a fuel standard is wrong. Its promotion is based on four lies:


  1. We must get off oil. However, use of oil for electric power generation is tiny, of no consequence.
  2. Use of fossil fuels results in the release of CO2 which is dangerous. This is mistaken belief as I have already discussed. CO2 is beneficial.
  3. CO2 from fossil fuels blocks re-radiated heat and leads to the greenhouse effect. This is also mistaken as I have discussed because CO2 is an irrelevant greenhouse gas and its emission frequencies and those of methane are blocked by water vapor. The CO2 from fossil fuels is but 2% of the total CO2 with 98% coming from natural sources. Water vapor is the only important greenhouse gas and 5,000 or more times more potent in this role than CO2.
  4. CO2 is said to cause global warming or climate change. This is also not occurring because of reasons already      The global warming idea, the predecessor to climate change propaganda was dreamed up by Canadian Maurice Strong, a UN insider, and convener of the 1992 Climate Summit in Rio de Janeiro to promote global governance by the UN. Strong mentored Al Gore and Barack Obama, who together created the Chicago Climate Exchange a location for you to pay your climate indulgences.




“Renewables exist only due to the immense support from subsidies,” says Warren Buffett of Berkshire-Hathaway.


  • Wind turbines, for example, get $65 per mwhr an amount 93 times larger subsidy support than subsidies for natural gas or coal.


  • Wind turbines also suffer from immutable problems if intermittency, inefficiency and extremely low power density before considering their very high cost.


  • Wind turbines also require full-time backup power from another source for those that wish full time use of electric products, cellphone, computers, microwave ovens, TVs and electric cars.


  • The cost of electricity from wind turbines, taking account of explicit cost of $388 per mwhr and implicit costs, most of which are conveniently hidden by suppliers raises the cost to approximately $1000 per mwhr ($1 /kwhr), a price 12 times higher than today’s local electric rate that only those at elite income levels can afford.


  • Wind turbines are an idea so obscene under the current US tax system (it’s worse in Canada) that, wind electric suppliers can sell their power at down to minus $35/mwhr (-3.5 cents/kwhr) on a pre-tax basis (-2.3 cents post-tax), remain profitable and bankrupt all other electric providers.